Sunday, April 18, 2021

Rise of the Wheel...

Mental shift backlash in the making,,,,, the cry of “wolf” has and is being made too often, many forecasts built on false notions and erroneous predictions.   A mysterious phenomenal mind wave soon to circuit the world because of the constant bad news forecasts spreading Sodom and Gomorrah sulphurous calamity warnings…  after the 2012 failed end-of-the-world morphing forecasts fail, and actual case results are seen to be quite different,,,, many of the common masses will turn in anger as weary listeners and begin to backlash such religious bunk.

This is a high mental zoom level blog blurb of the urgent information kind.  The Lord has said to you:  tarry at spiritual Jerusalem until you be endowed with power (compare Luke 24:49 KJV).  Refuse to allow the scarlet colored beast to rise in the water ways of your mind.  “Fear” is the middle name of Satan’s bag of rhythm tricks to hystericalize the human believer masses and destroy faith in God.

Those persons truly living and having their being in the cuddle of the everlasting arms of the Father breathe fearlessness, for they know they are chaperoned by the Love of God.  This does not mean they are ignorant of evil and the manic craziness that humans do to humans.  This does not mean that they are unaware of the impeditions* and its causes that occur tragically in the environment of the Earth.  The Bible is quite amazing: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”; “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror {terrorist?} by night, nor for the arrow that flieth by day.  A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.”  (Compare Psalms 23:4 and Psalms 91:5-7 KJV.)

The maddened roar about the threats of every kind are constant in filling the space that belongs to the praises of God.   Show me ten people who will fill the same space of time praising God, versus another ten persons who occupy an equal space of time expounding the horror of present and coming times, and I will show you a difference of space like unto the difference of light and darkness.

This I the Manifester say:  Even though a single, complicated wave of world turmoil may be the product of many component waves of nearly an infinite number, when the time for a spiritual dawn comes to reveal the Spirit of Truth in manifold levels, nothing will be able to stop it.  Come, dear friends, enter into a whizz of spinning so brightening that with determination you gather the garbage out on the world front and mentally trash it far outside of your mind. I am not saying to not watch and pray in awareness: rather, I am saying render to God all that is dark and grey, and then feast on joy as you enter into “the rest of the Lord” (compare Hebrews 4:11 KJV).  For I tell you this, few Christians have learned to enter into the rest that the Lord has given.   Do not belong by association to those who would rob you of the peace that is of Christ.  Remember, in the storm, Jesus slept; but his disciples were foolishly frantic.

I plead with you destined ministries to quit being like the rest of the world that is lured to things of distress and war.  Josiah of the Bible had a great destiny and was prepared by God for a great work of deliverance, but he chose religiously to war against Necho Pharoah of Egypt when there was absolutely no divine call for him to do so.  He died in that war, resulting in not only his death but the death of his destiny and the opening of a very dark time in the history of Israel (compare 2 Chronicles chapters 34 and 35 KJV).

So now, ole world, if you must squirm in your trials of acids and labor in your judicial despairs, then let be what will be.   I know you must drink the trembling cup; but bother me not, for I must be about my Father’s business.  Give ear, O heavens, and hear, O earth, because I will  publish the name of my God (compare Deuteronomy 32:1-3 KJV).  Soon I will publish the Manifest book of  “Star Rise”; and soon I will publish the “The Manifest Peace Bible”.  Go to now, advocate of my Soul; toss the leaves of trees into the wind that blows free, and let those leaves as metaphors land on soils that yearn to be fruitful.

*Impedition - [from the term ”impedance” as in physics: ”a measure of opposition to motion of something subjected to force”]  as could refer to the expected season of nature, particularly a time of calm, suddenly being hindered and disrupted by a radical event of occurrence in nature such as an earthquake or et cetera; the said term being used Manifestly to express natural forces that exist in addition to Good and Evil forces.

They that be wise will hear this alert, and understand its message and apply it.

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