Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tick Tock Goes the Clock....

I stood on the sands of time and watched the shifting, sifting sands.  I called for the flowers to pray: Let not deafness to Love in this world rule and reign; then the flowers prayed.the violet, primrose, periwinkle, tulip, hyacinth, gladiolus, wallflower, lily of the valley, daffodil, forget-me-not, daisy, buttercup, rose, pansy, poppy, carnation, bluebell, jasmine, honeysuckle, geranium, chrysanthemum, dahlia, rhododendron, fuchsia, and the poinsettia.

But it seemed the more the flowers prayed, the more distant seemed the hope. I sought for suitable words to express my wonder at it all.

Let not any soul become a prisoner of the poverty of Love by those they Love so much.  If it must be, let the Destinata stand before the hall of the tongues of judgement and silently bear their crosses.  For, on the third day by their faith they will open their mouths and speak Manifest again.

Destinata, feel no flinching, but rather feel only scintillations from memories of good and wonderful past times.  You have walked the long mile and have lived the pickle and the cream of your lives. Though there sometimes be a melee because of a difference of opinion and interpretation,,,,, and though this difference be used to impugn your motives, yet, I see the prayer flowers smiling, so I know everything will end alright.

Pray that your good deeds will outshine and outweigh your faults.  Tick tock goes the clock; the sands of time are running.  Foundations of life dance beneath your feet.  The tick tock of time goes on. In Christ, be not afraid of anything, although to some persons your figures of manifest speech, may to them, seem to be a Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge.  And if you have learned such things from me, I understand my style gives off sparks of white fire not always understood.  Nevertheless, angels with enormous wings often come and fan me to encourage me forward.

The wing-finger of time is pointing to a peaceful fly-a-way zone of the mind, and it is time to settle all expose to folly.  For folly the Ophannim angels fell from heaven, and I should not for folly wish anyone to fall from Gods grace again.

So then, this parable, this metaphor, speaks not just for me and my loved ones, but speaks for all persons who, in their travels of life after coming to a city, discover sometimes they cannot find a parking place.

In a distant vision of time, an eye specialist angel comes and adjusts my eyes to see days of heaven on Earth; so I need not depart with my soul sad of heart.  Lo, there rises a conjunction of thoughts that God has set,,,,, that when my time comes, AM will take me away for the sake of good - not that I am close to dying, nay, but rather that AM keeps changing and changing me for overcoming so that, nearly each short time a part of me fades, I pass from transition to transition.

Therefore, though rivers rage and the sun quivers and the firma becomes a place of steam, I will not tremble; for AM will walk with me and comfort me until I reach the garden of the breath of life.  Yet, I pray for my loved ones that they join me in that city in the sky, where in those divine settings the tick tock of the clock will cease forever and ever.

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