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In the range of physical and spiritual trials there are those persons who become over-absorbed in an interest…to the point of EXCESSIVE MENTAL PREOCCUPATION. All human mortals are half materialistic and half spiritualistic, soul physical and Soul spirit. Both elements are needed during the tenure of life. So then to be balanced one needs to consider both makeups of uun’s (his/her) being. As difficult as it may be for those who are straining to be super holy and super perfected, I still must share that I have observed such persons go off the edge of sanity by their excessive mental preoccupation to overcome being mortal. Such endeavours are not Bible and for sure not the teaching of Jesus Christ.

There are near endless subjects that people get out of balance to and develop excessive mental preoccupation with including common excesses such as television, and excesses to a whole list of things available such as food, worry, attitude, anger, gambling, and the no no habits people should not do, but do anyway, tied into toxic pleasure uses of cigarettes, narcotics, and etc.

Some people make it their excessive preoccupation to criticize other people or organizations, societies, governments, doctrines, or issues of various subjects. Some people are so omnivorous of the mind they do not use selective consideration of choosing subjects or thoughts, and many people indiscriminately — take in of what they hear, and comment on those subjects they really know very little to nothing about. There are so many reasons for the reality and the beauty of the words of Jesus Christ, when Am said: “Judge not that you be not judged”. God is going to forgive most of the people you hate and despise, not based on your hate and anger but based on eternal justification.

There are persons straining to live so holy, so perfect, they daily wound the cause of human consideration. Negative things happen to people, and without any help there are people who ignorantly or purposely choose actions that open distortions to the morality of life. The causes of demoralization are vast, and the subduction zones are many. Who understands all the details of a life whose eyes have been turned downward? IN Geology… There is a description of the subduction zone. It is how a tectonic plate can slide under another causing hypo-centres at convergent boundaries, and therefore, creating a subduction zone.

Humans/mortals often fall into subduction zones where pressures of life push them underneath the load of the planks of life. Be sure that once a person becomes exposed to a downward thrust of the mind, they will develop an excessive mental preoccupation with it, which will make it more difficult to break free.

There are many subjects in the Bible that are not understood and will never be understood unless or until certain major truths are obtained, which without their missing parts of the puzzle, the picture cannot be put together.

The Bible is clear to those who study with deep focus and who are blessed to have a “teacher” to help…HUMANS PRE-EXISTED THIS EARTH. Considering a person who was once an Ophannim, who lived for zillions plus of time and timelessness and who for eternities did good…but
then fell into a subduction zone, no matter (but with few exceptions) the fall cannot and should not overcome an eternity of good deeds. So then eternal justification takes that all into consideration.

It is amazing how many millions of people have an excessive mental preoccupation with the subject of death or hell, or the end of the world. This excessive stroking of repetitive worry and figuring with the fear and dread or uncertainty is stealing their peace, their happiness and their security. Someone will say: but what about “hell” and how the people who committed gross sins are going to burn for eternity? Let’s not forget that “death and hell” are going to be cast into the lake of fire. Obviously, hell is in the same category as death and subject to the “lake of fire”. What is the “lake of fire”? The lake of fire is the compressions of the deep when the whole Universe is being rolled together as a scroll into incredible densities.

Can life continue in the Universe once the Universe begins to go into compressions? Absolutely! This process of gravity and compression will take billions of years plus, and during the process there will be areas that will escape the compression effect until the compression of gravity reach those areas by sheer expansion of the compression centre.

The fact of the matter is, it is not known but by the few, what death, hell, and the beginning and the end really are. Whenever a person comes to know the truth about these things, at that point that person is set free.

I remember once, a lady came to me for counselling…(P) She has been receiving advice from a divorced lady minister who was advising her to give her husband an ultimate warning to start attending church with her, and to stop his trips to Reno Nevada to gamble. The advice continued that she should divorce her husband if he failed to heed this ultimate warning. The lady getting this advice was Shirley. One day she came to me for advice.

(M) I ask her. Does your husband provide a good living for the family? (P) O’ absolutely, he is a very hard, steady worker, and he makes good money. (M) Does he go out with other women on you? (P) O’ no! Tom is not that kind of a man, but he just won’t go to church with me. (M) Is Tom violent to you? (P) He has never hit me or threatened to hit me ever! (M) This gambling thing, how much time does he spend with it? And would you say he is habitual and has lost lots of the family’s money? (P) Your questions are making me feel guilty. He only goes gambling once or twice a year and he limits his gambling to $250.00 a visit and sometimes he actually wins money. (M) What about your sex life. Is he still capable and active with you. (P) My O’ My, I have no complaints on that score. He loves me you know.

(M) You know what lady…sounds like you have a gem and don’t realize it. (P) Yea but what about his not going to church with me and his gambling? (M) Here is my advice lady…hold on to that man with a steel vice before some observing woman discovers him and steals him away from you while you are playing Mrs. Perfection. Has he ever asked you to accompany him to the Reno gambling sessions? (P) Many many times. Why no way am I going to that devils den of iniquity! (M) Lady if you ever lose your husband over this you will howl in grief.

(P) But what can I do, I don’t want to displease my Lord. (M) Stop your worry about displeasing the Lord. The Lord does not want you to divorce this man. And stop listening to that preacher woman who is trying to create a church full of divorced women to prove some kind of woman superiority.

Here is what to do..the next time Tom asks you to go with him to Reno or even says he is going…tell him you want to go also. (P) But how can I as a Christian do such a thing? (M) You are to go as your husband’s guardian angel and make sure some sticky minded woman doesn’t lay a trap for him and you lose his heart. (P) Wow a guardian angel. Yes, I will do it.

The finish of this true story is Shirley went with Tom to Reno at his utter amazement. Immediately while there a spirit of discerning came over her as to which slot machines were winners. Tom, Tom, come over here, play this one it is a winner. Tom amused came and played that slot machine and as Shirley had said it was a winner and it paid off big time. Shortly after that win…Shirley was calling Tome again…Tom, Tom, come here play this one…you know what I mean. Tom hurried over to the slot machine as if another incredible thing could happen, and it happened. Tom was a big time winner again.

(P) They left the establishment for home and as Tom was driving he asked Shirley, what gave you the notion to come with me to Reno. I thought you were really against such a thing. Well, a Minister by the name of Rev. Jerry Lee, told me I should stand by your side as a guardian angel. Where can I meet this Jerry Lee? He says he was sent to Roseville for a temporary mission and he has opened a Revelation church.

How about we go there to church next Sunday? Do you mean it Tom. Yes, I do… (M) And so they came to Church, Tom’s life was much advanced in his thinking about God. Yes, this event saved his marriage and held his grown family together, and started Tom on the road to discover a Christian life. As for Shirley…she dropped her EXCESSIVE MENTAL PREOCCUPATION of spending her time believing and listening to a lonely preacher lady, who was innocently giving the seriously wrong advice.

As to this subject of EXcessive Mental Preoccupation…sometimes parents just can’t seem to allow their kids to experience being kids. They expect them to act and think like the adults they are. (even though it took them a life time to get there). Some parents load their kids up with subject after subject of more and more advanced schooling. Sure most of the kids get smarter. It raises their IQ level but they lose out developing from the kid experience which is an actual loss to them. Many parents would find it very difficult to believe that they are into an excessive mental preoccupation with their children that is driving their children unnaturally.

There is more, so much more. Perhaps this will apply to a reader who has an excessive mental preoccupation even with another subject I have not mentioned. Balance is the secret. Make a note book and check down the excesses and pray for God’s help to make a shift to an honest equilibrium.


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