July 18, 2019

When you have lived in the best mind of your understanding,,,,, remember, according to the words of the given rules of Jesus Christ, no one has the right to judge you.  Some of the things you have done with good intent - even if ignorantly but yet in love, and even if seemingly failed – are your pearly shells on the shores of life.  They are beautiful; they are precious; and they belong to the expended energy of your spirit and Soul.  The love imprint of those days of caring rest beneath the sun on the shores in the day and rest beneath the stars on the shores in the night.

Take this time to give thanksgiving for your Soul prints that, like pearly shells, sparkle on the shores of life from the shining of the sun and the stars.  You most likely will not remember the whole length of your root of life that stretches far into the past and, now from the present by destiny, stretches far into the future.  Jesus said:  “I am the Root and the Offspring of David” (Revelation 22:16 KJV).  The parallels of life abound.  Sip the moments of this blog, and tea a wireless connection to the minds of your mind, while you gently blow into one of your most beloved pearly shells and, as if in remembrance, listen to the wind of its whistle speak to you.

In the wake-up to mornings that shift to pearly living persons who need healing, love, and comfort, I feel my greatest peace when I reach out to them in Gentou to restore the smiles of health to their faces.  In these greatest treasures of moments in sonic messages, I speak for stem cells of the marrow of their bones to rise in conversion to feed the brain sparkling themes of a newness swooed to life.

When the balance of the body is skewed, then, Lord, anoint me to go forth with the words of my mouth, full of electromagnetic energy and Amtricity to sustain their body frequencies, where such frequencies need sustaining, and to increase frequencies to the sensors, where such increase is needed. In a thrive of action, grant Gentou to speed faster than a nanoelectro beam to target the frequency of vibration and increase its resonating frequency.

Therefore, allow the beauty of situation to flow like rivers of healing and to flood away sickness and sorrow.  Here I go to the zoom of glory that the knowledge of the Lord may cover the earth as the water cover the seas, for so has the Lord promised.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.

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