July 18, 2019

There is a spiritual fragrance to be breathed that can lift you out of the murky darkness.  The twin subjects of Enlightenment and Love are twin watchtowers of  knowledge that emit spiritual fragrance that one’ s spirit can breathe in exhalation (instead of “inhalation”, because when the spirit breathes, it is a release instead of an intake).  In the space time of continuum of reflections, there is held truth as a vibrancy of beauty, which potential of profusion lives in a smooth texture of overlapping similitudes.

A nebulous screen opens: stars and galaxies can be seen.  At a lab in 1934, scientists produce light flashes from bubbles less than 12 picoseconds or less long.  The bubbles are sonoluminescence, a result of liquid excited by sound.  But this is only a minor insight, barely touching the sound phenomena being for sometime revealed in sanctioned moments to seers of spiritual things.  These seers of giant spirit abound with yearnings that draw the Word of God as on earth steel is drawn by a magnet.

In a double kiss of opened memory, light rises out of the arcanum of the Holy Spirit so grandly that the whole world unfolds to a mosaic of potential grand designs never before seen but by the very few.  Jerusalem descends, and the cube of mystery is solved.  Then I saw millions trapped in unredeemed time.  Take this script of Gentou; and with subaudition- nosis, free those who will hear you by loosening them from the prism bias of lost time.  Yea, erase their false and evil memories.

Send your voice and preach this word to the regions beyond you (compare 2 Corinthians 10:16 KJV).   Teach them how to go willingly beyond their own power (compare 2 Corinthians 8:1-3 KJV).  Be prepared as to what to do about those called to be Manifest sheep, but who wander from trough to trough, trembling in their excitement to surge ahead of the Holy Manifest Clock!  Tell them they are loved, but the shortcuts they seek belong outside of the Manifest Destinata call.  They are free to whichever road they desire to walk.  Then move on; thousands of others are waiting.

The Manifest Clock is not a coo coo bird clock.  It is a plan being unfolded of a spiritual message called for by the mystery of the time and endorsed by God and angels.  A breakthrough of  immense proportions  is unfolding.  I hold my breath, yet I pant of heart. A scroll of wonderment sketched out and written in symbols, reflections, similitudes, and colors unfurls.

How can I write such things?  Colors blink out codes, and the invisible becomes visible.  I am a mortal….. How is it that I can hold such a pen? In this once-upon-a-whizz for the glazing of my mind, I am crowned with coronas of arching light and radiance.  O’ Ahva-ooel, wish of God, my somnolence has fled; songbooks are having a book opening ceremony.  Combining all three primary light colors of additive colors yields white physical light. Combining all three primary pigment colors yields black pigment.  When spirit, mind, and soul are all functioning positively and they combine, white spiritual light is produced. When the subtractive components of emotions and body spill into one’s conscience, colorlessness that reflects not light, such as a black hole, is yielded.  The potential for positive or negative is printed within each person.  In fact, there is a rainbow inside each and every one of us (compare Ezekiel 1:14 – “flash” used for ‘angel’/’spirit of the living creatures’, Ezekiel 1:13, and Ezekiel 1:15-16 KJV – “wheels” from Strongs Hebrew Dictionary #212, ophan, meaning ‘Ophannim’).

Some signs and events seen with the human eyes are caused by natural effects.  This does not remove the message which can come through the medium of the spiritual or the natural.  Seeing floating balls of blue, purple, or yellow and et cetera can have a message. (”Balls of light” some persons call ”orbs”; but often orbs are a different experience than I am describing.)  A few examples of interpretation are: Balls of light refer to dimensions; blue light refers to far away eyes; purple light refers to alignment; orange light refers to mystery.  The signs of God are throughout the universe.  Also, shapes, positions of the light, and the intensity of the light add to the message.

In the mind world of symbols, reflections, and signs, a bar of light seen on a person or nearby on a wall can mean merit.  A splash of lights means blessings; and multiple dots mean energy fields.  A circle means union; and light in the form of a pyramid or triangle means unknown, revelation, and sometimes stands for divine destiny and protection.

Lines or streaks of light advise of a waiting message.  Waves of light often refer to de-materialization.  Flashing, blinking lights refer to eminent information.  Bands of light mean unity and are equal to a circle message.  Some people see dark dots or spots which usually mean interference.  Dark blotches mean confusion.

Sometimes light will accent a person and appear on their ears referring to their faith and inner hearing gifts. Light in the middle of the forehead means perception.  Lights on the hands refer to ministry, and light focusing on the arms refers to strength.  Light shining on the head (not as an aura) represent authority.  Lights on the leg or legs refers to messenger ministry. And lights on the foot or feet refers to a foundation message.

And then there are auras both of the physical kind and the spiritual kind.  All human bodies emit physical auras which have to to do with degrees of a person health or state of mind.  Spiritual auras have to do either with the angel of the presence (one’s own spirit) or the anointing of the Spirit of God.

Then there are sounds.  Not all sound phenomena are negative by a long shot or mean you are having delusions.  We will save the sound subject for another time.

Many of the above mentions signs are spoken of in the Bible.  Sometimes the Bible may just say “light” when, in fact, the original text says “flashing lights”. (Compare KJV Acts 9:3 “light…shined” and RSV Acts  9:3 ”light…flashed”. Also compare KJV Acts 20:8 and Acts 12:7, Job 29:3 and Acts 2:3, Ezekiel 1:14 and RSV Psalms 29:7, Revelation 11:19, and Habakkuk 3:4. ) In coming Holy Manifest publications, the beautiful revelation of the “Rainbow Covenant” of colors is given (compare Revelation 4:3 and Revelation 10:1 KJV).  For instance, the rainbow sign of yellow means to reach out and touch someone with help, prayer, comfort, and healing in the power of God’s Love.

The time to brighten your mind with bright-ups from Spirit of God is here.  Take this foremost journey with me, and leave behind your burdens, confusions, and hurts.  In the Name above all names, I beckon the long shadows upon you to flee for once and all.  I give you this reflection to have and to hold; this melody to play and sing.  Truly, it is a similitude of Jesus Christ.

Turn off the coo coo clock; it has nothing to say of any value.  Stand in line at the Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9 KJV); your turn is coming up!

December 4th, 2009 by manifesteryada

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