Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Page of Years...And a Pen of Voice....

What speaks the page of years?  A New Year comes. Whence has gone the times, and to whence will go the future dispatches? Who will underwrite the styled and joined seasons?  Will the seasons past and present be foretold as fascinating, restless, casual, waywardly, changefully, unpredictable, interesting, merry, perplexing, or wantoned of hope?

O’ Magnificent Pen, you have never failed me.  I am so splashed with words and phrases I must cross an ocean of them to character one flower or describe one rock of color reflecting in the sun.  But come, O’ Pen, and write free from the catalogues that encyclopedia my mind.  Mathematics climb my membranes like morning glory vines; science rockets on the hour through the space lanes of my thought lanes.  Were it not for the Glory of God divine that pours the former and latter rains on me…I would be covered over with overhanging leaves of clover and sealed in the enfolds and findings of telescopes and microscopes until I was fastened to such dangles endlessly.

I laugh at the imitates of the real; they whose scratches, misanthropic, entertain only themselves.  Yet, somehow, they wheedle and dribble ideas born to pilfer the poor suckers who take their lines home by the pages full of persons day by day.  To the gasses with them, until the day their minds clear and out they come, squinting in the real sunlight.

O’ Page, peer through the screws in piles not used; sweep aside the prods; move the dirt piles; and open the heavens, for the greatest of all happenings of “greater things than these you shall do” (compare John 14:12 KJV) is yet to be written.

O’ Pen, your breed is Manifest; your ink is white.  Let me lead you to the Page, the Page of the future that must be written.  Be not insignificant, or negligible.  The corrodes of rust come, but baptise them in a Word so elite and beautiful they will cease for the shame of their corroded and rusted faces.

O’ sad would be the Page, for Harm also comes.  He is monstrous of deeds, graceless, and without mercy.  Now is the time to rise, O’ Page, for the Pen to write:  I will refuse the bad and accept the good.  Not on my page will you write, Mr. Harm, not on my page or the pages of those who I love.

Write, O’ Pen, on a page.  Write, and what you write will be….. yea, and what you write will be, for your charms have power from the One above to quicken or to bring to a dazzle of ruin.  Massage my eyes, for now do I prepare to see the end of Harm treading in my fields.  I go to digest a fusion of manna glowings direct from the planting of angels.

Write, O’ Pen, for Gentou to come and heal the sick in the name of Jesus and set the captives free.  And, above all, hear, O’ Page, the words of the pen; for he shall write like no other has written of the Love that dances the dance of life and happiness.

Happy New Year

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