April 21, 2019

It is given to the Destinata to overcome the limitations of time. Epoch time, times, and one half time, is a journey of many patterns. Therefore, the broadcasting from the Universe mind sends Masterpiece Transmissions to humankind. Then factors odd, flowing like a language of birds singing is squared and cubed in quantum coherence by the scientists, great noises are discovered.

Then come the Destinata who begin to play that noise with skilled minds…inverting the noise to an orchestra of sound with birds singing… all with the greatest of ease. But to others through to the end, definitions of many designations will change but the names will remain and people will see things and hear things the way they desire to see and hear them.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Creator, then comes The Book of Romans: bidding those who will be Destinata to descend into deep glory and to be among those who have heard the sound of the language of God which has touched all the Earth and all the world to the ends where stands habitations and beyond. Compare, Romans 10:7,18 KJV (also compare, Psalms 19:1-6 KJV) So says the Word: seek wisdom, wisdom not of this world, to you who are perfect, for it is the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory. (Compare, 1 Corinthians 2:6-8 KJV).

To hear the “sound” to go deep into the glories, Ah, O’ Book of Romans I will march with your word and carry your banner! Give me this Word of Romans and lots more of Romans, till the stars shine above and I rise to voyage among their stellar shining. Let me taste the breeze where holy God Winds blow free, and all skies lead to the Father’s House.

Again, comes the Book of Romans: “I would not have you ignorant” Romans 1:13 KJV. O’ so profound of the real… the sword’s point sticks me, but there is no pain, no cut, no bleeding, just joy. I have passed through the Cherubim guard and kissed the Tree of Life, I become like “a tree planted by the waters”, the tree I have become holds her, I dance with her a forever dance, I romance her, she the Tree of Life, forever Loves my Soul, my flesh is spent as gold for eternal things… that it cannot buy but can be a symbol of. Such Love can only be acknowledge at the top of the spirit level.

A Manifest Cloud is rising over the world front defying all negative attraction. The zooms of truth are silently being planted for the time a “spiritual nation will be born in a day”. So comes the day Jaboah the prophet will walk together side by side with the Manifester on the crystal sea. In that day when the spectre of sin rots in the eyes of devils, evil lips will tremble and evil knees will bow.

Let the Book of Romans further speak: Romans 5:12 is in accord with 1 Corinthians 15:21…For so says Romans 5:12: “Wherefore by one man sin entered into the world” and so says 1 Corinthians 15:21: “for since death came through a man” (The New English Translation, for the Society of Biblical Literature undertaken by twenty Biblical scholars, Also as such via MIV and other versions). So this view collates with the reality that Adam served as a vessel THROUGH which sin was manifested to reveal sin for what it was (Romans 7:13) the causation being that the offspring of Adam would come to understand, they were born into sin because they as angels had sinned before this Earth world was born and that they might become cognizant of what they have lost, (1 Corinthians 2:7 KJV).

And yes, we understand that there was one collective “trespass” Ephesians 2 1-3: For in the given scripture the term “you” in the singular is use to represent the whole persons (angels) plural who were involved in the trespass of the Lucifer deception. For this scripture is clear it happened ACCORDING to the course of the Cosmos of the stars ( the term “world” used in the KJV text translates…in the Greek Strong’s Concordance: #2889 to #2888 as “Cosmos”, and ACCORDING to: “the Prince Of The Power Of The Air”) and after the fall the Prince became the spirit that is presently working with the children of disobedience. So then this is the trespass: first the trespass of Lucifer, then the trespass of the Ophannim angels who followed Lucifer leaving their first estate: Jude 6.

The only reasonable way to understand Romans as it speaks of the transgression of Adam, is according to the “SIMILITUDE” of Adam’s act being (though on a different level) a similar act to the sacrifice salvation act of Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:14 KJV). For the Apostle Paul who wrote Romans also wrote Timothy. 1 Timothy 2:14 says that Adam did not commit transgression. For if Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in transgression, then the woman was in transgression because she was deceived. And since Adam was not deceived he accordingly was not in transgression .

Therefore, the only way Adam is in transgression is his taking on himself to be the proxy of all the angels that sinned from the foundations of the world BY BEARING THE RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING THROUGH HIMSELF THEIR SIN INTO THE EARTHEN WORLD and by taking on his wife Eve’s sin, because his love for the angels who fell and his wife that he could not consent to lose. Thus was the First Soul man Adam and the Second Adam the Son of God, ( Compare,1 Corinthians 15:41-49 KJV).

Many translators of the Bible had problems with Romans chapter five passages. They understood that the Greek words they chose to be translated into the English becoming such words as transgression, and offence, which according to Strong’s Greek Concordance #3900 was (in my opinion) the more likely word combination being wilful-trespass. However, the standard doctrine acceptable to the church at that time did not conceive or allow such a rendering. This presented a contradiction to 1 Timothy 3:14, because the books of Romans and 1 Timothy were written by the same man.

So then, only by Adam’s trespass being a SIMILITUDE OF THE TO BE ACTS OF CHRIST was Adam willingly taking on the proxy to manifest the sins of the fallen angels who were deceived by Lucifer, who was the very ONE who was the real transgressor, and sinner. So then by Lucifer-Satan came sin into the Cosmos war theatre, but through Adam the first man with a Soul spirit, was the sin of the fallen angels who were deceived by Lucifer proxy into the Earth so that the way for the Christ was made, whereby Christ could bear the sins of the whole world unto forgiveness.


And let us look at the meaning of “man”, man as used in the KJB Bible also can represent “woman”. Man can represent God as exampled by: “The son of man who is also the Son of God”. The term “man” has be used to represent archangel angels: Daniel 8:16, Daniel 9:21 and luke 1:26. So then the term “man” can be used to metaphor other applications than just as applied to the meaning of a human.

When certain individuals stress their point of view because they are so sure that they have the exact rendering of truth, this only demonstrates their ignorance of the ancient languages of the Bible and how for those languages to be translated into english, necessitated various parts of speech, including verbs, needing to be supplied based on the context of the scripture not to even mention at this time the Spirit insight.

If a person believes in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the common denominator for Christians. Then stand back and allow as the Bible says: “Each person to work out their own salvation with fear (respect) and trembling” “for there are differences of administrations but all of the same Spirit”.

As to time, someone will say: “the days of creation were absolutely 24 hour days because when the Hebrew word “yom” is translated “evening and morning” they become a qualifying term meaning a 24 hour day. Oh how sad the spiritual part of your brain that is mouse size. You think how you read the scriptures gives you eternal life, (Compare, John 5:39-41 KJV), but you are not even dimly aware that you are reading and interpreting: “precept upon precept” “precept upon precept”, “line upon line” “line upon line” here a little, and there a little, that you might go, and fall backwards and be broken, and snared and taken. (Isaiah 28:11-13 KJV).

You say: We have scholars! And that is great! I am a Scholar also. Every side has their scholars and every viewpoint has their scholars, but what does the Holy Spirit have to say. After all, the spirit of interpretation comes through the Holy Spirit. And in Bible history, the great men of God who had “the spirit of the gods in them” revealed mysteries no one else could interpret. This no doubt was a reference to Holy Spirit revealing.

Now as to the Hebrew meaning of “yom” Check out Strong’s Hebrew Concordance for yourself, #3117, “yom” when attached to the descriptive terms “sunrise to sunset” or “sunset to sunrise” can be for a literal application or a figurative application, such as representing a space of time such as an age. It is NOT absolute as regards a literal day. The term “yom” is a very versatile word which can mean: “to be hot” “weather” “a day” “always” “perpetually” and on and on of definitions.

Lets look at Genesis 5:1 KJV: This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the DAY that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him. Here “day” represents generations or an age. Of course, there can be different interpretations but not reasonable ones for the term “yom day” even if compared to a 24 hour day still is figurative or symbolic of an age in this just given scripture. Take the scripture in 2 Peter 3:8 KJV: “But, beloved, BE NOT IGNORANT OF THIS ONE THING, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”.

Now we have a case of a day being a thousand years. What suppose you is the length of that day being compared? Is it not a 24 hour day? So then, the thousand years is gauged by a multiple of a twenty four (24) hour day which then according to divine accounting has a literal value of one thousand years.

The one thousand years was the life generation day given to Adam who fell short of that day by 70 years due to his response to Eve’s transgression. ( Genesis 5:5 KJV). Those 70 years become the 70 thousand year of the Abrahamic covenant, Psalms 105″7-10 KJV. The death of Adam within the thousand year day fulfilled the word of God: Genesis 2:17 KJV, “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the Day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Inasmuch as Adam did not die in the 24 hour day period, then unless you want to call God a liar, the days in Genesis were generations of one thousand years and not 24 hour periods which accords also with, as said, Genesis 5:1 KJV. The Manifest cloud is flying high. There is a coming inner rain for whosoever is so thirsty.


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