October 17, 2019

Signs and Wonders of God


A new manna descends called Logistical Rhythmatics ( a revelation of sound and numbers)... Deep calls unto deep and says be fruitful and multiply. Then Jesus said: How many fishes and loves of bread do you have son?

The power to multiply is a given constant beginning at the first of creation (Compare Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 14:17-19 and many other examples).

When King Saul became possessed with demons he plotted above all else to kill the young man David. But when David took out his harp and played and sung, the demons recoiled. They recoiled because there is a sound line that the Forces Dark cannot bear to tolerate.

There are saints elect who have advanced to pray in the Spirit. The Bible says they pray things that are mysteries which only the Spirit understands. These prayers in the Spirit convert to tongues of angels and music of songs to the ears of God. Deep conversion of the signs of live are available by the Spirit (Compare, 1 Corinthians 14:2 KJV).


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ufocropA voice speaking urgently in the wilderness: Make this valley full of ditches, for living waters will come from Edom. You will not see wind or rain, yet the valley will be filled with water (2 Kings 3:16), compare this experience with the sudden appearance of Crop Circles. Also read: ( Isaiah 63). It can be said, you have had the former rain moderately, but you shall have (transcendentally) the former and latter rain together as a beginning of a new time and age of knowledge and provision…(Compare, Joel 2:23).

No doubt as the scriptures reveal as a revelation:  God came from Teman and the Holy One from mount Paran (Compare, Habakkuk 3:3 and Genesis 36:11-42). So also it is written: write the vision, for the stone shall cry out of the wall and the beam out of timber shall answer it (Habakkuk 2:2,11). So then will come the time as written: “For the Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Compare, Habakkuk 2:14).

The Earth is in touch with the Sky Writers, the Sky Writers are in touch with the Earth, their message is printed out in the “all flesh is grass” circles…written on the fields of the Earth. called: Crop Circles. Your living body is grass likened to the cow. The cow’s major diet is grass, and millions of humans, drink the milk, eat the butter, and meat of the cow for protein and nourishment. In that sense “grass’ translates to food and food translates to life.

If I take the steps of the life-food-chain further back, the grass uses nutrients of the soil of the Earth, drinks up the rain, and absorbs the sun. This process provides life to the grass. It is all a part of the song of life.


Category: Signs and Wonders

crop circlesThere seems always to be a shaded region intercepting what is real, what is true, at least to the closing of a portion. But there are minds chosen to open those intersections which have been closed. It is not always a system of equations that opens such closed doors, sometimes it is a dream, or a sudden epiphany of insight.

Eureka! eureka! The inner product of the spirit has opened the star map to the Image of Divine Knowledge. The strokes of negative influence are perished. The vibration state of thought is modeling. The ceiling is dematerialized and the sky can be seen, for light is shining on the scene.

The Soundtron path of the Word of God exhibits a Garden of Eden in which it's Tree of Life gleams in flashing courses. Open your eyes to this Tree of Life, read the sine and cosine of its leaves and fruit, and learn the history of stars and planets heretofore unknown.

Ah, the soundtron, the soundline, and the soundwave...therein are the hidden circuits of knowledge that are universal. On the high road of knowledge one may look yonder and see many roads at many levels of travel (Compare, Psalms 25:4 KJV).

As to the subject of Crop circles and Formations, let us begin with the circle as a concept. The measurement of a circle using simple math reveals missing answers by using simple formulas:


Category: Signs and Wonders

011 cropCrowded minds perched on downward strokes. They live in black rain, they feast on subjects about the end of the world. On the road minds of hell...herds of humans are driving themselves to panic. Raw nerves fester into one sickness after another, one mental tottering on the curve of reason from their own minds slams upon them again and again.

The night lifts, the fog thins, somewhere written in the field of a cropland, a circle phenomenon is born overnight. From the where of whence comes this photo conduction? I look and behold like a whirl of whorls of many photo-compositions on the faces of plane. I whiff a pleasing gust of inhalation. A deep breath of satisfaction kisses my intermost being.

The sum of these photo-dynamics are they also equal to the sum of the circle? These engraved morphisms that each exhibit different circle features incorporating different kinds of art forms --- yet in a photo-realism strangely ask a question: are they orchids of Adam and Eve under the guise of the distracting name of Putty Root?

These circles they come without recourse of explanation, without fingerprints. They come in a constant of variable expressions. What is the Photo-catalysis to the point of trigger?

What are the songs of the Crop circles? Open their many sets of tonalities and listen to their pulses. Phonic breeze come, touch me with your kind of Pons bridge of connecting pulses. (Pons=the portion of the brain stem that forms a bridge between the medulla and the midbrain, anterior to the cerebellum.


Category: Signs and Wonders

I challenge you to read this whole blog and not be affected!

pyramids5x3Signals form the Solar Plexus, signals from the neurons, what think you? What dream you?…There are dreams and thoughts that come from the mortal side of the human, and there are dreams and thoughts that come from the spirit side of the human (Taking care to not confuse the human spirit with God or the Holy Spirit) in either case there can be a mix of good or bad. Nevertheless, the spirit side of dreams is always of a higher order. O’ discerner of mysteries, speak now or let the signs in the sky be for another to interpret.

What is the answer for truth when a crooked vein runs through the mental ramparts of the people masses due to their deeply rooted dis-information? Open a window of the Ark and let the Dove fly to see if it is the time for a sign to be revealed. Can a rise in universal intelligent and spiritual consciousness be born? Is it near the time for the Knowledge of the Lord to cover the Earth to the extent that the waters of the seas and the oceans cover the Earth? (Compare, Hosea 4:1 KJV).

How long must the believers for truth, “know only in part and prophesy only in part”? (Compare, 1 Corinthians 13:9 KJV). Inasmuch, that it is clear as the Bible says: “people are destroyed without the lack of knowledge” (Compare, Hosea 4:1 KJV), therefore I pray the Lord will give to the people a heart to know God, (Compare, Jeremiah 24:7 KJV recall of the who we mortals are is generally inaccessible except to the few. Who will dare to take the fragmented puzzle parts of what is and construct them into the lost paradigm (pattern or model) of divine truth.


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ufoDark is the trodden path that leads to the Queen of the chambers of the underworld. She is transitionally alive in the Earth world above and alive in the deep mental underworld below at the same time. She is a forever entity. She is the evil goddess of sexual lure. Some of the greatest persons who have ever lived have been taken in her traps. (Compare, Proverbs 7:6-27 KJV). Many are her faces, and many are her names. Although, she is the Queen of Darkness, she has gone into plagiarism to steal the Name of the Queen of Light: which belongs to the Queen of Heaven. (Compare, Revelation 12:1-4 KJV). She sits in the driver seat of the many genetic waters of humankind, and upon the seat of the Scarlet colored Beast prepared for her by Satan (Compare, Revelation 17:1-4 and Revelation 17:15 KJV). Also compare........... Revelation 17:5 KJV, Babylon the Great Mother...and Revelations 18:7 KJV ...I sit a Queen.

The spiritual war for minds and hearts is spread across the whole planet of Earth making it a battle ground.


Let your mind inquire, how do the riddles of these deep sayings become employed as structured thoughts? Listen, for a voice answers: Learn a totally new kind of song, a song of the noise of the wings of angels (Ezekiel 1:24), a song of the noise of the Ophan wheels, (Ezekiel 3:13), and a song of the noise of thunder (Revelation 6:1). Learn to play this noise skillfully so that all ears are able to hear this interpreted message loud and clear (Psalms 33:3). Understand, even the voice of God is called a noise (Job 37:2).


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great-lightning-picture-4x2The age of deception began millions of years ago…even before Lucifer-Satan came down to earth. That is why there was an angel war in heaven (Compare, Revelation 12:7 KJV and see The Manifester Yada blogs). And that is why after Lucifer’s defeat, Lucifer-Satan and Uun’s {His} co-uned Cherubim angels, who had become one with Uun, even occupying Uun’s mental space, were sentenced to come down to Earth (Compare, Revelation 12:9 MIV).

The co-uned Cherubim thousands were Lucifer-Satan’s angels of one, called the “stones of fire” (Compare, Lively stones are a Bible language representing entities: Mark 12:10, John 1:42, Matthew 3:9, Luke 19:40, and 1 Peter 2:4-5, so then, in the metaphor of King Tyrus, representing Lucifer, read: Ezekiel 28:13), these co-uned Cherubim, who after coming to Earth, eventually came out of Lucifer and became super individual entities, became “the evil Watchers” (Compare, the second in command to the Lord of the Cherubim Hosts, acting as the “covering Cherub” for Yahvael and Yah’s Ophannim, who then, not only took on the “covering Cherub” job, but also elected to take on the creation name of Yahvael, which is “The Morning Star”). So then, expressing Yahvael’s creating name as Lucifer, Uun walked up and down among Uun’s personified stones of fire, under the assumed job-name as Lucifer,The Morning Star, see Ezekiel 28:14 KJV.

In addition to the co-uned Cherubim evil Watchers, there were all the Ophannim Failed Messenger angels also who fell to the Earth. Counting the Ophannim and the fallen co-uned to Lucifer angels there were a trillion entities and another several thousand entities that were fallen to Earth.


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saturn1Planet Earth…Log report of the Memrah Manifold, when the Earth was planted…Long long ago, ( Memrah, The personified Word, the Soundtron: Psalms 19:1-6).

In the thoughts of my mind, oracles having wings flew toward me causing visions that were sleeping in my mind to arise. “Speak, because the Ecclesia (assembly of people, often translated as the term “church” in the Bible) need to know, for the wild winds that would blow the house down are brewing a storm”. I held my breath while panting of heart. A scroll of wonderment sketched with full universes unfolded in my mind. I could see the yonder of a very far backwards into time. The Yada of my mind stirred and for an instant my mind felt so full, it was as if I knew the all of the all. Dee der dee der dah, colors blinked out codes and the invisible became visible.

I felt a quickening while lying on my back in meditation, then suddenly in my mind I envisioned: a drip of a kiss of water falling to my lips, and when I tasted it, heaps of wisdom like sparkles of crystal opened into a vast universal stretch of worlds without end. Come deep purport, let me study your cosmic graphology, write the transfigured states, write the eye-way to the parallel plains and their coiled and curved sides interfacing and inter-phasing one another. Show me their different perspectives and vantage points, Show me the counterpoise, show me the status dimensions. Perhaps, all of these experiences happened because of my constant willingness to allow my mind to wonder in search of deeper and deeper truth. Perhaps, all of these experiences happened because destiny has wings.


Category: Signs and Wonders

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