June 17, 2019

In the once of when, not long of the ago, I dreamed I climbed a ladder of thoughts to the City Of God. They all came out to meet me; they who were called The Beautiful People. Songs were everywhere of the most wonderful kind. It seemed these songs could all be played in continuum at the same time, and yet I could distinctly hear each separate melody.

The ability of my ears and eyes kept opening until I could hear tones of the trees and the tones of every blade of grass. My eyes were able to see on multi-dimensional sweeps. Soon my pounding, excited heart that kept saying me too, me too began to feel the God Cosmological Constant that was everywhere. Love zooming, passed in an instant all the levels of all my experiences and knowledge.

I was swept into a Love realm of creative energy so vast my whole body was bobbing like a cork out on an immense sea. I could taste this Love. I could smell this Love. Love danced with the air I breathed and cuddled and swooned my mind in baptisms of inhalations full of wisdoms.

It was a dream.....but it all seemed so real (and it might have been) as my spirit began walking on the blooms of blossoms. Each time I came to the fringe of these morning glories, a new beginning of blossoms would begin. Then The Beautiful People began chanting: Khawah, Khawah, you are Khawah. I melted into a puddle that looked like butter, and it began swirlling around and round. Then, suddenly, a form began to rise that I knew was me, and I was transformed. Instantly I knew I had become one of The Beautiful People.

Afterwards I knelt on a field of transformer energy called Love and prayed: My Father who art here in this place, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom has come here; Thy will is done here as holy leaps. Can I stay here forever?........ Just then, 20,000 Ziziths appeared, and one of them swooped down and picked me up. I talked with the pilots called Engines, and they showed me how these flying Zziths worked.

I said, Where are we going?
The head Engine said: We are instructed to take you back to Earth to finish your Axial Mission. Tell the Earthlings about us. We are real as you know.

Many other things I came to understand. This I know: one day I will return to the City of God once my mission is completed.

I said to the captain Engine: Will the people believe?
Then he said: Even if you talk like an angel, fly like a dove, there is no guarantee the people will believe you. They are fearful, and they are confused. But never give up, remember the Lord who said: 'Only Believe.

I know one day all Earthing eyes will look up and see the skies filled with zziths and zuuts, planadomes, and transport craft. We who are alive will be taken up alive and in our fleshly bodies to the Father's House far, far, far away.

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