June 17, 2019

The Bible speaks of a time when the Angels of God will preach the everlasting gospel from the skies (Revelation 14:6-10 paraphase). In that not far off of the when shall not miracles of healing rise in crescendo?

Yes from the dot appearances of those flying zooming zziths its messengers will suddenly open their mouths and lips of silence to crescendo the kiss of a language of healing miracles.

It will be like in the days of a famous Bible prophet who said that a high-up-in-the-sky-cloud the size of a man's hand is a sign of the coming of an abundance of rain (compare: 1 Kings 18:41-45 KJV). Accordingly the drought that was long-on-going at that time ended.

The Manifester calls this the Crescendo Miracle Point. It is time for the heretofore silence of great truths to crescendo to sounds of truth that will be heard all over the world.

In the the star-rise of my mind I can see how God's cosmological constant of Love moves and blends Spirit through matter. I can see how that God's love magnifies the lowly and exalts them beyond their worth and yet how it pleases God. The human masses have suffered of hurts and sickness too long without lasting cures. The angel messengers who ride the zziths will come and reveal God Cosmological Love Constants of healing revelations that will shock medical science (compare Malachi 4:2 KJV).

I feel this prophesy of the coming of the greatest healing baptism the Earth world has ever known even in my bones. Will you help me in a connection to reveal more about this great revelation by putting your hands to the plow in getting the Pomegranate Cluster-Visitors from Outer Space commented on by 20000 people?

A special time is now in your hands!

With Love

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