June 17, 2019

The planadome looked like a very small planet; but, in fact, it was a mother space ship about to be launched. The pilots were putting it into plasmamatic ray mode. Everything material on and of the planadome and relative to its material was put at TRIT lattice point configuration.

At streak speed (100 times the speed of light) everything material would dematerialize and move in color streaks of rays that can penetrate anything without changing speed or form.

Once reaching the destination arena the planadome – the pilots and crews, the attached zziths, zuuts, transport ships and reconnaissance ships – would auto-rematerialize to their TRIT lattice point configuration.

The modern concepts cropping among Earth’s scientists about ionic propulsion and magnetic levitation would work for interplanetary exploration but not for trekking among the stars.

Make no mistake, streak speed is not only possible, but it is happening now across the universe.

If you think the Manifester’s “Pomegranate-visitors from outer space” proposal is a garbage can…. it is because your mind at this time can’t reach the mental and spiritual mind awareness of what is really happening in this universe and because you are subconsciously and mentally wrapped in only a local mind setting that came from local dust and to local dust will return. Nevertheless, I love you anyway!

Those who want to embrace the grandeur of eternalness must prepare to be caught up in their minds to meet the breathings that are real and glorious and are an on-going event far above the atmospheres of this Earth.

There is a rustling among the stars. The very Love of God’s Cosmological Constant flies the heavens searching hearts to love and to nourish with the truth.

Whosoever believing these things are destined to happy twinklings of their hearts that will shine forever.

Come, you destined, to the starways: touch my writer’s pen; feel the heat of my heart as I profound this unction to share the Pomegranted-visitors from outer space revelation. I need your help to get this message out. Time is running out! Will you help me? I need 20,000 comments on the Pomegranate blog.

The Manifester

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