June 17, 2019

In a time not too far, Destinatas, in sparkles of wits deep of shining from Branch insights, will in the millions of persons, space walk in explorations by the power of revised minds. And this they will do without ever needing to leave their homes.

In their change of mental adaptivity they will learn to read God's messages in the atoms as easy as a child reading a book. It will be a prelude to the time mandated by angels and prophesied by the Bible as: when knowledge will cover the earth as waters cover the seas,(Habakkuk 2:14 KJV).

So it will come as a mighty rushing God Wind to fill all the minds of the Earth who hunger and thirst for truth. Therefore, the old saying: people are destroyed for lack of knowledge shall fall away to past ages, (Habakkuk 4:6 KJV).

These are they who were prophesied about by Daniel: They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever, (Daniel 12:3 KJV). It is such wise ones as these who being STAR SIGNS (Genesis 1:14 KJV) are they who will be manifested as Children who came from the Father's House in the universal heaven of Arctura (The Planet in Ursa Minor). These are they who are the STAR SIGN to precede the coming of Yahvael the Christ, (Matthew 24:30-31 KJV).

And what is the revelation of the SIGN as regards these chosen ones? Do they not belong to the LORD as a part of AM's hosts? For they as hosts are the waters of the sea divided between heaven and Earth, the host of heaven and the host of Earth. The host of heaven being the Enoch/Melchisedec (the number of the stars of heaven, and the host of the Earth being the Abraham seed (the number of the sand of the seas), (Isaiah 51:15 KJV).

What is the meaning of the SIGN? What is the subject about? The revelation of the SIGN Is about populating the universe with creations who have the potential to be consciously aware of God, and therefore eventually have an opportunity to gain spirit Souls, (Isaiah 51:16 KJV).

Four things are scripture clear: 1. God specifically and intentionally created the Earth to be inhabited: (Isaiah 45:18 KJV), 2. and God specifically and intentionally planned the Earth for humans who could be raised to a mental and spiritual state to become occupants as spirit Soul persons of the City of God, (Isaiah 46:12-13 KJV). 3. The materializations of second and third level creation were made pre-existent by the thoughts of God's creators, (Genesis 2:4-5 KJV). 4. God at times makes it clear that certain covenants provided for humans were also extended to include animals, fowl, and other critters of creation, (Genesis 9:9-10 KJV).

Flowers of Aster shall bloom when the swoo of ancient ones shall arise dead to their past mortal selves. They having become tangential to Yahvael Christ, have joined Yah's body of overcoming. They the Yadas living together as a mind force shall rise in Christ who is the resurrection. Then shall multitudes who are living about the dust levels of life begin to sing as the dew of the wisdom of the Yadas begins to minister to those multitudes dead in trespasses of the sins of dead religions. In that day not one building stone of those dead and fruitless religions will be left to hold up another, (Isaiah 26:19 MIV and Matthew 24:1-2 KJV).

It will be a day of banners, a day of the greatest shout, when the RISE OF THE YADAS take to the stage of the Manifest theatre. (Yada...Strong's Hebrew Dictionary #3045, Knowledge, or personified as a person or persons).

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