June 17, 2019

Perhaps It was a kind of thought-radiation through my medulla oblongata: the pyramidal shaped hind part of the vertebrae brain that is continuous with the spinal cord. It was a direct and striking contrast of the other times of information feed. Terms flew at me like parallel arrangement of words but in in a kind of antithesis to clock-wise thinking and moving. It was like a stirring up of a long misplaced memorabillia: It was a Star Map from photospheres of countless stars streaming information to my mind.

I love STAR MAPS, of all kinds...I always will.

I would have thought this should be in spirit connection to my frontal brain lobes...It was a Star Map figured like a polyhedron in which every vertex lies in one of the other of two parallel planes with a mathematical ratio tangent to a strange kind of anti-matter called spirit.

This whole far out experience caused me to be lifted in thoughts about what the Earth world calls aliens...
There is much confusion about aliens, who they are and from where they come. There are a lo of proclaimers who profess to know the alien story but who do not. There are the very few of us who really do know and understand the whole story. I want to share a few of these enlightening realities.

I was sitting on the porch on my Indiana home, an old plantation mansion built in 1862 by Senator Franklin Landers. As I looked through the porch pillars toward a movement in the sky I saw a single craft descending, (which latter I learned was a ZZith). The saucer looking craft landed right in my front yard upon the huge grass lawn. I ran toward it but before I could get there a medium stature person, who appeared to be a man, came out of the craft from a gravity controlled down shoot that lowered him down gently.

I walked over to him and placed my hand on his very warm shoulder for a few moments as a gesture of friendship. He seemed to understand. I motioned with my hand for him to follow me up to the house. He followed me up the slight hill to the house and to inside my home.

He began speaking to me in a language that it seemed I should understand but didn't at the time. I was into astronomy so I had a couple of large star maps posted on the living room wall. I took him to one of the large star maps, pointed to it, and in sign language with my hands tried to convey my question of: Where are you from? He understood and immediately pointed to the map area of Ursa Minor in the Little Dipper area. As he touched the map a symbol that looked something like a millstone appeared superimposed over the map-part where he touched.

I cannot express with fulness the affect of his presence and the tinglng of excitement I felt. His eyes were kind, and revealed an ancient deep of knowledge. He indicated he had to leave but he would return. I walked with him back to the Zzith. It arose silently and high, then zoomed away.

He did return a few years later, whether in a dream or literally I cannot say. This time I was looking skyward from a second story latticed window at a nearing orange light, as the light neared I saw it was a craft...as it neared I knew it was a Zzith. Then suddenly a beam of light flashed through the latticed window, I demateralized into a beam and the next thing I was in the ZZith. I had no clothes on, somehow the beam of light shed them and they were left in a pile on the other side of the window on the floor.

But I was not naked, I was clothed with a glow. I was taken through the Zzith and with my mathematical mind and knowledge of physics, I was mentally in a way of speaking: racing through thoughts at the speed of light. I was astonished! Nothing in this craft was anything like expectations. I met the Engineers TT..T'T. and KAWAH. In their world pilots are called Engineers. The more I saw and learned the more I glowed. I would never be the same. My life changed several notches upwards forever. Since then I have done a new math on the operation values and ratios of my visual exploration and ride experience of the Zzith. It is profound!

I was beamed down several blocks from my home. Why they did this I don't know. I was aglow. It was night but reaching toward dawn. Hiding the best I could every time I heard an automobile approaching, I made it home but feared to go into the house because I thought the glowing (which seemed to be dissipating) might be be too much of a shock for my wife. This whole story is too long to tell in this blog. I knew they would be back...

And for sure they came and suspended the Zzith just outside my old historical plantation home just during the time (my unbelieving in aliens and saucer) brother and his daughter were visiting. The whole south side of the yard and house was lit with an orange glow. My daughter Bim and her cousin Tracy were in bed but the orange light coming into their room got them up and to the window. They both screamed! Tracy and her father are now believers. I have written testimony by Tracy and Bim of this event.

But too much for now to say. Many other Zizth vists and sightings by my family and friends. Until recently when people have asked me if I have had any UFO experiences I have given evasive answers. I suppose this is due to my promise to Kawah to keep certain things secret and many other reasons.

I have made an offer on this Website: When I get 20,000 signatures on the petition to receive the Pomegrannate visitors from space revelation I will present a fuller and mathematical presentation to the world. If you want more on this STAR MAP story help me get this petition completed.

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