August 25, 2019

ufoDark is the trodden path that leads to the Queen of the chambers of the underworld. She is transitionally alive in the Earth world above and alive in the deep mental underworld below at the same time. She is a forever entity. She is the evil goddess of sexual lure. Some of the greatest persons who have ever lived have been taken in her traps. (Compare, Proverbs 7:6-27 KJV). Many are her faces, and many are her names. Although, she is the Queen of Darkness, she has gone into plagiarism to steal the Name of the Queen of Light: which belongs to the Queen of Heaven. (Compare, Revelation 12:1-4 KJV). She sits in the driver seat of the many genetic waters of humankind, and upon the seat of the Scarlet colored Beast prepared for her by Satan (Compare, Revelation 17:1-4 and Revelation 17:15 KJV). Also compare........... Revelation 17:5 KJV, Babylon the Great Mother...and Revelations 18:7 KJV ...I sit a Queen.

The spiritual war for minds and hearts is spread across the whole planet of Earth making it a battle ground.


Let your mind inquire, how do the riddles of these deep sayings become employed as structured thoughts? Listen, for a voice answers: Learn a totally new kind of song, a song of the noise of the wings of angels (Ezekiel 1:24), a song of the noise of the Ophan wheels, (Ezekiel 3:13), and a song of the noise of thunder (Revelation 6:1). Learn to play this noise skillfully so that all ears are able to hear this interpreted message loud and clear (Psalms 33:3). Understand, even the voice of God is called a noise (Job 37:2).

When the truth reaches the clouds (Psalms 108:4) then you will understand that God makes his chariots (Zziths,) to be capable of appearing as clouds, and does this so the wise will Know but the unbelievers will remain ignorant (Psalms 104 : 3, PMV and Psalms 31:20 KJV). The Bible says that the Son of Man and the Reaper Angels are coming in the clouds (Zziths) of heaven (Matthew 24:30-31). The point is What you see is not always what is, sometimes what you see, is what is not.

Most people do not understand what the deep meaning is: to make a joyful noise to the Lord (Psalms 66:1). These two examples of the clouds and Noise are to give the readers insight to Manifest reality that there are many revelations that even looking straight at them are missed as to their spiritual and literal realities.

One such thing that is just as real as the above I have just mentioned, is a Manifested term called: Trans-imposement (s), which says: that the impressing of thoughts both good or evil across time and space is a major traffic to the minds of humankind far beyond but what very few persons would ever imagine.

Dare we not pray, dare we not say: Hear me O' Lord: send your rushings and quickenings like the sound of many living Holy Spirit waters upon me, so that I may speak Wisdoms that minds reading Your word will be anointed to understand how profound it is to recognize that we humans are as spoken By David and Jesus: are gods, Elohim (Compare, John 10:34-36). Although, I understand that the term God in Genesis is mainly interpreted to mean The One and Only True God based on the grammar concept that this point is proven because the term Elohim is followed by a singular verb.

However, the fact is, Genesis uses instances of Elohim being follow by a singular and plural verb (It is the Holy Spirit Contextual meaning of the scripture, such as is given in Genesis 1:26, that makes it clear the text modifies the singular verb to become a singular-plural verb, therefore making the term Elohim translated as God in the Bible to be configured by a special kind of plural such as used in the plural pronouns of the scriptures: Genesis 3:22, Genesis 11:7, and Isaiah 6:8.

Further, if the term Elohim as translated to a singular God, was so emphatic as used in scripture settings, then the term Eloah could have been used: [see Strong's Concordance #433 in the Hebrew Dictionary]. Eloah is a strictly singular term, whereas Elohim is a plural term. This use of Elohim does not take anything away for the One and Ultimate Invisible God.


The Psalmist David says: In the Book of Your thoughts O' Lord (Psalms 139:16-18 paraphrased) there is knowledge too wonderful for me, it is so high of knowledge I fear I cannot obtain it (Psalms 139:6). Nevertheless, even if the darkness of night covers me, I believe you will cause the night to shine as Light so that obstructions of darkness neither in day nor night will prevent me from understanding Your Word (Psalms 139:11-12).

You are the possessor of the substance of which I was made. This (bio) truth has been held as a secret as to how that we humans were made a little lower than the angels (Psalms 139:13 and Hebrews 2:6-7). I praise you Lord for I was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)...Open your eyes and understand that even in the first book of the Bible it is manifestly declared: that Manifold God, the Elohim-god-angels, made us in the image-plan of heir own physical bodies created for their mission to create life on the planet Earth (Genesis 1:27). Understand, the angels have spirit bodies in the First Domain (The Heaven of heavens).

So then, our human bodies although made a little lower than the Elohim angels, which is to say, made somewhat inferior, is nevertheless, like unto the bodies the Elohim angels have and live in during their missions in this universe. The angel in us humans will never go away, we are affected both physically and spirit-wise. Nevertheless, the animal portion of our mortal body is a very strong influence. The angel of our presence is for each of us our very own spirit.

Story tellers and artists have colored and morphed angels and demons to such emphasized characterizations that it often is made difficult to imagine angels operating out of human-like bodies and demons from being anything different than animal-like with horns. Most persons often forget that the Bible says Satan can appear as an angel of Light, much less to understand the description of what an angel of Light would look like. So to connect spiritually and mentally with the actual reality follow the continuing word.


Here is the raw truth, (like it, don't like it, believe it, don't believe it, it is your free choice) but if a group of angels come down and put on earth clothes fitting for the customs of the nation and the times of their visit, they might be observed as being outstanding of carriage, but they would pass to the majority of humans as being humans, because we humans were made in their image, with the exception of being inferior to their knowledge and state of spirituality. Yes, angels have the knowledge to photo-transition and photo-translate images before our presence without even actually physically be present.

Nevertheless, there are clear instances in the Bible that angels time after time have appeared in their actual bodies and would pass as local humans. In those cases it was only by their message and signs that certain persons were able to detect them as being angels.

Additionally, the Shineans, or as they manifestly are called: the Shineons (shine-ons) are actually Arcturians (Compare, Psalms 68:17-18 KJV which text in the Hebrew contains the code word to change therefore the rendering to angel and the multiple of 20,000 given (compare, Strong's #8136 Hebrew Dictionary, some translations fail to translate the term from the term Shinans to angels) This group of 20,000 are described in Deuteronomy 33:1-3 and Jude 14 as saints. This term as used for saints refers to humans who before their fall to Earth were Ophannim angels and are in an overcoming mode of living or have overcome.

The term saints' therefore, does not apply to Seraphim angels or Cherubim angels who have never been humans, or to any other such angel Host. When the Bible reveals these saints are coming from the heavens with Yahvael to do a work on Earth, it becomes a designation of title that these particular saints are elect angels (Compare, 1 Timothy 5:21 KJV), and as Jesus said: a becoming equal with the angels again.

When Enoch prophesied of this event to Moses in Deuteronomy and Jude he was referring to his own human offspring, theEnochs called the saints, and angels (elect), who were transported to Arctura (The Father's House, John 14:1-4 KJV) prior to the flood of Noah and referred to by Jesus Christ when comparing the rapture of the saints at His coming to the similar rapture by air [additional to the eight persons saved by water] and as said by Jesus: as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man compare, Matthew 24:37-42), and as well the Arcturians are one of the two groups of Hosts that make up the Mahanaim (Compare, Genesis 32:1-2 KJV).


The key to the Bible's Book of Revelation is the seer insight to unlock that which was, that which is, and that which is to be (Compare, Revelation 1:19-20 KJV). The story of the Seven Angels of the Seven Ecclesia (a Greek word interpreted as churches, meaning a group or corporation or society of people) are Seven Star universes represented in the Book of Revelations by seven literal on Earth churches all located in Asia Minor Turkey, (Turkey, is where in the Armenia mountains of Ararat the Ark of Noah is said to have landed.

So then the Asia Minor title connects to the event to which Jesus Christ referred: as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man). Here then is given on Earth and in the Bible a metaphorical pattern called Asia Minor which aligns to the Big Picture of Asia Minor and Asia Major which are star constellations of the universe located in the Milky Way Galaxy called the Little and Big Dippers.

Also keep in mind that the seven letters written in the Book of Revelation to the seven churches were directed to each Angel of each church which corresponds to the spiritual side of interpretation and the Seven Spirits of God, which represent seven plural spirits of the seven overcomer groups of each of seven universes. As to the literal seven churches in Asia Minor, yes if one desires they could accord the term angel to the term Bishop for each church since this episode of the seven churches is a parallel revelation of presentation.

Arcturus is the name of a major star in the constellation of Bootes. The name Arktura is an ancient spelling for Arcturus. Arcturus is made legend in being as a collection of stars to image as a representative a giant man called the Coming One and who is also the guardian of the sons of Arctura (Compare, Job 38:32 KJV, or in other Bible versions the cubs of the Bear). Arcturus is a star while Arctura is a planet. Arctura is the Manifest name of the planet where abides the Father's House, home of the Enochs (Compare, John 14:1-4 KJV).

The planet Arctura is located in the Constellation of the Little Bear, also called the Little Dipper and Asia Minor. The Great Bear Constellation is called the Big Dipper and Asia Major. The Greeks in their myth pictured two humans cast up to the stars who became the two bears. So even with the translations using the idea of the Bears, these cub bears were symbols of persons being people which agrees with sons of Arcturia used in the KJV translation.

Futhermore, the Greek name for Bear taken from the term arkos preserves in that name arkos the name Arcturus. So then, the Asia Minor/Asia Major the Little and Big Dippers Constellations via the name arkos/Arcturus are connected in a special alignment by location and name and scripture and Greek myth to Arctura.

The term Arcturia is the possessive form of Arctura the planet, and Arcturians refer to the inhabitants of Arctura. The tail of the Constellation Drago (Draco) winds about the Constellation of the Little Dipper where Arctura is located (Compare, Revelation 12:3-4 about the tail of the Dragon drawing down the {Ophannim} angels and casting them to Earth). Yes, there are connections including that some of the disciples of Jesus Christ were Arcturians called the Sons of Thunder transferred to be born on Earth for their destiny as disciples (Compare, Mark 3:17 KJV).


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