August 25, 2019

crop circlesThere seems always to be a shaded region intercepting what is real, what is true, at least to the closing of a portion. But there are minds chosen to open those intersections which have been closed. It is not always a system of equations that opens such closed doors, sometimes it is a dream, or a sudden epiphany of insight.

Eureka! eureka! The inner product of the spirit has opened the star map to the Image of Divine Knowledge. The strokes of negative influence are perished. The vibration state of thought is modeling. The ceiling is dematerialized and the sky can be seen, for light is shining on the scene.

The Soundtron path of the Word of God exhibits a Garden of Eden in which it's Tree of Life gleams in flashing courses. Open your eyes to this Tree of Life, read the sine and cosine of its leaves and fruit, and learn the history of stars and planets heretofore unknown.

Ah, the soundtron, the soundline, and the soundwave...therein are the hidden circuits of knowledge that are universal. On the high road of knowledge one may look yonder and see many roads at many levels of travel (Compare, Psalms 25:4 KJV).

As to the subject of Crop circles and Formations, let us begin with the circle as a concept. The measurement of a circle using simple math reveals missing answers by using simple formulas:

Circumference = Pi times Diameter

Diameter = 2 times the Radius

Area = Pi times the radius squared

So then using information from one part of a circle can provide additional information about the circle.

The great minds who long ago discovered these formulas broke through barriers of ignorance by doing so. There are in many revelations of the truth --- formulas called insights. These insights reveal that applying parts of realities in certain ways can reveal the whole of the realities (Compare, Ephesians 4:15-16 KJV).

In the long corridors of the history of the world there have always been seekers searching for how to open the inner seeing of vision. Once many years ago while walking down the sidewalk of a small town street, a strong voice suddenly spoke to me and said: Pythagoras, read Pythagoras!

A few years after this experience. I was in Indiana where we had a large acreage, our home, business, and the Theological Church Scriptorium, of which I was President. On the back side of the property was a wooded area with many trees, bushes, and plants. I had decided to take a walk there among the trees and flowering shrubbery to meditate and pray.

As I was walking and meditating the whole of the woods came alive with song. Each tree, plant, Flowering shrub has it's own particular tone. Sometimes on the trees clusters of leaves would have a tone. I heard an orchestra of nature blending its tones and harmonies to melody from the whole woods. God had revealed to me at an earlier time that everything had a lattice. Now I come to realize that the plants of nature also had a song.

I also saw at this time a method of how to use the sine and cosine to measure the clusters of the leaves and flowers in connection to harmonic curves for determining the tone of a plants or trees when they were silent. I was so excited I took some leaves and a cluster or two and some branches to the meeting to show the people, that was starting at the Scriptorium What a night, what a wonderful experience. My life moved up the staircase another stair.

As regards the Crop Circles and Formations. my spirit is one in understanding their messages. I even had ice circle events happen on the windshield of my automobile. So, I am deeply wound for revealing this manifold Word. I purpose, with what follows, to cover several approaches for examining different measurements of the circles so as to help readers open to the many possibilities.

I will then reveal how the Crop Circles/Formations are made by the Robotic Engies sent from the Zzith craft (Commonly called UFO's). And If I have time and space I will reveal a main song theme message of the Crop Circles...


MUSIC IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE...Why shouldn't music be at least a major choice of the angels for communicating with mortals?

1. Music tones have pitches, scales, and frequencies which can relate to, or be converted, in wave measurements to meters and centimeters.

2 By the same token a certain measurement of a length of line or the curve of a circle could have code reference to the meters or centimeters of the wave length of the vibration frequencies of a pitch of tone.

3. The song of music has spiritual significance: Moses and David said: The Lord is my song (Compare, Exodus 15:2 and Psalms 118:14 KJV). David speaks of the songs of degrees (Compare, Psalms chapters 119 -134, The Bible speaks of a new song that no one could learn but a numbered election (Compare, Revelation 14:2-3 KJV).

4. Co-ordinates (x,y,z,) can be conjuncted to any point in space of three dimensions. Using positive and negative numbers to position up to a potential eight octants into which three perpendicular planes fixated on the point 0 divides space. Therefore, the equation of a plane in three such dimensions as expressed in a math form is:

aX + bY +eZ +d =0, From this to continue, one could deal with lines by assuming a line as given by the intersection of two distinct planes through the line, providing simultaneous equations. From this configurative method, other dimensions could open. Consequently, all of this is bred configuratively from one part expressing another part on and on. (as to this said equation, factors of proposition, such as the levels and kind of math, can change the line proposition to a sphere as a spiral impress or a single dot replacement of the use of a line or lines).

5. An old theorem connected to Harmonic Analysis said: every curve, no matter what its nature may be or in what it was originally obtained, can be exactly reproduced by superposing a sufficient number of simple harmonic curves ---in brief, every curve can be built up by piling up waves until all finite space is used up. (this is also confirmed by other exotic maths).

6. Sound is not a wave but is spherical, nevertheless the high and low compressions of sound look like waves. The sphere and plane meet in the circle. For instance, it is said: the Great Circle is the intersection of the sphere with a plane that passes through the center of the sphere. Even as Euler's 5th postulate provides an opening to infinity, there is no end to the possibilities of expressions of Maniphotis (signs and symbols written in nature).

7.The tools of transverse and spherical propagation have potential to produce all of physical reality in it's many variant forms. In time's eye it can be seen that all structural material have natural frequencies.


A. The Bible explains the mission purpose of the signs on Earth Crop Circles.....(Compare, Revelation 8:13 and Revelation 14:6 KJV). In both presentations the information is given in three parts and three levels. In the first presentation Revelation 8:13 the three parts and levels are called THREE WOES. In the second presentation the three parts and three levels are called THREE ANGELS, being another, another, and the third angel, which group is another group separate from the first group of flying angels.

So then, these two groups are both presenting according to their presentation, and according to the time of their mission, Thirty, Sixty, Hundredfold, revelation to humanity.

B. The Hundredfold revelation is the message I will share with you now. Which message is revealed in every Crop Circle made by the Robot Engines according to the angels of the Zziths. It is a message about time and is a message about INFINITY. Yes, it is the Gospel of the stars, it is the Everlasting, perpetual message that forever and ever is the message, and to therefore invest your body, mind, soul and heart into this message.

The Angels are trying to introduce to humanity the Gospel of Everlasting life. In the higher realms, death is old fashion and mostly unacceptable. The Earth world is full of violence and killing and the making of weapons of mass destruction for killing fields of war. Jesus Chirst, was a light shining in darkness not comprehended, (John 1:4-5 KJV). His message was about eternal life, living physically for ever and eventually at the end of the expanded physical universe, prior to the compressed state of the universe, to live eternally in the spirit realm. This message of INFINITY' was also ministered by the prophets (Compare, Isaiah 65:20 KJV).

The message as said in the above given scripture is for all nations, people, and kindred. The angels were given charge concerning the way of the tree of life to preserve it for future times of human advance (Genesis 3:22-24 KJV). The Tree of Life was a physical tree that grew out of the ground and it's fruit contained substance for the longevity of physical life (Compare, Genesis 2:8-9 KJV). Even breathing the same air the Tree of Live grew and abounded in was life effecting. Adam and Eve's offspring prior to Noah's flood, lived hundreds of years old.

Jesus taught that if people followed His teachings, and in the course of doing so were forced by circumstances to be separated from family they loved and from possessions they treasured, that nevertheless, in the times of physical life would receive a hundredfold of houses and lands and family IN THIS WORLD and in the Spirit world to come eternal life (Compare, St. Mark 10:29-30 KJV). So everlasting life is offered in this physical world in connection to the Father's House (Compare, St. John 14:1-4 KJV) , AND the Spirit world to come in connection to the First Domain. It regards two different kinds of regeneration.

Further, Jesus gave an example how that the Manna given by angels during the era of Moses did not have long life sustaining ingredients but that there was a new Manna that He offered that would extend physical life which the old Manna did not have the capability to do ( Compare, St. John 6:58).

C. Crop Circles are flat impressions of the circular/spherical symbol of INFINITY, created by sound compressions.

D. A sphere is a circle of radius. the contours and plane sections of a sphere are circles.

E. The Everlasting Gospel is a message about Infinity which has been preached from the skies of Earth and printed on the ground for a long long time. Incorporated in that message of course if the hope of Salvation for the human race.

F. As to affects or residues of radiations and other affects of plants and soil at Crop Circle sites, this can be attributed to the sound energy compressions released by the Robotic Engies and it's likeness to electromagnetic radiation. Keep in mind there are different types of electromagnetic radiation differing due to wave length, frequencies, and energy.

G. Because the Crop Circle as presented visually is just a flatland 2-Dimension figure, the ability of the energy of the unseen portion of the spherical body can penetrate substance and material without disturbing them. Keep in mind the figure of the rainbow which appears as a half circle... in fact, in a point to point mathematical expression, is a full circle.

H. Moving in and out of the fourth dimension of time allows the shrinking of space. This method allows the equivalent of 100 x c (C=speed of light) because of the vast reduction of distance. This is the answer as to how the angels in physical bodies and physical space craft transverse the universe.

I. As to the other meanings of the Crop Circles, I hope in the next blog to reveal my harmonic analysis for calculating amplitudes of the song of music message encoded in the Crop Circles and Formations.

The point of this teaching is about sharing my insights and not meant to demean any other one's concepts or inventions of ideas, whether of Cardinal continuum, calculus patterns, negative and positive polarity, supersymmetry, hyperbolic geometry, or vector fashioned dispersals and so on. Nor is the intent to limit the symbols of Infinity such as the lemniscate symbol of John Wallis which looks like an eight laid down on its side.

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