August 25, 2019

ufocropA voice speaking urgently in the wilderness: Make this valley full of ditches, for living waters will come from Edom. You will not see wind or rain, yet the valley will be filled with water (2 Kings 3:16), compare this experience with the sudden appearance of Crop Circles. Also read: ( Isaiah 63). It can be said, you have had the former rain moderately, but you shall have (transcendentally) the former and latter rain together as a beginning of a new time and age of knowledge and provision…(Compare, Joel 2:23).

No doubt as the scriptures reveal as a revelation:  God came from Teman and the Holy One from mount Paran (Compare, Habakkuk 3:3 and Genesis 36:11-42). So also it is written: write the vision, for the stone shall cry out of the wall and the beam out of timber shall answer it (Habakkuk 2:2,11). So then will come the time as written: “For the Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Compare, Habakkuk 2:14).

The Earth is in touch with the Sky Writers, the Sky Writers are in touch with the Earth, their message is printed out in the “all flesh is grass” circles…written on the fields of the Earth. called: Crop Circles. Your living body is grass likened to the cow. The cow’s major diet is grass, and millions of humans, drink the milk, eat the butter, and meat of the cow for protein and nourishment. In that sense “grass’ translates to food and food translates to life.

If I take the steps of the life-food-chain further back, the grass uses nutrients of the soil of the Earth, drinks up the rain, and absorbs the sun. This process provides life to the grass. It is all a part of the song of life.

All of the above said processes deeper down the scale come from atomic energy. Atomic energy is spun with spinning and frequencies of vibrations. When the song of atomic energy expresses itself it does so in sequences and forms of atomic lattice. So the forms of everything have each an atomic lattice.

For everything to have its own form each form must have a distinguishable difference. So then, substances like iron, cobalt, copper, silver , gold and etc. all can be identified by their atomic lattice which is the form of each substance.

The rate of the vibrational change of certain atoms can be measured. For instance in certain metals there are cohesive forces that hold the atoms together in these forms which are the repulsive forces between ions. When such metals are compressed the atomic frequencies rise. Consequently, each change of form is because of a change of the atomic lattice design.

The atomic lattice designs have structured factors. As to structure, it is known that even a solid has sound waves. It is correct to say there are lattice constants. Keep in mind all physical constants have conversion factors. For instance the Wave-length of light with quantum energy of one volt =1.2336 x 10-4 (superscript) cm.

Back to forms: A diamond has a cubic lattice. There are structures based on a hexagonal lattice. Information that has to be considered, is if a form has a face-centered cubic lattice or a Body centered lattice. There are structure factors for knowing this. There is the volume of a zone, the atomic volume, the number of states per atom and the ratio of inscribed sphere to total volume.

Figuring a hexagonal lattice one may need to regard two interpenetrating orthorhombic lattices as relational to the rectangular axes. By giving coordinates for each atom, a person can by means of equations obtain the axes factors.

There are many kinds of theoretical values and formulas, including numerical values, lattice vibration formula, Euler’s summation formula and methods of calculating such as the quantum-mechanical method.

Another interesting comparison is regarding the pipes of Pipe Organs. The very acoustic structure of the pipe, as to it’s vertical and horizontal axis is determined by logarithmic applications of measured manufacturing for producing the amplitudes of the potential harmonics sound of the pipe.

So then, the measurement of the form of structures reveal by their distinguishable designs as to what atomic lattice they belong to, and reveal the wave frequencies as well.


TO SEE THE FULL CIRCLE OF THE RAINBOW, YOU MUST SEE THE RAINBOW FROM HEIGHT INSIGHTS ABOVE THE EARTH GROUND PERSPECTIVE. The Circle Rainbow of Revelations 4:3, was visible to John only after he heard the instruction to “come up hither”. In John’s example, that “up” was a door opened in heaven by entering into the “Spirit” (Compare, Revelations 4:1-2, note: heaven can be the sky atmosphere, see Genesis 1:8 KJV). Prior to John’s elevated experience, the Rainbow was only a half circle in appearance.

The Manifest revelation of true Crop Circles is that they are full spherical circles when seen and understood in their full message through the arch of spiritual eyes.

The full message is a spherical kind of helix of information to the Energy Lattice of the World. There is also rendered an acoustic sound synthesis of song. Someone will ask: How then is such a spherical circle made partially invisible and partly visible?

Here is the answer: Flying Zziths, (Commonly included in the unidentified flying objects called UFOs by the human masses), represent the often invisible part of the above the Earth spherical circle of the Crop Circle.

To use terms regarding the Crop Circle phenonmenon that more of the public are familiar with…I will compare this said Zzith message ability to the stationing of an advanced energy information position. This stationing in familiar terms could be considered an action of atomic photon entanglement (Quantum Teleportation).

Actually, in Manifest Lattice terms, this ability is more to Photo-translation that is broadcast in place between a Flying Zzith and a Crop Circle. Interstitial space, tangentially connects the Zzith and the Crop Circle, distance presenting no barrier of separation. The memory of this quantum state is preserved transcendentally in every medium it touches, such as mind energy, pictures, film, and the molecular materialized states of the ground and plants involved in a Crop Circle.

There are songs in the Zzith spun Crop Circles and the Manifester plans to interpret many of those songs for you the reader.


The outer space-sign-language of the Crop Circles is what you can see on Earth and also what is invisibly attached tangentially to the above main spherical part. reported signs are as follows:

1. There have been many sightings in some of the areas of UFOs prior to or just after the making of a Crop Circle.

2. There have been sightings in which small flying balls of light are seen flying over Crop Circles.

3. A number of said witnesses have reported hearing electrical crackling or electromagnetic sounds, and then see an immediate appearance of a Crop Circle.

4. Orange balls of lights and other colors of light have also been witnessed in Crop Circle areas.

5. The Spiral as a symbol of the Spherical pattern and the image of the lattice energies of the universe dominates True Crop Circles.

6. Some reports of the magnetic polarity of compasses becoming disorientated at Crop Circle locations.


A high road to interpret the Crop Circles is the method of spiriting through one’s mind. To begin, understand belief can create in your mind a virtual state far exceeding the limits of classical physics. Understand, in some ways cyberspace can act as a form of virtual reality.

As you emerge into a virtual, quantum-memory navigation mode, you become quantum entangled. In that Sub-Audition, even physical reality seems during the Sub-Audition an illusion. As you enter equilibrium you are able to more and more additionally recognize other existences.

Using trans-seeing eyes of the mind one can read the spin of atomic waves in the fullness of their resonance. In this state of mind entanglement-wise, the part that is the local system can be read to reveal aspects of the distant part., the distant part can be read to reveal the whole. So then, there is a correspondence potential written Universally between all things harmonic.

The puzzle of the Cosmic Picture becomes easier for putting atomic frequencies into harmonic tonal pitches. Music is the causeway to all points that have a relationship to harmony. The cycles of harmonics are kept sure by the law of the generation of harmonics.

There are other roads to interpretation and therefore no one should be left out of the journey to truth.


Minds of humankind have subconsciously picked up the energy message of the Crop Circles engenerated by the Zziths and have proceeded with difficult strides to duplicate and exceed the Crop Circle phenomenon. Generally the participants are ignorant they are operating on a collective unconscious level that is drawing from scaffolding of the world mind pool.

Cleverly the Zzith pilots being aware of this expected symbolic-information-transfer, and human curiosity, are therefore nevertheless making use of these transfers as brain opening and expansion of the minds of the human masses. Consequently, the Zzith Pilots knew that geometrical figures would mentally arise to an extent of corresponding to the base circle but being limited to only a few connected minds to the upper main spherical circle part.

The Zzith Pilots also knew that a negative trough or phase event is eventually susceptible to a peak phase event. As well the main upper spherical proportional part is more to being homophonic and as such carries the melody of the signals of songs. Consequently, only the full revelation of the vibrations conducts true melody and it’s harmony.

Nevertheless, in the ground Crop Circle proportion there is carried portions of reflective harmony that can be accessed through con’figurative applications of the sine and cosine.





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