August 25, 2019


A new manna descends called Logistical Rhythmatics ( a revelation of sound and numbers)... Deep calls unto deep and says be fruitful and multiply. Then Jesus said: How many fishes and loves of bread do you have son?

The power to multiply is a given constant beginning at the first of creation (Compare Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 14:17-19 and many other examples).

When King Saul became possessed with demons he plotted above all else to kill the young man David. But when David took out his harp and played and sung, the demons recoiled. They recoiled because there is a sound line that the Forces Dark cannot bear to tolerate.

There are saints elect who have advanced to pray in the Spirit. The Bible says they pray things that are mysteries which only the Spirit understands. These prayers in the Spirit convert to tongues of angels and music of songs to the ears of God. Deep conversion of the signs of live are available by the Spirit (Compare, 1 Corinthians 14:2 KJV).

THE THIRD POSTULATE OF EUCLID says two interesting points I want to relate to this revelation:

1. A circle is a plane figure contained by one line such that all the straight lines falling upon it from one point is called the center of the circle.

2: The distance in space is defined in such a way that a line segment's length does not change when we move it from one place to another.

THIS TIME IS THE TIME FOR THE REVELATION OF THE MEASURING LINE: I looked and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand. Then I asked: where are you going? To measure Jerusalem, to see what is the breadth thereof, and what is the length thereof (Compare, Zechariah 2:1-2 ).

It is written: The line of the Message has gone out through all the Earth and the World (Universe), and this Message is imperishable (Compare Psalms 19:1-6 ). The Postulates and Journals of humans sometimes are shadows of truth, nevertheless, not the very images of the truth (Hebrews 10:1).

Direct belief in the entity's mind and spirit is the substance of imaginative reasoning and therefore holds invisible creative energy. The evidence of this, is the Universe was framed (atomic lattice) by the Line of God, which is to say was framed by the sound-line thoughts of God [The soundtron will of God], consequently, things that are visible were not made with other things that were visible but were made by invisible power, which though invisible, were still of substance (Hebrews 11:1-2).

So then, taking the on ground Crop Circles as a shadow of the message, but not the full image of the message, and realizing there is an invisible line segment from the center of the Crop Circle to the whole image of the spherical circle and its should be alerted that the first message is only transposely speaking, a lattice sign link to the rest of the message.

Furthermore, two lines that could be thought to be parallel lines because what is visible is separated, could beyond sight come together and be connected, therefore concluding them to not be parallel lines at all but rather a connected angle of the message of measurement.

Just for thought: If gravity can curve space, it should not be thought weird if in Euclid's Third Postulate line 1 above, a graphic line drawn through a flat plain circle could be asymptotically stretched so as to call something that in one sense was not, but that in another sense was. In other words a flat straight line applied to two dimensions, changes when applied to a three dimensions. After all, Gravity is the affect of the presence of a body of mass. By the same token a major change can be affected to occur by the presence of the mass of a great mind or minds. Ultimately such occurrences verify the center point of loom.

Additionally, although in number 2 above of Euclid's Third Postulate, the length is said to not change when the line is moved from one place to another, the value of the placement of the line can change. When we consider the Postulates of Euclid it seems one must include as part of the group, the very different, if not strange, yet very interesting, Postulate of Euclid, which is number 5, mainly in my opinion seeming to be strange due to it's forage into the subject of infinity.


Well the answer is laying the foundations: Remember there are 12 foundation to spiritual Jerusalem. The soundtron has 12 circuits, the chromatic scale of the Piano has 12 tones. The multiple of 12 has such numbers as 144, and 144,000, which are divine numbers. Inasmuch, as numbers are given in the Bible as a help so that even one of the books of the Bible is named Numbers it remains as an important element to not discount it's relevance. So, calling those things which may not seem important to your mind, as important, the Holy Manifest is seeding your thoughts until those seeds germinate and spring up as stalks reaching to the heavens.

As a proving point that all things carry a resonance and identification of sound sometimes even described as noise, I am providing the example below which regards metallic lattice crystals and also applies in similar ways to other metals:

Compression, atomically speaking, can be an example of the energy of a crystal involved as a function of atomic volume. Comparatively, tones produced on a piano could be said (in a slight stretch of proposition) as follows: By exchanging terms for the crystal atomic function with piano music terms, Atomic Compression can be compared to the action of the piano hammer striking down on the strings of a piano and by it's percussive force compressing the strings therefore producing a degree of tone volume on the piano according to the thrust of the strike.

Distortion a term used that refers to the atomic volume of the constant of cohesive forces held in position by the repulsive 'exchange' forces between the ions, which constant y values refer to the measurement rate of change with volume of the vibrational frequency k~(m)/h of the atoms.

Atomic Distortion could be compared to the discordant and dissonance tones chosen from either pentatonic (5-note), heptatonic (7-note), or chromatic (12-note), piano chord choices. I would add to that comparison also frequency oscillation of vibrato vibrations of the piano strings.

The Elastic frequencies of Ions, is broad of subject so I will additionally apply it to another comparison of the piano, which is: piano tonal pitch. This is based on most everything having a crystal-lined lattice. Keep in mind that applied quantum theory and atomic physics have some degrees of difference to the older chemist method approach to atoms. For instance as to the subject of election scattering, Einstein's model for metal crystal compared to N. F. Mott and H. Jones which was a take off of Tutton's Crystallography and Practical Crystal measurement with some Quantum insights, nevertheless, has degrees of difference mathematically.

Many great minds collectively have discovered marvelous insights about the binding forces of atomic power. To know that no atom has a fixed size. To know that a collection of millions of atoms can enter an identical quantum state (at temperatures just above O K ), and behave as a single atom with a single wave-function that spreads over the whole collection of atoms, is amazing knowledge with even spiritual connections.

Interestingly, in Manifest Logistical Rhythmatics, a single atom can act as a collection of atoms via sympathetic vibration entanglement (Photo-translation). The consequences of this effect allows atoms to fill more than one position, and to broadcast more that one shape, by using more than the same dimension structure, and,or, to be able to appear in part and be invisible in part, which has the power to effect certain laws of constants. I hope you can see this revelation as regards the Crop Circle on the ground being a part of the Zzith Sphere that is separated tangentially by space.

This subject is gross volume upon volume and I am only touching on it. I do not have time to mention how inorganic solids can be a build up of the structures of spheres packed together, nor do I have time just now to mention the many different kinds of twin lattices. Interestingly, it is shown that research research has revealed for sometime that twin lattices can have twin axes, with twin corresponding faces, and the same orientation.

At this point, we take the crystal lattice constant A and begin the A scale of the Piano, using the middle A key tone which vibrates at 440 Hertz. We can move to B in the crystal scenario when the precise separation of ions occurs. On the Piano this would simply be the up scale move from A to B. So then, one would be able to deem in this said form of crystal letter name values comparatives to the Piano scale.

Another way of course would be to convert the atomic lattice frequencies to piano vibration pitches. These two methods are somewhat complicated. Keep in mind a major scale of the piano has only 7 tonal steps to learn, plus a repeat of the first three tonal steps an octave higher. A B C D E F G + an octave higher A B C . There is only one major piano scale and one minor scale but which can be written in many distinct frequency ranges, which ranges of course, include all tonic key signatures.

Well of course, once we get an atomic conversion to the piano and especially specifically using the math methods of sine and cosine to produce individual tones put into melodies and codes...we have opened the door of the deep of Crop Circles and many other things.

My dear readers...I know this is heavy reading for some of you. Please don't put yourself short, God will suddenly cause you to understand these words.

I must stop here due to the sheer volume. I have some things going for the math symbols praise God. But I could still use the Professional Mathematical software for math and science symbolic figures and numbers. (It will take a designated $1000.00 to buy this software but the funds I do have available are tied up for other must designations. If someone has a set they don't need any longer that would work too).

When I get the symbol act together I will continue with the Crop Circle codes and songs. YOUR PRAYERS PLEASE!

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