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Manifester Insights on Survival in Hard Times



The mastery of food requires one to nearly be a god.  Of course the Bible says, “You are gods”.  But most such gods in mortal form are suspended of certain mind oracles, and inactive of precision and invention.  To become enlightened verges on the split realm between good and evil, because to become enlightened opens doors to the very ancient of reality including the spirit realm. 

Food can be a medicine, a salve, a balm, and an ointment of life.   This may sound uneatable to you, but food can be a multi-menu of many presentations at the same time.  Food can possess rhythm, tones, and the power of healing.  There is much that people eat that acts as unknown competitors against health and fitness. 

Wrong food is most often the cause of infirmity and disorder of the body, including many blocking affects to the brain.   To put the malady of illness into the cradle of vanishings is not achieved by just a simple wisp of mumble, but it can be done.   Wrong food can detune your body mechanism gears so out of natural posture that it can be the real cause behind discontentment, insecurity, and mental debility.  

Often ill comfort, ill pity, and self sympathetic self reaching and desiring what appeals to the taste and the looks, but are the very things, that in the course of time, bring a discord of body harmony and a put into the cells cravings which eventually lead to a sentence of impairment.



This continuum is a lump of rich forecasted information.

As the year 2012 has revealed and the first part of 2013,,,,,the doomsayers were wrong on their predictions, as well the warped mouths that were spewing out a  damming of America and its government and predicting its fall according to an assortment of reasons are to this day wrong because their mania is full of the germs of lies.

It is not being said that America is a robed saint, washed a white clean.  It is being said that God has people in America and for their sake America is going to stand.

I see an Eagle who’s roughish of feathers shall become smoothed out.  I see an Eagle flying higher than all the other symbolic creature nations of the earth.

There are those nations who would war with the Eagle (The United States of America) but are taunted with the thoughts of it being an act of suicide.    The debt of the Eagle will be shifted off the records.   A genius mind of the slide rule will transform the debts into an asset.

A trembling shall be in the streets of the nations that hate America, for God is against their hate, therefore disease, weather and environment shall rise against them like plagues. Go to now you who stand in the nest of the Eagle and curse her hatched eggs.  You shall have your own immune system turn against your own body because you have turned against the country that gave you haven.  


Fall and Rise of Emperor Mentality, Survival Fortress 7

In a fast forward of foresight chains of events can be seen that will erode one legacy after another. The silky way can flounder in a horrid collapse that can spill refinery into the cauldrons of a hellish nightmare.

Once in the twirling of hope and confidence there were minds dressed and furnished with emperor mentality. Where O where has the royalty of faith slipped away to? In the slang of the times people seem to forget the methods the ways and the means of how to go to the city. They crouch and cower; the lion in them has become a meow: they crouch and hunker down lower and lower.

The city crowds are thinner and strange. The rumble and rush of business has slowed its pace. Good paying incomes belong mostly to the rich and those who work at risk or extreme commitments. The poor are made hard-line workers. Where O where have the good times gone The governments put money into systems that have holes. Link ways are not crisp any longer.


The Smoking Road of Home Survival..Fortress 6

The waster is at the gate; whosoever abides with him gets wasted. The enemy of prosperity is coming as a flood because the hands of the money dealers are defiled with a blasphemous greed. These afflictors of peace are the creators of hard-times.

The rich muse; the poor panic; but in the end all flesh will eat grief. A great mourning will rise; millions will grope in confusion. Laugh fools, and say it will not happen. Stand afar off in your mind, but when your headache comes it will drive you animal.

Pushers of oil prices seek for oil to rise to diamond prices. Such a ploy would turn on a switch of financial hells. Huge corporate concepts will crumble, and small will become fashionable again. Mental pollution will rage. Prepare ye; prepare ye, lest your sleep become a phantom not connected to rapid eye rest.

Load us with Your benefits, Lord; they are needed now. Let the waves of liens due to burnt and failed dealings dealt by misleading and misguided persons and corporations not fall upon Your believers.

This is the time to watch and pray. To watch is not to just be aware but by watching to also be prepared. Jesus said if the Goodman of the house knew the thief was coming, he would have prepared so as to protect his goods (compare Matthew 24:43 KJV paraphrased). There are major threats across the board of life, and no one is exempt from all of them.


Survival Home Fortress No 5

The day of food stamps (in various forms) is coming up a super-wide highway of need. Pilgrims on the road-mind of survival prepare the way for actions on constructions of ideas that will stock you through the present financial slump crisis. An old expression says: when there seems to be no way there is always a way. Even the kingdom of God comes without observation (Luke 17:20 KJV). Imagine something so vast so ultimate coming unseen by common view yet lit by deep ponderous insight.

We mix; we mingle among; we walk over potential treasures most every day. On the street where you live in the house where you abide ideas wait to be thought that are like a box of matches from which one may light a fire on a cold cold day. In nature the whole world lives off the production of another entity or thing. Humans animals germs fungi and et cetera that are successful are those which are the best at reaping the production of other such entities or things. In fact it is such a system that makes life possible on this planet.

Don't hesitate to pick up a coin that another entity has walked over. When someone offers you something in the name of a gift take it. If you can't use it give it to someone that can use it or sell it and convert it to money. Otherwise if you refuse the gift you sooner or later will cut off that gift-giver from having you in mind to help or accommodate. Sounds cheap? Sounds like charity? So what! It's better than joining the club of the growling stomachs. Sometimes allowing people to care about you and love you is a gift of physical and spiritual survival.



Extreme Ideas for Solutions of Governing....The Nations 

Often ideas must be used as passing lanes to get around temporary obstructions. Sometimes ideas must be used as fillers until a permanent substance is found.

Any balanced-minded person should be able to admit that much of the world is in disarray on many fronts of government management. The ideas that politicians mostly come up with are old, worn out non-workable solutions, sometimes covered over with a new name or color scheme of presentation.

I will now stick myself out to ridicule by offering approaches I would pursue if I were in government (the which I am not in the least interested).


I would propose a world money valued dollar based on a percentage of each nation’s natural and potential production of commodities, minerals (includes gold and silver), gas, oil, and etc. The world bank would bond the stock and issue assessed credits which would allow a country to print international trade dollars of honored money up to that extent.


Survival Home Fortress....no 4

Heave the fling…….A financial hyber-hocus has loosened upon society a pungent of non-plus reckoning that will bleed for years to come. A frenzy is being birthed. The hearsay has become manic because there was fact in the bin. Money nest eggs are crushed. Deep financial wrinkles are furrowed beyond the pivotal.

In these times of creating the poor, there strains to metamorphosis a rising of past woes from dead history…..a suffering of past horrors. This financial cruelity, be assured, is manmade. Human fraud fed by greed has oiled the viewer so out of focus the only thing left on the screen is the Death Star.

What is flung is flung, but now let us mentally and spiritually heave away this fling that has been flung. It will take choice thinking, believing, and action. Don’t panic; zip up your eyes from the trash flow of endless descriptions of bad times. Prayerfully focus on how to survive in the midst of disaster.


Survival Home Fortress Advisory 3

The Financial Grim Reaper has begun his harvest. The future money world prognosis, based on warning signs, is shocking! Only fools and greed-hogs are continuing to play the games of chance. Big dominoes like Fannie and Freddie, AIG, and a host of scores of other major financial institutions and major retailers in the US have fallen. The market slide has sucked the economic fundamentals of financial infrastructures into a plummet. The whole world is affected. There is a herd of panic-minded persons poised on the brink of hysteria.

The contraction of values is alarming! The near bankrupt US is scrambling to booster confidence in the economy. It has raised the FDIC insurance government guarantees on bank deposits, and the Central Bank is planning to replace AIG’s fraudulent bank property portfolios insurance that has allowed the banks to skirt around the Basel regulations so as to not need to keep sufficient collateral on hand to back their mortgage financing portfolios. Since AIG’s credit default, the US has put up billions lest most major banks collapse. The credit crunch has begun; unemployment is rising. It is a financial disease, and it’s spreading to other countries of the world. Actuaries are loosing their hair.



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