April 26, 2019

Don’t ever think that the U.S. financial world is going to return to as it was modeled to work by politicians and money makers: the power given to and allowed by companies to provide banks and financial institutions a way to avoid government regulations with the intent in mind to spur on the economy. But Hum and Dum will not recover from their great fall, and the new U.S. president isn’t going to be able to restore Hum and Dum in the same fashion it was because the whole scheme was a politically sponsored fraud…….

Bonds and Government loans will loom. So what are the methods and moves to adapt to the changing times:

1. Liquify your finances:

A. If your money pool – cash, cashable certificates, cashable bonds – is low but you have a mortgage that has a lot of equity and there are buyers that will pay the price for your home that does not, under the circumstances, unreasonably depreciate your equity, then sell. Don’t just give away your equity. The real estate sales people generally want a fast sale, and they are willing for you to sacrifice your equity so they can get paid. But if you’re dug into a paid for home and you have some room to plant a garden and the style fits your psychological style, then fasten in and survive.

B. Cash in hand for the days ahead will enable you to sweep up bargains beyond anything you likely imagine or expect.

C. At some point, even the government’s base deposit guarantees may get complicated for getting a timely pay out. Don’t hide your money at home or in the ground. This might cause you to get robbed or circumstances to occur that destroys it. Don’t put too much trust in gold or silver: a $5000 to 10,000 inventory is ample or, on the scale of what you can afford, accordingly to a 12 or 15 percentage of your annual income.

D. Get a large bank deposit box in two or three banks. Put your money there. This protects your money from going through the system and is a safe place.

E. Food and water are the two most important commodities. Learn everything you can about the canning process. Mason jars are great. Dry food storage is good too. I will present more details later. Study to understand canned dating and rotation. Canned and dry food will be in demand as a bartering item.

F. It is important to not panic or be fearful. Real estate can be sold for partly cash and trade. If your home is unique or executive then depreciation should not diminish its value. There will be plenty of persons who can afford to by your home.

G. A moving sale is a believed type of sale. When you sell your home, that’s the time to sell your extras and not needed items. Get cranked down. Be able to move fast if the need arises.

Advisory 2 to come soon……..!

The Manifester

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