April 21, 2019

Extreme Ideas for Solutions of Governing....The Nations 

Often ideas must be used as passing lanes to get around temporary obstructions. Sometimes ideas must be used as fillers until a permanent substance is found.

Any balanced-minded person should be able to admit that much of the world is in disarray on many fronts of government management. The ideas that politicians mostly come up with are old, worn out non-workable solutions, sometimes covered over with a new name or color scheme of presentation.

I will now stick myself out to ridicule by offering approaches I would pursue if I were in government (the which I am not in the least interested).


I would propose a world money valued dollar based on a percentage of each nation’s natural and potential production of commodities, minerals (includes gold and silver), gas, oil, and etc. The world bank would bond the stock and issue assessed credits which would allow a country to print international trade dollars of honored money up to that extent.


Keep all bailed out banks under government stock ownership for three year to five years, ten years if necessary until the bank stock can be selectively sold to pay all the bail out money plus interest and profit to the government. Put this money to Social Security funds.


Roll all home mortgages back to pre-inflationary prices. Designate the loss to the financiers to be repaid by special government lottery-type fund raising. Roll back a designated home repossession time and restore the homes or equivalent (lost to unfair bank practices) to the dislocated purchasers and grant a 90 day break for readjustment before any bank payment start.

Open government small business rebuilding loan operations by taking stock in the business for collateral. The owners would be able to buy back their stock from the government by success of the business.

Put limits on bank credit cards. Go more to debit cards.


Make bankruptcy easier for the truly insolvent. Make bankruptcy a total wipe out of debt of the insolvent persons. Bankruptcy is a Bible Old Testament construction (compare: Leviticus 25:9-54 and Leviticus 27:17-24 KJV).


Businesses which set up in foreign lands to save on employment should be limited to the use of foreign employees based on having two thirds employees in the homeland to one third employees in a foreign country.


Invest in robot miniature bug-style spy-work capable of code, select, and disable mission capabilities.


Require 12th grade education for all students. Select outstanding students and offer prepaid scholarships. Students that cannot satisfactory complete the 12th grade should be required to take trade school equivalent schooling.


Abortion should not be thought as just a fetus thing. Abortion should be understood as pre-exempting the living of human life at any stage or age of life. In that view the subject takes on a whole different insight.

There is reasonable doubt about challenging a mother who has been raped and wants to abort the fetus. To abort a fetus for convenience sake is not moral. Such persons should be forced to finish their pregnancy; and then if the mother still wants out, put the child up for adoption.

Of course, there are other considerations such as genetic major birth defects and a health threat to the mother’s life. Persons who are adults with deep sicknesses or old age are often given up on and in certain cases allowed by lack of action to abort life. Sometimes this is reasonable due to extreme circumstances, and sometimes it is not reasonable. In certain cases abortion can be reasonable or unreasonable.

Persons into the “yes” or “no” theme, religious or not, need to not judge anyone. Strange that certain anti-abortionists have actually gone out of their way to kill or harm an abortionist. Life is life. To kill something that is alive in order to save something not yet born is a weird faith. I, of course, am for preserving life. Life is a precious God-given thing.


Do it. Use any body-form that is already in a dying state and use animals. This is a major proposition for relief hope for millions of suffering people.


“Render what belongs to Caesar’s” world to pay for national debts and social benefits (compare Luke 20:25 KJV).


Schools need to be monitored. Teachers must not teach against the nation that is hosting their school. Hate must not be taught. The rights of one religion must not prevail over the rights of another religion. Let not religions introduced into a country force the home nation’s religions to change their recognitions due to its being an offense to the introduced religion. Which leaders of these introduced religions can show that their original home nation does so?

Please note the above statements are just minor to the full extent that would be needed to finish the presentations.

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