April 21, 2019

The day of food stamps (in various forms) is coming up a super-wide highway of need. Pilgrims on the road-mind of survival prepare the way for actions on constructions of ideas that will stock you through the present financial slump crisis. An old expression says: when there seems to be no way there is always a way. Even the kingdom of God comes without observation (Luke 17:20 KJV). Imagine something so vast so ultimate coming unseen by common view yet lit by deep ponderous insight.

We mix; we mingle among; we walk over potential treasures most every day. On the street where you live in the house where you abide ideas wait to be thought that are like a box of matches from which one may light a fire on a cold cold day. In nature the whole world lives off the production of another entity or thing. Humans animals germs fungi and et cetera that are successful are those which are the best at reaping the production of other such entities or things. In fact it is such a system that makes life possible on this planet.

Don't hesitate to pick up a coin that another entity has walked over. When someone offers you something in the name of a gift take it. If you can't use it give it to someone that can use it or sell it and convert it to money. Otherwise if you refuse the gift you sooner or later will cut off that gift-giver from having you in mind to help or accommodate. Sounds cheap? Sounds like charity? So what! It's better than joining the club of the growling stomachs. Sometimes allowing people to care about you and love you is a gift of physical and spiritual survival.

Become a collector. Even if you don't have the food to put in them..... collect as many jars and lids as possible. This way you will be ready when the food does become available for canning and the jars and lids that are extra can be sold.

If you have some extra money do some thinking about solar panels for getting off the commercial grid as much as possible. The quality of these panels continues to improve. Shop for the best. With the inset into technology of the WiMax chip survival prospects can be enhanced in many areas.

A powerful and rare commodity you can have is your state of mind - psychologically and attitude-wise. The state of a person's mind can and does produce different reality viewpoints. Your life doesn't have to crash because of the world's financial crises. The grip on making new arrangements to your approaches during these survival times is in your hand. God is giving you another chance to rebound if you will just go for it.

Don't let market slumps and people who are in mental depression put pressure on you. You will only be able to help yourself and others when you are on top of things. Reconstruct your thoughts on what you think are your needs for success. Credit limits can be a savings to you. Make a resolution to find new approaches and new ideas for solutions. Don't leave your faith in God out of the equation.

There are still remarkable opportunities regardless of the unjust situations all over the planet. But are the unjust situations your concentration? Beware lest while be-laboring about the drain holes that you are not spilling your time into a black hole while your best interests are fading away.

In the people ocean mass there are feeding frenzies going on every day. But there exist places where the financial fishing is still good that are not feeding frenzies. Keep your head up and your nose working until you find the scent of prosperity.

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