September 17, 2019

This continuum is a lump of rich forecasted information.

As the year 2012 has revealed and the first part of 2013,,,,,the doomsayers were wrong on their predictions, as well the warped mouths that were spewing out a  damming of America and its government and predicting its fall according to an assortment of reasons are to this day wrong because their mania is full of the germs of lies.

It is not being said that America is a robed saint, washed a white clean.  It is being said that God has people in America and for their sake America is going to stand.

I see an Eagle who’s roughish of feathers shall become smoothed out.  I see an Eagle flying higher than all the other symbolic creature nations of the earth.

There are those nations who would war with the Eagle (The United States of America) but are taunted with the thoughts of it being an act of suicide.    The debt of the Eagle will be shifted off the records.   A genius mind of the slide rule will transform the debts into an asset.

A trembling shall be in the streets of the nations that hate America, for God is against their hate, therefore disease, weather and environment shall rise against them like plagues. Go to now you who stand in the nest of the Eagle and curse her hatched eggs.  You shall have your own immune system turn against your own body because you have turned against the country that gave you haven.  

You being not perfect and ripe with sins, have dared to judge a whole nation where in are knees who have never bowed to the Principalities of the lies of darkness.  God is displeased with you who in the name of your faith have chosen of your own mind without the will of God, who to curse.   The night and a fear of the darkness of doom from time to time will linger in your mind and curse every partial of ground your foot prints covet, unless you repent.

In 2015 a boom will swirl throughout the United States of America.  Technology in Nano and new material substance will crowd out the obsolete.  Nations will submit this reality gained by the power of the United States and her allies.

 Flying Torpedoes the size of small fish will fly and dive into the deep of the seas and oceans computing the mark of enemy vessels for destruction.  Never in many centuries has there been the like.   Manifold rockets that unfold into a thousand missiles will use anti matter for clean destruction.

From far above space, Eye systems near invisible and impervious to radar will prowl the skies, lands, and waterways of every unfriendly nation.  Lasers will be the miracle magic of military might and the substantial materialization of a new kind of computer and a new kind of telescopes.

The power of hate will nevertheless continue to rise against America, therefore, in the process of time, the United Nations will be demanded to be removed form the soil of the USA and relocated.

China will go to the seas and oceans to pipe desalted and purified water at the cost of oil.  In the utter of Global Warming, dangerous ancient germs, once asleep under mounts of glacial ice will revive and come alive, due to being freed by the melt of their frozen prison.  

The best foods will become a privilege of the royal, the elite and the rich.  They that are of the common masses if they will survive must turn their lawns into gardens, there land plots into preserved food.   The saving and storage of seeds and fertilizers will be a survival must.  Knowledge of how with simple tools to create proper reflection of sun and starlight, and outlawed storage and purification of natural water from snow and rain will be urgent for the when of which I speak.  

The greatest blockage to national wars will be the war of many nations with environmental disasters.   In a time to come, some nations will lose large cities and coast fronts to the rise of water in the seas and oceans.  Many fertile lands will become deserts.  A stalking death will know no limits of bounds to humans and creatures of the earth who due to self decision or circumstances are unprepared for survival.    

 There are those persons who claim to be into the Holy Manifest insights to the past and present world perspectives, who nevertheless, cling to the tract ways of the so called intelligence community and its disclaiming and anti mentality of America’s government, Presidency and operations.  But they who curse God’s mercy and plan of who and what God has blessed to be spared, will one day unless repented, totter on the edge and then fall into Satan’s workshop.

A day comes when alarming diseases newly mutated, will drift into the air that people breathe. To survive, have on hand surgical facemasks and surgical gloves.   Don’t wait until mass purchases close the door of availability.

Great rains arising from Global Warming and creating in one day--flash floods of destruction, will more and more occur.  Public water supplies can become polluted.  Keep an updated running supply of water on hand.

A vented waterproofed 5 feet underground room, can save you alive from a sun flare rampaging across the surface of the earth.  It is Bible, that many who survive must dig a hole into the earth or flee into caves of the earth.   

 A minimum one-year supply of water, foods, and toilet paper will keep you away from the urgent desperate and fearful mobs.   God has not called his people to prematurely die, but has called his people to live.    Jesus numbed unnecessary death for believing Christians on the cross and his rising.

If you are of an old age and dying is not your first order of concern, you may nevertheless, need to use some of the survival suggestions.  

In the coming of time, gold and silver will be found to have uses more valuable than being used as a backing to money.  It will therefore, become unlawful and foolish to use gold and silver as a medium backing for money.  That old idea will become as dust in the streets.

World wide electronic money will become the new medium. Certain nations will have the hosting rights for electronic money disbursement and handling.   

There will be more to come in the next Survival Mind Crusade…


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