April 21, 2019


The mastery of food requires one to nearly be a god.  Of course the Bible says, “You are gods”.  But most such gods in mortal form are suspended of certain mind oracles, and inactive of precision and invention.  To become enlightened verges on the split realm between good and evil, because to become enlightened opens doors to the very ancient of reality including the spirit realm. 

Food can be a medicine, a salve, a balm, and an ointment of life.   This may sound uneatable to you, but food can be a multi-menu of many presentations at the same time.  Food can possess rhythm, tones, and the power of healing.  There is much that people eat that acts as unknown competitors against health and fitness. 

Wrong food is most often the cause of infirmity and disorder of the body, including many blocking affects to the brain.   To put the malady of illness into the cradle of vanishings is not achieved by just a simple wisp of mumble, but it can be done.   Wrong food can detune your body mechanism gears so out of natural posture that it can be the real cause behind discontentment, insecurity, and mental debility.  

Often ill comfort, ill pity, and self sympathetic self reaching and desiring what appeals to the taste and the looks, but are the very things, that in the course of time, bring a discord of body harmony and a put into the cells cravings which eventually lead to a sentence of impairment.

All over the world the moan and howl of sickness owns the same address:  zero and minus the plus lust street.  As strange as it may seem, wrong food can lead you into spiritual disarrangement.    Surly… greed, lust, and extravagance ride the pale horse…

Moderation, must conqueror the strain of the economy, un-fold the pattern of criterion, and become an angelic child.  Where they say there is no way, there is always a way.  

Come now: Turn the water into wine, wand the lessor of what you have to become the more of what your have… Step out side yourself and ask for what you do not have.

Come through the needle’s eye, “all things are possible”.  Do not doubt, for doubt is mockery.  Mockery is not an outlet; it is a concrete pit holding destructive radiation. 

Prayer:  O’ Lord give me this moment to see deep truth…


  1. The wholesome fruits and nuts of the trees:  These are the first order.
  2. The wholesome berries and foods of the bushes and vines:  The second order.
  3. The wholesome grains and foods of the grasses:  The third order.
  4. The wholesome herbs and foods of such plants:  The fourth order.
  5. The wholesome vegetables and food of select plant roots:  The fifth order.
  6. The wholesome seeds of the good and edible plants:  The sixth order.
  7. The wholesome juices of the other orders:  The seventh order. 

All these, by rotation of cycles by phases,  – without substitute, without artificial ingredient, and without artificial preservative of their natural offering.  This is a staff of life reveal whereby to set the body in order.


  1. Breath
  2. Water
  3. Fasting
  4. Worship of God
  5. Meditation (receiving)
  6. Happy laughter (rejoicing)
  7. Physical exertions

All of these in order by cycles and rhythms are the staff of life by which the body is purified.  


  1. The miracle of angelic influences or divine priesthood.
  2. The power of the mind to turn on and turn off, the biological influences of the body.  Gentou (generative touch).
  3. The purposeful exercise to align one’s self in the art of the cycles and the phases of the seven purifying orders.
  4. The medicine of the herbs, of molds, of fungus, of fermentation, of plants and minerals and of venom.  
  5.  The medicine of food vitamin concentrations, including meat proteins.  
  6.  Environmental conditions including heat and cold, wet and dry compresses, and weightlessness.
  7. The vibrations of electricity, the vibrations of rays, flushes, massages, and surgery.  The inoculation against the germ to immunize.  Freezing, isolation, and the sleeps. 

All these, and more (to come, advanced healing and foods), are axioms to make the bitter waters sweet again, to pluck out the eye that offends, and to detoxify the poisons of the body system…None of these applications being necessary to them who are in phase to the cycles and the orders and whose bodies by gift of gene pro-generation are of a whole nature and whose minds will think to know the truth.   More to come.


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