April 21, 2019

In a fast forward of foresight chains of events can be seen that will erode one legacy after another. The silky way can flounder in a horrid collapse that can spill refinery into the cauldrons of a hellish nightmare.

Once in the twirling of hope and confidence there were minds dressed and furnished with emperor mentality. Where O where has the royalty of faith slipped away to? In the slang of the times people seem to forget the methods the ways and the means of how to go to the city. They crouch and cower; the lion in them has become a meow: they crouch and hunker down lower and lower.

The city crowds are thinner and strange. The rumble and rush of business has slowed its pace. Good paying incomes belong mostly to the rich and those who work at risk or extreme commitments. The poor are made hard-line workers. Where O where have the good times gone The governments put money into systems that have holes. Link ways are not crisp any longer.

In the United States of America they have elected a man of polished ebony. He is tweaked of desire to right the economy. May God give him the strength and coy to navigate the politics and the tangles. His job is a millstone; his team is a collar. The politicians opposed are a soap opera playing the same ole movie over again and again called I want to do it my way.

Obama he is called but his name has not yet taken on the dimension to fit the whole game of war that he is hoping to slip away from. There is an increasing traffic of thoughts building in the minds of terrorists to strike at the home land while the coffee is weak.

God bless America land that I love; stand beside her and guide her by the Light that shines from above. My heart is pained for this great nation for I fear the times that I see on my screen of vision.

Revolution drifts in streams of thought just above the sewers of the gutter minds of the rat mobs. Hell spots increase; the Earth looks like it has a case of measles. More people will become poor; more people will become hungry; more people will become homeless sick depressed and lost.

There is now not being enough food produced to feed the world. Farmers will get their chance to be paid their worth because of a rising tide of food prices. But they will need to call on a living Jesus who will be needed to calm the strange and horrid weather turns that are coming.

The Bible says the deep believers will become Kings and Queens*: this is a kind of Emperor King sovereignty. Revelations 1:6 speaks that of those who read the prophecy of the book of revelation and hear it (understand it Revelation 1:3 KJV) gain becoming kings and priests*.*The term priests represent the highest order of the church which is the symbol of the Christ King woman bride who is the Queen. So then Christ in addition to representing AMs own Kingship also represents the believer kings. Thus is fulfilled the word that says Christ is a King of kings and a Lord of lords (compare Revelation 17:14 and Revelation 19:16 KJV). With the King-ship comes the Queen-ship which is a universal Father and Mother over-seer-ship for the world. The Emperor sovereignty comes as an addendum to kingship via the special role of spiritual insight of believers.

As there was an Adam there was an Eve; as there was a Father which art in heaven there was a Mother virgin Mary for mother Earth; as there is a King there is a Queen..... as was written for the sons of Korah in the Song of Love (Psalms 45:6-9 KJV).

The Holy Manifest teaching conveys and promotes the planting of the Kings and Queens of the spiritual Emperor and Empress ministry not only on the world of this Earth planet but for all the worlds to come.

I pray O Lord that you will give your believers a spiritual Emperor Kings and Queens ministry capability to help and guide the needy the poor the sick and the disheartened during the turbulent times now and ahead. If ever you were needed to be strong and full of faith precious people of God it is now! Do not fall into the traps of dark lures; do not lose The Emperor and Empress mentality.

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Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.