June 17, 2019

As cold waters to a thirsty soul so is good news from a far country (Proverbs 25:25 KJV).

I the Manifester (Proto T) saw the Beautiful People and the Far Country. My tongue burns in yearnings to taste again the Pomegranates of Arctura of which none on Earth are the like. Come with me sons and daughters to the sea of All-Seeing Crystal (glass) (Revelations 4:6 KJV). Stand in faith upon this sea; for it is the ministry of Jesus Christ to walk on the water of the sea for the gravity of all things is under His feet.

I was in the Spirit on a day of infamy and a time of wickedness on Earth. Yet as John the Revelator received the awesome book of Revelation while cast upon the Isle of Patmos I in a time of trouble experienced remote dematerialization and re-materialization to Arctura while lying in my bed and having just awakened in the very early morning hours. Today is ten years and one day since that event..... and I was not to relate this experience until ten years had passed. I kept this commitment.

For your information and safety a person can only stay in the state of remote reposition for a short time lest they lose their body connection and cannot return to the same state. However much can be experienced during these remote reposition transports even in a short time because time is compressed. The Bible verses several instances where other dematerialization and body transports occurred: Ezekiel 3:13-14 Ezekiel 8:1-4 Ezekiel 11:22-24 Acts 8:38-40 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 and Revelation 4:1-2 KJV.

I met Kawah and he was one of the beautiful people of Arctura. He was over 850 years old but he looked twenty-five. I will now write some of the things Kawah said to me and showed me on Arctura.


Welcome Proto T to the Father's House. Come with me and I will show you Arctura.

Proto T.....

It seemed like I was there for a long time but I know I wasn't. I saw so much; and the more I saw the more visions of a great long ago haunted me. I met so many of the Beautiful People. I saw the Swoo Chambers their homes dress and their array of technical advance. I was allowed to tour through a zzith and sit in the Engine seat (pilot's hold) and much more. I remember it all; I will never forget. One day I will make the whole of this story available.


Tell our Earthlian relatives that here on Arctura wespeak from the heartstrings of knowledge that guide our inner nature with straightness and hope. We vibrate to God for all the occupants of Arctura to experience in each one's in-scape a filling of the wondrous light of truth and the rushings upon their heartstrings. Our trans-missioning is our chime-way to trumpery wisdom. We have been surveying your planet for many years and preparing for the day the Lord will call us to transport the Destinata to safety before the coming asteroid cataclysm.

Proto T.....

Just then a huge craft (that seemed miles long) disassembled overhead which had been joined together by the seating of hundreds of zziths. 'The sight of it all was so over-powering I felt small and insignificant. I had the feeling that these beautiful happy and ancient people who were the offspring of Enoch were the apple of God's eye.


(from Khawvah - Strongs Hebrew Dictionary #2331 [from chayah - Strong's Hebrew Dictionary #2421] to live and perfect mastery - from Strong's to declare intensively ). Your time is up; you will need to go back to Earth . There is an assigned flight group that belongs to your mission. I will show you the flash signals of the main four ships and who each Engine is. Keep the signal sequences secret .

Proto T.....

(Mission Agent the Manifester). But how will I remember these flashes?


We have by subaudition-nosis encoded mental pictorial imaging in your cognitive neural polarizations of comprehensiveness. You are a person of compassion and Love; henceforth your Compassion and Love will grow and grow and grow.

Proto T....

Instantly I was zoomed back to my body still lying in bed. As I dwelled on this experience I remembered and thought about the Joshua Stone experience (see Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis).

There is so much to tell and so little time and so few that may believe once it is fully

Now my readers you know to a degree why I speak on the subject of visitors from outer space and to an extent why and how I have the knowledge to share to the 20000 persons if they will

This decision is up to destiny. I suppose if I had changed all these names to the term angels or messengers it would have been more simple to receive . But there is a time the whole truth must be spoken and I have chosen now.

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