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Stars Forever Part 3.....

You took the subaudition-nosis spirit trip, in mind awareness, to another planet. Sometimes you believe it really happened; sometimes you are not sure. There are some things about your trip very familiar to the Bibles testimony of the Apostle Paul after his trip to the third heaven paradise of the Fathers House. Paul, concerning his trip, said: I heard things not lawful for me to repeat,” and Whether I was in my body or in my spirit, out of my body, I cannot say (compare 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 KJV paraphrased). Then there was Ezekiel and a portion of his family (symbolized by a lock of his hair) who were caught up in a spirit transport (compare Ezekiel 3:12-15 and Ezekiel 8:1-18 KJV). And, of course, there were other patriots mentioned in the Bible who had similar experiences.

It is of record that over the history of humans becoming aware of God (compare Genesis 4:26 KJV) that, in time, many doctrines and ideologies were developed in attempt to communicateand identify to God: self denial, meditation, worship, word study, prayer, spiritual out-reaching, charity, character change, and dedications of ones life to ministry. All of these methods have potential application. It is not a thing of presence within me to judge, condemn, or challenge the right of anyone of their own free will to believe or seek God as they best understand to do so.

I have seen that there appears to be situations of extreme dedication that some persons pursue in seeking their purity and connection to God, including situations of deprivations of apparent physical essentials. I would only say that, in my opinion, extreme deprivations that are mainly for the exclusiveness of ones self attaining may, in the divining of resolution, be considered self attaining beyond the immediate salvation needsof other persons.

There is such a thing that the Bible teaches that I call Collective Attainment. Paul the Apostle said: Ultimate perfection (the rebound to full status Ophannims) of those living in the past as humans on Earth could not be obtained until all persons future could also be so attuned at the same time (compare Hebrews 11:40 KJV). It was, of course, possible to obtain a position as an angel elect (compare 1 Timothy 5:21 KJV) or a dignitary (compare Jude 1:8,Revelation 19:10, Revelation 22:8-9 KJV).

So much for what is said. Let me take you beyond the red end of the spectrum to those sights normally invisible to the naked eye. Also, let me take you far outside of the nether regions and even beyond those more local worlds of the subterranean deeps. Come to the vastness of the innumerable hosts, to contemplations of the starry heavens where from awe to awe you can ponder the majesty and the glory via, as the Apostle Paul said: Clearly seeing the invisible things of the creation and understanding their composition, God purpose, and reasons through the maniphotis (patterns of local, physical things seen that reveal distant, invisible things andeven reveal symbols of spiritual things) as revealedof their realities by the eternal power of the Godhead Creator (compare Romans 1:20 KJV).

Back to the mystic starships, the zziths, zuuts, and planadomes,,,,, that can zoom beyond light speeds and more.Friend, I bid you to remember from the far to which you belong and wereoriginated. The star dust on your soul is not a spontaneous event of the Earth. It is from a season of time when the who of you was a part of a great creation of persons who lived among the stars. Therefore, please do not join the unbelievers who throughout the history of the Earth have been wrong in doubting the premier of most every major modern invention and who have exercised the option of naming doom and death to every unusual event because of a few rumours.

Once it was said of me form a person who had just heard one of my lectures and who was reporting to another: He is so far out, he may be right on. Please keep in mind as I recently posted: He who flees from knowledge is as one who flees from his own soul.

Understand, that the starships of which I speak have the capability to do shape shifting. This is not done as some suppose by moving from one dimension to another. Rather, when the speed of light or better isreached, dematerialization occurs. The process of entering back into one’s exact prior materialization is a super-atomic computer feat. If, however, you wish only your personal effects and your body to be an exact duplicate materialization but the starship to have a different shape or configuration, you merely input into the computer the map discala(a quantum bit that holds information throughgeneral dematerialization)according to the desirable shape; and, behold, it is done. You then are an engineer pilot of a ship with another design. This can go on and on to the extent of the discalas available.

So, for you of the subaudition-nosis Fathers House trip, I will share with you a conversation I heard while standing outside the pilot hold waiting for instructions. I pray the deep understanding to youof these words of the Enochs – progeny of Enoch, the Arcturians – of the Fathers House and in particular Kawah and

Kawah.(a Hebrew Bible name)

I never feel lonely on such journeys as this, It’s as though I could journey for my love of it for as long as destiny would have me live such a breath. Ah, such a glorious daily bread are these sights of God’s handiwork I am now beholding!…. ( a code name)

You are a strange one, Kawah; there is no doubt about that.


Strange,,,,? because I can feel the pulses and the vibrations that are a part of me and I a part of the stars? I have a theory; I want to find the edge of the universe that sets on the gulf just before the First Domain.….

What is the matter with you, Kawah? Not one of the highest angels would dare to expect such a feat! I think the rings of Dominius have driven you overboard.


Overboard,,,,,, now that is an idea that just needs to be expressed transfiguratively. I think that trip suggested by Jerry Leethrough the Milk Way’s black hole fits into that class of overboard. Don’t you,….

What about the rest of the living and breathing world? You mean just leave them and go? And yes, that Jerry Lee mentally glides in waves just about like you do. Quite far out for an axle and Proto T, don’t you think?


You fool me not, even for one leaf print in a tea pot! You received your mentalmaster’s degreein solomind trip thesis presentations by speculating about where the end of the universe was positioned. As to Jerry Lee, who knows where this will go with him now that he is receiving all that Barlee Brain information that has and is being fed into his mind.….

Hah, hah, hah! So we’re alike! But is that a quality measurement, or the unfolding of a protractor’s reveal of our dominant genes?


Take our Lord and Father God out of this picture, and it all reduces to worm land.…

Isn’t the commitment and the dedication of our journeys for getting the message of Kingdomship to the whole universe?


STARS FOREVER 4 will come soon, and will be super exciting as I reveal additionalBible Scriptures about zziths and the Arcturians with insights that will put you into amazement.

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