August 25, 2019


The Zzith (Jewish Zizith=fringe) is an iconographic symbol, an iconic representation that has numerical significance, especially with respect to the four corner locations on a body garment and the knots and windings of the tassel .

“Zzith” (rather than UFOs) is the Manifest term used by the Manifester to describe certain spacecraft from outer space used by messengers from other worlds. The deep meaning of this word follows:

The Manifester chose to modify the spelling of “zizith” to “zzith” because the “zizith” tassel, as a sign to be worn on a garment, is modified by the meaning of the blue ribbon which is interwoven about it. The tassel represents the terrestrial revelation, and the chord of blue ribbon (ribband) represents the celestial revelation. (Numbers 15:37-41 and Deuteronomy 22:12 KJV).

The revelation of the zizith is relative to the pattern revealed in Mount Sinai. The Earthly part was represented by Moses to his followers; the heavenly part was represented to Moses by the angels who ordained it (Galatians 3:19 and Psalms 68:17 KJV). According to Psalms 68:17, twenty thousand zziths (chariots) and their messenger (angel) pilots accompanied Yahvael in the ordination of this revelation.

David very clearly had an insight which he said he received by the Spirit (1 Chronicles 28:18-19 KJV). This revelation of Moses and David was so important its emblem was placed in the most holy house. The emblem of the Cherubim were emphatic of wings and beautifully wrought into a veil of blue, like unto the blue arch of heaven, upon which this Cherubic sign was depicted (2 Chronicles 3:11-14 KJV).

The Bible has long time ago spoken of the Watchers who come to the Earth from a far country (Jeremiah 4:16 KJV) – yes, Watchers who come from the very fringe (Zzith) of space.

The term “fringe” can mean: border, periphery, ornament, verge, edge, perimeter, tassel, frill, hem, and etc. So then, one might begin to see the scope of the outreach the term “zizith” (meaning “fringe”) has as a tzitzit/zizith chord tied in a series of knots at each corner of the body.

In liturgical, ancient mysticism found in the Gemara, the Kabbalah, and many other writs, Scripture is often recognized to be curved, as, in fact, it is.

To those embedded mostly into the New Testament, they often wonder how the Rabbi could find so many consuming thoughts just in the Torah. God’s Word is a living word, and it is quickened by the interest of the reader as it was intended to be.

In Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary Concordance, the subject “zizith” (pronounced: ZEET-zeet, the Manifester forgoes that pronunciation and uses the one syllable enunciation) contains some very interesting information: #6734 tsiysith: a floral or wing-like projection, a forelock of hair, a tassel, fringe, lock.

Consequently, there are the wings of the Cherubim, as earlier mentioned, and there are the wings of the Seraphim and the wings of the Ophanim. These all tie into the spacebourne messengers who live on the fringes of space and who visit this planet Earth.

Malachi 4:2 speaks of a star (sun) called Righteousness that will be born on Earth in a very humble setting and rise with healing in His wings (compare St. Matthew 9:20-22 and St. Matthew 14:34-36 KJV). For those that dwell in the mind of the secret place of the Most High, the angels shall be given charge over them and shall bear them up and cover them with the feathers of the Lord and “under His wings shalt thou trust” (compare Psalms 91:1, Psalms 91:11, and Psalms 91:4 KJV).

The message of Yahvael, the Message of the Star Angels. and their chariots/zziths are dotted throughout the Bible: see Psalms 18:10 KJV and many, many other such Scriptures.

Ater the decimal point that many theologians think is the end of the statement, the end of the revelation, there is a mantissa, which to some may seem to be insignificant but, in fact, holds the finishing manifest of the whole.

And there those who stretch sacred things into amulet forms (Matthew 23:5 KJV). Sad are such things, for the tefillin (phylacteries) were given as miniature houses to be worn as great signs (Deuteronomy 11:12-21 KJV).

The phylacteries are not the same meaning or similitude as the ziziths, but they are messages that also use symbolic code.

The Pomegranates mentioned in Exodus 39:24 KJV tie into the hem/fringe, zizith/zzith, revelation of the Arcturians which in this blog I do not have the space to explain. Even the term “sails” as wings of a ship have a tie-in. And what bestowment might be given on the subject of the “blue star of David”, the one of whom it is said holds the keys to the kingdom of God.

More on the West Garden to come soon!

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