August 25, 2019

The roar of the Dragon was heard across the fars of space (compare Psalms 74:4 KJV). Draco the old, winding serpentine monster called the Dragon, a Decan of Sagittarius, was sending out his voice of warning. In the meanwhile a great armada of Seraphim under the leadership of Michael the Archangel (compare Jude 1:9 KJV) gathered to do war with the Dragon and his army led by Lucifer. There would be war in the spaces of heaven among the Draconian stars. This war would be won by the wits of the greatest mind powers (compare Revelations 12:7 KJV, beginning with its synecdoche and).

Lucifer was a Cherubim (compare Ezekiel 28:14 KJV); and not just any Cherubim, He was the second-in-command Archangel under Gabriel, the first command Archangel of all the Cherubim forces. Lucifer was known for his cunning and sheer force of personality (Ezekiel 28:12 and Ezekiel 28:15 KJV, Tyrus metaphor of Lucifer).

The soldiers in this war could be wounded but could not be killed because they knew the secrets of eternal life and revitalization (Revelation 9:6 KJV). But the angel code of war and how the winner was chosen was indelibly written in the senses of every angel messenger (compare Hebrews 10:16 KJV).

Positioning of sentries would be a key factor, as would be the clearing or moving from any natural medium affecting mental broadcast ability of the sentries. Mental striking was an art that belonged to the keenness of an agent's ability to photo-transition and to photo-translate signals (compare Judges 5:20 KJV, courses=transmission paths; also compare Ezekiel 40:2-3 KJV).

Lucifer had prepared for this war, as he knew his actions might precipitate such an action. Now was the moment for his creative skills to come to the forefront, if ever his skills were to be a factor in this war scramble for positioning. One of his inventions he planned to use first was called the weapon of continuous stroke (compare Isaiah 14:6 KJV).

The question of hypothesis by certain of the Destinate attending the war conference of investigative projections was: What if Lucifer and his subjects won this confrontation?

Lucifer was an expert in the arts of imbrication. It was configured that Lucifer might try to win the war singlehandedly by multiplicification of uunself abstractly in the centrapoint of the minds of his opposition. This was not new technology, but it was not known if anyone else had so perfected this art as Lucifer. In fact, this was one of his known beauties (compare 2 Corinthians 11:14 and 1 Corinthians 5:5 KJV - Lucifer later becomes Satan with same abilities; also compare Ezekiel 28:12-16 KJV - Lucifer/Satan metaphored as Tyrus).

That Lucifer believed he was destined by God to present the Dodecahedron Circuit Ministry to the universe was of no doubt to the Cherubim or the Seraphim Messengers (compare Isaiah 14:13-14 KJV).

Keep in mind that Lucifer is a multi-co-uned entity. Co-uning is something only Archangels and Co-Archangels can do. This co-uning is described in Ezekiel 28:13 KJV as being clothed with precious lively stones. The said Scriptural description actually describes the ranks of co-uning of Lucifer.

The angels which by process of advance became equal to their Archangel co-une with their Archangel and share the same spirit space. Such an advanced angel has taken on such a likeness by assimilation to his Lord of Host that the next step of co-uning is an ease of transformation. Such a progression is the spiritual way.

I will discuss the odds of winning the war that Lucifer had against him in the next blog.


Lucifer would use two Dragon heads for signal point reference in this war: A point of resonance in the Dragon constellation Dragon head and the Lucifer Dragon head mind. The second star in the constellation of Draco is called Rastaban which name means head of the subtle.

On the tract to all of this, understand: the Zodiacs are of long time existence. These starry stories in animated forms - according to Origen, Josephus, and Jewish rabbis - were originated by the antediluvian patriarch Enoch (some include Seth). For sure, the dividing and naming of the constellations preceded Moses revelation pattern on the Mount and the Written Law (torah she-biktav) and the Oral Law (torah she-be'al peh).

The Holy Manifest teaches that Enoch and his son Methuselah (son of a Zzith dart) were taught these constellation lores by the Cherubim who also taught them about the Zziths and Arctura.

As a Co-Archangel, Lucifer was a member of the Holy Commission Council (Isaiah 44:26 and Isaiah 24:23 KJV). The council is made up of all the individuals (messengers) who overcame and became Archangels from their universe.

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