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The Story of Adam and Adam (Eve)

Adam Born After the Longtime Series

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. (Genesis 3:24)

Adam Born After The Long Time, Pre. 1

The Adam story is wondrous to know, but sadly only known in a small part by the general human masses. May God split open the fissures that have swallowed and obscured the pristine truth. O Lord, anoint this moment for a masterful presentation of alpha fireworks to ignite interpretations by the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about history as it should be known (St. John 21:25, 1 Corinthians 13:9-12 KJV).

Walk with me, my readers, in the sightway of my eyes. In the name that is above all names and in the truth that is the higher truth, put down deep roots; come to the excelerations (acceleration and excellence) of sunderance. Once you have broken the hindrance barrier, the shackles of mental blot outs will dissolve.

Today I will office Enoch; tomorrow I will office Daniel. As I walk through their Scriptural DNA; I will by the Holy Spirit open the synecdoche of “And” and….with a writer’s inkhorn slung from my side, I will dare to write in the face of shade,,,,, light-ups that will brighten the world.

This will be a public online blog sweep of entries for answering your questions placed in blog comments and sent to Jerry O. Lee in e-mail. This chunk of work would be my Christmas gift and New Years parable opener to you.

I will need an immediate response of at least 2o commenters, since this is slightly different than the recent blog material vote taken.

Give your name and e-mail, and give a “yes” or “no”. You are welcome to say a comment if you want to.

Let the blast off to rivers flowing from the innermost being by the Holy Spirit begin:


Adam Born After The Long Time...Part 1

Long have minds been subject to chronic errors full of spongy grabs for recognition by persuaders truant of the truth. Let the sparks of your spirit glisten, for now comes truth like a songbird who has been shut up from song and is suddenly free to sing.

Bend mentally backward in time with me and look over your shoulder into the past:

Adam, tell me a feather of your pilgrimage to Earth…

ADAM, a song by the Manifester…

(verse one)

“I stood for a moment and gazed so far below,

To a cosmic speck of earth where I knew I must go;


Adam Born After the Long Time...Part 2

Blessed are the eyes and the minds who can see and understand the symbols of the magnitudes of the physical and spiritual semblances for they shall know the long truth. Come neurons gather your power of transfer and your power of draw; think into the rods of magnitudes for miracles are normal simple actions of the Spirit of the gods (the Elohiym).

Let the twelve cosmic tribes of the Zodiac (Stars and suns of the Zodiac) speak from their heights of splendor; nevertheless understand: your signs of stellar renown I will only let shine into me that speaks by the Holy Spirit. Go to now Holy Spirit into the scramble of censure; and where there is a fire in my neighborhood not of God blow it into a snuff-out. By the God of gods walk with me on the checker-square where the real boardwalk exists that true history has recorded upon.

Readers let your spirits touch my lips and see if they are not hot with the Word of God. Therefore says God's Word: Children of the Liar bring me your twisted lies and I will make a flare with them that the whole world will see. Go to now Readers into places of your mind asleep and awake your Souls of Light; for today you will meet and defeat the Shadow spirits of the Liar.

There are others on this journey to speak the truth: the people who were past Wheels of the Ophannim who are believers. The sons of Arcturus who are Axles on missions to help the world know how big the Love of God is and know about other fascinating people who live in this universe's long forever. The influences of the Pleiades swoo pathways between the stars for them for they are the children of the beloved Enoch.


Adam Born After The Long Time...Part 3

Readers of the Holy Manifest some of your names shall one day be called Manifesters when the Word of this truth builds a launch in your bones like a burning fire that you can no longer contain.

In the not long ago of a when of time I dreamed; and I heard voices calling my Manifester name: I knew these were the voices of great ancient ones calling me like unto Enoch Abraham Job David Ezekiel Daniel and John and Paul. Then I looked and I saw that these great ones were building gates to a city of cities. And it was so that each of these great ancients had been given talents called pearls and they were to fit them to the city gates.

And it was so that after these great ones passed on from their spiritual roles on Earth that religious humanism encroached upon their works and veiled the color of their pearls until the pearls could not be recognized in the fullness of their pearlings.

Then a beautiful angel came down from the heavens and drew all the veiled pearls of the ancients and changing the forms of the veiled pearls into words put those words into the mouths of prophets and priests. In the course of time those words were put in to a great book called the Bible and other writs.


Adam Born After The Long Time Part 4

For too long interpretations of the Bible have suffered an asphyxiation disease. The purpose of these Manifester blogs is to allow Bible interpretations to breathe the deep breath of truth. For this deep breath of truth to be taken in and perceived a threefold insight must come into view.

By this insight your trust will rise in the Lord. I speak even to you (who will read this Word). I am describing the threefold sayings of the Word and how to thereby determine additional knowledge (Proverbs 22:19-20 KJV paraphrased). The correct meaning for the Hebrew word shaliysh is threefold instead of excellent as used by some Bible versions (compare Strong's Hebrew Dictionary #7991 shaliysh [from #7969 shalowsh] meaning 'threefold').

It is written that Jesus rarely taught the human masses without the use of parables. Although these parables carried a story of their own the deeper underlying story had to be translated by Jesus or revealed by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 13:34-35 KJV). Often the Bible speaks of the mysteries of God and the deep word. Hence is enfolded the three Holy Holy Holy meanings (Revelations 4:8 and Isaiah 6:1-3 KJV) and the meaning of the 30-fold 60-fold and 100-fold as taught by Jesus (Matthew 13:23 KJV).

There is an oracular ambiance orchestrated and synthesized of belonging accessory information scattered throughout the Bible which is conjoined to subjects both generally and specifically even though not touching of verse to verse or chapter to chapter or of the same Bible book or embedded in the same context ( compare Jeremiah 29:10 with its deep Sabbath of time insights as further enlightened by Gabriel in Daniel 9:20-24). Without the inspired ability to interpret it leaves those subjects incomplete and unfulfilled of their deep word truth (Luke 8:10 and Luke 24:45 KJV).


Adam Born After The Long Time Part 5

The day of small-mindedness is meeting with less and less facility to continue its narrow viewpoints. The reckonable moment is buzzing around. Spit out the gum in your mouth; there is no flavor left. Come into a new tastefulness of insight that when the last trumpet has sounded, the taste in your mouth will be victory.

Kiss these words, my loves, that they may be warmed with your breath; for when these words come out of aura cocooning, they will fly to you in such a manifest of knowing, they will polish with joy….. the heels of those angels who guardian you.

O Adam, your time is fulfilled; is it not? God said on the day you ate the forbidden fruit, you would die! (Genesis 2:17 KJV). But wait…. the Serpent said: Did God tell you that if you ate this fruit you would die? Why that’s preposterous….. God knows if you eat this fruit that you will become a god also, and that’s why He doesn’t want you to eat of this tree’s fruit. Did God tell you on the day you ate this fruit you would die? O that’s cute; what a cover up….. you shall not surely die! Trust me! (Genesis 3:2-7 KJV paraphrased)

Who told the truth, God or the Serpent? According to the twenty-four hour day that is taught by the religious group called the “Creationist,” God must have lied because Adam did not die on that twenty-four hour day. In fact, Adam did not die for hundreds of years later.


Adam Born After The Long Time, No. 6 Prelude 1

There is a holy spot in the brain that triggers the good imputations of subconscious flashbacks. In rarefied moments, the reap of lost memories becomes possible. There is no way by common efforts to open this compressed energy dot of memory. It is not so much the resuscitation of one’s present forgetfulness, but rather an extraordinary opening of one’s spirit Book of Life and its memories of the ages of living and knowing.

Fear not the roadblocks or the desperate times ahead; God can make you visibly invisible to the hand of violence and, in doing so, will enable you to open many hinged gates of time.

From an energy dot, from a quickening of the Bible’s words, fill my eyes as a seer to look backwards into time as well as to look forward in time. Adam, Adam, where are you?? Open your door to the web of time; uncompress the information energy and come alive with show.

Ah, my son, blow your breath upon these bones of Adam and prophesy for them to live and rise; and I will bring Adam to you. And if you want to meet Eve and the Gihon people who tempted her, breath also on their bones and prophesy for them to live; and they will rise also of vision, and I will bring them to you that your eyes may be full with these visions (compare Ezekiel 37:1-10 KJV).


Adam Born After The Long Time, no.6 Preludes 2

Update yourself with self-appointed, legal, confident papers for increasing your range of spiritual vision and to open new spiritual fields to where you have never gone before. Ask above, and it shall be! Put on the gear of determination, be unswerving of will to take this journey deep into the nucleus of your being.

Reverse the common expectation to “kick off” and “give up the ghost” (spirit); instead, kick on and light of the ghost so as to break ground for a new relationship of spirit awareness by the body.

Take the road of modulation with a music pitch of such magnitude your whole body of atoms and molecules vibrates in accord. When Adam is born again in the Word, you will experience that born again spiritual advantage. Yes, this is new ground, new range, a new field; and the vibrations of it are in the air. Stand beneath these vibrations and take the shower that will turn on your button to refresh your insights with the real story…..

Here are some calibres of distinction:

In touch of finishing gleams on “Adam Born after the Long Time no. 6 Preludes 1:

The Bibles says in Matthew 13:34-35 KJV….. “All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake He not unto them”: [Verse 35....] That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet saying, ‘I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundations of the world’.”


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