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Adam Born After The Long Time no. 7.....

Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature (Genesis 1:20 KJV). Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Jesus said: Except man be born of water and the Soul he cannot enter into the kingdom of God; that which is born of the flesh (body soul) is natural and that which is born of spirit Soul is of the Spirit (a brevity of: St. John 3:5-6 MIV).

Every person who is to be redeemed must have a flesh body experience as well as have had a Soul Birthright experience. Understand everyone who is to be born again from above can only be born again because they have a birthright belonging to their First Domain inheritance. In fact the Bible says anyone who does not accept that Jesus came in the flesh (body soul) is an anti-Christ (1 John 4:3 KJV paraphrased).

Therefore fear not them who can kill the body soul but reverence God who has the power to save your spirit Soul or allow your body soul and spirit Soul to be destroyed in the cosmic lake of fire. (Compare Matthew 10:28 MIV). Jesus as the root and offspring of David was the First Adam and as such became the Firstborn soul body of all Souled humankind (Romans 8:29-30 MIV).

This was the mystery that Jesus revealed: No man shall ascend to the Heaven of heavens unless he has come from the Heaven of heavens even as the Son of Man whose Soul is also in the Heaven of heavens (John 3:13 MIV).

And so understanding Earthy things and understanding heavenly things have pattern relevance but whosoever cannot sense the direction of the God-winds neither can understand how that God has moved and is moving by the Spirit in the land (compare John 3:8 and John 3:12 KJV interpreted).

The First Adam was the First man with a Soul; all other humans born before him were soulless. After a great search among all of soulless creation there could not be a help-mate wife found for Adam. If a soulless female had been found then God would have breathed a Soul into that person; but of those viewed the genetics were too poisoned - the desire for a spiritual life too dim.

So then God decided to overshadow Adam with the Holy Ghost (like unto the experience put on the virgin Mary mother of Jesus). Before taking this part further let us discuss some important insights regarding the gender language used in the Bible.

To begin with English nouns do not provide an inherent gender. The use of the pronouns he his him himself became choice expressions by translators for putting Hebrew into English pronouns as exclusive masculine specific transliterations. This no doubt satisfied a lot of hardliners who could not conceive that the best translations and even the oldest and newest translations were and are far from perfect.

Translations that grammatically punch in a line of no rendering variance based on a word-for-word comparison between the Hebrew and the English languages are guilty of supporting the making of a spiritually inferior and sub-standard language. I do not charge this against the translators but blame the times the slow advance of spiritual insight and the grind ruts that traditionally demand unchanged editions except for minor adjustments. That is not to say there have not been some versions of the Bible that used inclusive interpretations by using neuter singular pronouns that referred to both sexes. And there have been those who have argued for contextual reasoning and for grasping the sense of the nominative subject.

A translation should not be expected to be easily understood that works only on an implied understanding: such as it being implied that the use of a male gender term in many cases includes the female gender. Thought-for-thought phrase-for-phrase considerations help but do not cover the whole spiritual application to Holy Ghost revelation (an example is Psalms 34:19 KJV which seem to make the righteous to be only masculine unless it is implied that him is inclusive also meaning feminine).

Of course the amazing thing is that in Genesis where the term man is used the actual Hebrew word to be carried foreward is clearly Adam. (Please take the time to look it up in the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary #120 ). Adam is an inclusive term meaning both male and female (compare Genesis 5:2 KJV) and should be translated to humankind. The First Adam with a spirit Soul is addressed with the definite article the (compare Genesis 2:8 and Genesis 2:15-19 KJV). This distinguishes him and her from other Adam humankind.

Humankind creation was created in the sixth generation age and was a mortal creation. But the First Adam with a Soul was created in the seventh Generation age after the Elohiym rested from all mortal spirit Soulless creation work they had made. This new Adam was a Holy Spirit work and done in the seventh generation age.

After it was evident that none of humankind could qualify for the fitness to receive a spirit Soul and be a help-mate for Adam the Holy Ghost overshadowed uun and planted the making of a female Adam within Adam's hermaphrodite body. The hermaphrodite organs were mostly covered by flesh and it was for this reason the humankind parents of Adam threw uun away as just a baby in haste without even tying off his umbilical cords due to the pagan culture law of death for children and parents who bore them (compare Ezekiel 16:4-6 KJV).

Nevertheless Adam 1 had both gonadal tissues (testes and ovarian tissues) beneath the body flesh (except for a small opening). When the Holy Ghost overshadowed Adam's reproductive side (rib = 'side thereof - compare Strong's Hebrew Dictionary #6763 Tsela... [feminine] a side of a person). Then Amtritic energy moved male body cell nucleus into an egg and Amtricified it to an embryo. With the pregnancy Adam's body began to change. After birth of Adam 2 the angels by the Holy Ghost took out the flesh of Adam's flesh and bones of Adam's bones and closed up flesh over the female organ. The angels then took the baby and raised it (compare Genesis 2:20-23 KJV).

After Eve (formerly Adam 2) became a beautiful person called a woman (because she was taken out of Adam 1 - Genesis 2:23 KJV) they married and twain became one flesh in unity (Genesis 2:24 KJV).

Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? (Eve becomes the mother of All Living). Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed (Eve the first Zion) she brought forth her children (compare Isaiah 66:8 KJV).

Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth and shut the womb? (Adam's womb is shut and closed up by the Holy Ghost)? saith thy God! (Compare Isaiah 66:9 KJV).

This should answer several of the questions previously asked and of course open up some new questions.

I am leaving out of town tomorrow on business and I'll be gone a few days. I hope this gives you something to chew on while I'm gone. And I hope you make comments a-plenty!

With Love

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