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Adam Born After The Long Time no. 10

To the extent it is possible for a person to range let uun range with thoughts and meditations beyond the jumble and grapple of the times. Come let us reason together about the all that is possible with God. Today we wonder; tomorrow we smile in a surge of sweet satisfaction; and beyond tomorrow we fly.

Take the flowers that you know belong to your peace; for God's speed is with you. Remember what will be left behind are tears and hard times and moments of love too brief to mark into the log of a fulfilled heart. Don't wave sadness goodbye unless you are going in the vertical direction. If you are going horizontal sadness will follow you until what you thought was passed will come up again. It is life and you've got to live it!

But all is not gauze for wrapping wounds. There are songs orchestrated by hearts that over-sing the pain and woe. And there are those who are not faint of faith and believe they can move mountains even if by pick and shovel.


In serpentine manner the Gihon people peeked into the East Garden and saw the most beautiful woman in the world. They were from the Garden West and their Garden was exotic to say the least.

Nevertheless of all the lands in the world there were no places as beautiful as the Garden East also called the Garden of Eden located in the land of Eden (compare Genesis 2:10 KJV); and there was no woman more beautiful than Eve. The forces of lights pressured against one another between the Garden West and the Garden East. And the land of Eden was divided between the Garden West and the Garden East (Genesis 2:8 and Genesis 3:24 KJV).

The great mount Hermon loomed in the background and angels contested with Rahab about its sacred magnetisms. In the Garden West lived the soulless Gihon Hiddekel and a few Euphrates people. Adam prayed for the soulless people every day that God would give them each a new heart and a new spirit (compare Ezekiel 11:18-19 KJV). But they of the West Garden were caught up with sorceries enchantments and the dance of the satyrs and were astrologers and stargazers.

Rahab the Dragon King (a consubstantial representation of the lower presence of Lucifer but synthesized as an Egyptian pharaoh personality type Ezekiel 29:3 KJV) was angry because of the creation of Adam and Eve. Therefore Rahab decided to affect the skies over East Eden so they would become filled with a deep covering of darkness (Isaiah 51:9 and Psalms 89:10-12 KJV). When Michael the Archangel of the Seraphim saw what was happening uun said Let there be Light; and there was light. Then the embers of darkness were rolled away.

Then was Rahab head of the Dragon wounded by the actions of Michael so that even the cedars in the land of Eden could not hide his wounds of pride (compare Ezekiel 31:8 KJV). Then Lucifer transforming into an angel of light (compare 2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV) beautified uunself before all soulless humanity of the West Garden of Eden (compare Ezekiel 31:8-9 KJV).

O Lucifer covering angel of the Morning Stars of the Ophannim to whom were you like in glory and the total of wisdom? And to whom are you like in the mastership of the continuous Satan stroke and in greatness among the trees of Eden (soulless humankind)? Nevertheless one day you shall be brought down with the trees of Eden unto the nether parts (bottomless pit of matter at the compression of the universe - compare Ezekiel 31:18 KJV).

How is it possible O Lucifer that you also fell from the heavens? You were highly esteemed as Gabriel's second-in-command Archangel. You were an Archangel yourself; so from whence came your thoughts to ascend in recognition above all the star angels of heaven? (Compare Isaiah 14:12-13 KJV). You are a Cherub of the Cherubim order and not an Ophannim; you are from a different universe and on missions you use different conventions. As a Cherubim you were perfect in the Cherubim order; but as a Cherubim operating in an Ophannim order you did not have the same level of perfection. (Compare Ezekiel 28:15-16 KJV; note: King Tyrus is used as a figurative character to represent Lucifer; compare Ezekiel 28:1-17 KJV.) This is when you changed and decided to change a whole order to other magnitudes.

The sensation of Adam's birth fouled your plans Lucifer did it not? For now Adam was under the protection of the whole Seraphim order of angels who stood by to guide Adam's feet at every turn. Adam would introduce the sin of the fallen angels to the Earth world (compare Romans 5:12 KJV); so that once and for all the fallen-angel/failed-messengers could be redeemed. In Adam the glory of the Lord would be revealed and all flesh would see it; for so the Lord prophesied it to be. (Compare Isaiah 40:5 MIV and Isaiah 40:5 KJV.)

One day the First Adam would become the Second Adam whose voice in the Holy Spirit would have the sound of many living waters and whose glory would shine in the faces of many Earthlians (compare Ezekiel 43:2 MIV and Ezekiel 43:2 KJV).

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