April 21, 2019

On a new day when the wind does not rush but only breathes softly…
When the lion does not roar but only purrs…
Then one will listen and one will hear the crystallographers hammering out new lattice systems for new regions of energy.
For it is said:  no crystal lattice is born perfect or complete in this irregular world be it due to holes, rifts, faults or shears.
Let fear tremble upon itself and doubt be covered with its encrusted dread of the weapon made for its death called perfect love.
For we have found the lattice hollows and they shall be filled with pure stuff.

O me, o my, the track ways that lead to the virulence are crowded with the traffic of mortal flesh.  Therefore I go to seek an incomparable pre-eminent path -- unclogged by flesh.  Yea I seek the track way, the road to transcendence.   Complain not my scampering feet, but go beyond the plod of the clump and the bumps, beyond the sound of trampling.

Do not tell me I cannot find untroubled and non-agitated tracts of mind potential, for I know they exist.

Let the hand of your spirit reach out to the transfer switch.   Become the switchboard operator for your own needs.    Give transcendentalism its opportunity.

With one foot on earth’s physical realizations and one foot on the spiritual waters of manifest realization, lift your head high in the heavens until you find the sound track of Gabriel’s great horn.  Ah…then you will be on track to exalted circles and golden flights.

I believe there are distinctive assets we all have which we are not aware of, and even if we were aware of, would not know how to use.  The end of that day has come for me.  In the swift roll of the truth marching on, I am running to find the rest of the gifts God has endowed upon me that spiritually speaking would enable me to love with such great love that my feet even touching a desert would turn it into a green paradise.

It is time to make a home run.  Go then, touching down on every base with a footing sure and speedy.  Leave behind every victory as a landmark; stop not to suck up the victory juices until you have made a home touch down.

The weather of life will try you, its nippy polar cold though it be not frumpish, nor moldy will pointillate the land with its frost.  But it is not the last sentence, for another sentence will come.  Yes, a new sentence with miles unstrung will speak.  

The breath of God will come with a new freshening of wonderful cleanse which will cause a new window view to appear.  Come fly in this wonderful catching away that will cause even the strongest and tallest oak trees to bow.   Whiff up the soundtron breeze; rest your back on the white clouds of the heavens.   Call those things that belong to your peace but are not, to be, for the song of creation has just begun to play —the dance of the love of love.  Let no aliens distract you for your wife is a lady, a symbol of the church.  I charge you therefore by the energies of life that feed the precious deer and their fawns on the green grasses of the land, I charge you by the winds that give sail to the songster birds of spring that you cuddle and love your honeycomb to a glorious life in Christ.  For then her spirit shall be more splendid than the roses of California and more gorgeous than the peaks of pine pass.  Speak to her gently… hold her endearingly,,,, for you will never find a replacement, for the lady your wife, whose Lord is God.

You know you have mingled among the crude long enough.  It is time for the grander person of your self to come forth, a person made not by dreams or imagination but forged from the riggers of life and made a living proof of the power of enduring to the end.  

Furthermore the voice said to me:  Go hitherto my son lead the way that boundless scores my follow.   Then came the passion crowd… I was trampled, I was wounded and bruised.  For I had taken up the Lord’s cross to follow him and to bear the sins of others as he had done.   A devil called Blame stabbed me, I grabbed his horn and would not let go.  He screeched for other devils to come to his aid but the warrior angel of my presence fanned them away with flames of light.   

I stood bedewed with a new imbue…though I fought in a valley of debris my wounds healed my bruises went away.  My mind was now embroidered and spangled in a heighten transcendentalism.  The seam of my knowledge had expanded without becoming undone or fractured.  From this wrestling I learned the awesome communing of Spirit to spirit and spirit-to-spirit revelation.  A new kind of healing was born.

In the off and away I see the Sunset, but it means nothing to me anymore, I do not feel its pulse or its conveyance.  I took the road I did not want to take, but was true to the voice that called me.  I was wounded there, and despised.  If I died tonight, hell would reject me, for I am hated by every demon.  I am heaven bound to the Father’s House.  One day, I will say: I fought a good fight and I never looked back.  Just as I am I come to you O Lord my savior and God.

Does this sound like I am finished?  Finished I am not!  The concert is just to begin!

There will be wondrous cultivations that will stir the seedlings with an upward draft that will bring a great flowering.


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