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Pilgrims are on the mental road. There is a quest that has filled the chest of many a person. Spiritual faculties are tingling and a lost Eden is striving to come alive. There is a sensing of a heavenly language prompting to speak in a tongues so beautiful that only silence can respond.

Identity and recognition of these unctions is absolutely essential to open the lost treasures in the arcanum of your earthen innermost being. The process that is happening is spiritual but is straining to open biologically so that your brain can compensate mentally for the transformation of the transcendentalism by cocooning that you increment by increment are to receive.

The crowd has not begun to give credit to God for the potentialities that can be available of the kingdom of God that even exists on Earth in each individual. O human worm come, come into the cocoon. Soon as a butterfly you will transport to a lattice change that will song the world around you.

You that have suffer illness far more than your share there is a God healing energy piled up in these words: be healed in the name that is above all names! O how the Love of God for you is purring over your spirit to instantly cocoon you to a new body of health full of strength, full of liveliness and kissed with joy unspeakable and full of glory".


A Prayer by The Manifester

I pray for world salvation. I pray for world peace. Give us power, O’ Lord, over the powers and principalities of evil. Teach us prayers of such strength that praying them will cause the spirits anti to God to howl and flee. Give us God-Love so strong that a faith will rise in us capable to turn the darkest midnight into the greatest light of day. May an aura of such happiness surround us that every depressed person that touches us or sees us or talks to us is healed and given an awareness that this gift of deliverance is from the Kingdom of God.

Teach us meekness so that we can inherit a place of worship at the Father’s House. Let us not concentrate on the mansions that abound in that wonderful place, but rather how many lost ones we can lead home. Those that you have given me to be accountable for of family, I pray to be daily refreshed in Love for them and desire to protect them by prayer and works. Let me not fail to praise and thank you, dear God, for each and every day that you give me and my family to live.


Sacred Succession....

In the forward of truth, the manifest of what was, what is, and what is to be is a Sacred Succession of truth that marches on and on through time, circumstances, timelessness, and triumph.

The Word - ancient of a great, great past and of generations upon generations - has lain in hiding places protected and waiting from the foundations of the world 'til its coming forth from time to time,,,,,

Sometimes coming forth from having been buried in vases in the ground or underground caverns or caves and tunnels of cut-out rock and hidden in the hearts and minds of angels and mortals,,,,,

Yea, truths hidden in Energy Dots, in the message of the stars, in the rushings of the Holy Ghost, and wheels of destiny.


Recalescence and Negative and Positive Liberation

This post is about the doctrine of Recalescence, Negative and Positive Liberation as follows:

When the acts of negative thinking or living are in process of being absorbed by the mental faculty, a position displacement of opposite thinking or living often occurs. This process of displacement is positive liberation. Positive liberation occurs when the rate of negative absorption exceeds the rate of positive absorption (and visa versa, as an opposite action), and is sustained to the point of punctuated impression.

During this process of positive impressions, memory recall occurs; and this event is positive liberation. It is not unusual for those experiencing this positive dispersal to mistakenly feel that the negative impact is therefore actually a compliment of the recalled positive position (a kind of mental recalescence). However, the truth reveals positive liberation is the loss by displacement of these positive impressions (whether good or bad), and the gain of negative impressions as a replacement.


Autumn Love….

Just before the autumn leaves fall, the trees strikingly take on spectacular and stunning colors. It is like a salute to the leaves that will soon furl and sail away with the winds. Will the tree still love the tree when the branches are shorn of all their leaves? Soon after will come cold times and bitter seasons. Even the sap of life becomes stiff and slow flowing. Now is the test of Love because love is real when it can endure all things: the bare moments of life, the sad moments of life, the poor moments of life, and the sick moments of life.

Will your Love still find the autumn tree a sweet place to hug and hold on to? Will you say: I will park my heart in the cuddle of your arms for I have conquered Love with Love and I am more than a conqueror; for I have become manifested in my heart with the blooms of Love.

O’ how I remember the fall of leaves; for leaves, like innocent blips of life, were parachuting to mother Earth and rolling along the ground by the breezing winds. More than a thousand print-of-leaves stories, written in nature as turns of the world of a person’s life, called upon their acts to thank God for AMs Love and Mercy .


Far Reaching Visions....

In the eye map of deep sets, where the tantalizing rhyme of the mystic needle is opened, threads of knowledge can be read with ease:

For the mystic needle does not lie;
Nor do threads of knowledge deride
The truth that sparks from flame-lit fires
And courts the road on tubeless tires.
Now take two blades of spinning grass,
And let them ride upon the ass;
For where blows the wind or gale so free
As in the mind that cannot see?
When the floods rush in at noon,
You'll know the tide will return to you soon.
Stripped and tired and worn down
Like a piece of driftwood on the ground,
Ready to listen; ready to believe; ready to love;
A wand will move with a finger's stroke,
And remove from the memory the evil cloak.
A mind will emerge with a brand new start
With tapestries of masterful art.
Take this note and to your heart give,
So you will be happy and contently live.


Star Wave Long Range....

IN the relations of one thought to another, in the posturing between inferior and superior mental conjunctions, thought confluences fly to seek true positions.

In a uniting of the hemispheres of the brain to align at distance with spiritual superpositions, absolute values of truth arise. Let the sun journey through the Milky Way collecting Energy Dot knowledge in a way as never before.

From the substance of the long count to the fringe where the called zero of space is not zero and where the beginning is not the beginning and the end is not the end, so it is because there is a golden wandering of truth.

Gear to beyond the third derivative and all its mathematical consequences, for refined quantum of physical actions of energy can come only so close to spirit without inciting perturbation. There is a physical infinity, and there is a spiritual infinity. The doors opening into them are different.


Now Is The Hour

"And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified" (John 12:23 KJV).

Please take note, this Scripture does not say the "Son of God" but rather says "the Son of man" should be glorified.

Now is the hour that our physical mankind side, our human side is due to be manifested as to God's purpose for our human body and life. Now is the time to manifest "who and what is mankind that God is so mindful of mankind" (compare Psalms 8:4 KJV).

How many people would even think of their body needing to be glorified in order to set one's mind and body ready for transmission exposures of the greatest kind.

Jesus, who was to be glorified, was also doing so as a proxy stand-by for the human race of those who would accept the Lord's representation.

This act of glorification is a vital, life-changing opportunity in the flesh to any human who can by faith assume it.

A glorified body is capable of deeper spiritual reasoning, greater memory, capable to withstand greater trials and partings and able to more easily see into the future.

The Manifester Yada

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A Celestial Journey with Rassouli

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Seven Thunders Speak

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This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.

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