Tuesday, October 19, 2021


A breath comes from beyond time. The God Winds call. It is a Cathedral moment. It is the one I Love who is named the Lord of Hearts. Some persons will say: I hear an ancient voice the which words never spoke any mortal before.

The strumming of golden strings is heard. The Lord of Hearts comes not alone but angels fill the skies. They all come from the gates beyond the bright stellar points that ever shine.

Everywhere the Pale Horse rides in the veins of mortals who are dislocated from a beautiful yesterday. The conclusion of ages waits while these mortal climb ascending out of one reanimation after another.

How the fathomless depths crave them as fill for the abysmal propagation of an evil matrix. The tempo beats from cold emotions as the tensors of disheartenment make souls to quake.


How to hear from God...

Hearing from God is quite different from praying to God. The main blockage why many people don't hear from God is due to their ears being full of other interferences.

Now days the youth and all ages have ear phones plugged into their ears pumping some kind of broadcast into their mind. Millions are so attuned to movies, the TV and endless telephone or person to persons jabber that there is very little time of a clearing of the ears to hear from God.

First let me say that I am not putting down any of the above things mentioned which are occupying people's attention. I am merely intoning that if you are in any of those categories and you want to hear from God, you will need to make some good time of the day room in your ears so God can talk to you without interference.

The prolonged struggle to overcome is full rooted deep into human nature. It is not easy over the human nature to find the divine rational element. Nor is it just a simple click to find that inner spiritual law that allows a person to take strength over the chaos of desires.

The present world and prior world before has not yet learned to interpret Christ. The church was founded upon one cataclysm then another. And why not, the church not listening to Christ poured new wine into old bottles creating one burst then another.



Bring a flower with you on your journey of heart. Lighten every shadow, notice every rainbow. Acknowledge every bird of song.

Good twinkles are playing in the wind. All things worthwhile are meeting for good times.



The pitch of circumstances often strikes with such sudden force it closes all seemingly reasonable ways out.

Sometimes what seems to be a final barrier to a hope and a dream is given passage by the sheer endurance of love when otherwise there was no other way out.

When anger rises like a steaming hot steel grid of emotions and it seems no accord could ever be possible again, then comes the memory of love and a passage way is opened again.

Many people struggle with how to say what they really feel. Communication often fails even between persons who are married or closely related. Sometimes this is a genetic problem, sometimes it is a suspicion of another person's loyalty, often without grounds.

If the said persons will focus on their love and put that love above and sacred from all of the things not said, and from all suspicions imagined, love will open a passage. Such a passage will be a way through which people who love can raise their love to become a passage to expressiveness and a passage to overcoming suspicion of ungrounded accusations.



In the sum of roots, not far from the inverse angle, I see a plant which has no two leaves exactly one over another, I do not see any florets it bares but clearly there is something for deduction to be known here logarithmically.

Ah, it is a Strange Night, the laws of movement seem to be using metaphysical reasoning. I feel an equilibrium of spirals, there is something here that is quite a masterpiece of architectural design yet somehow not of this Earth.

I hear a voice: if your shoes walk like a wand of divining, take them off, this is holy ground and the leading-sss here-on are not of this world. I am immediately curled. My God, My God, I believe I am growing a thought that looks like a wing.

I see the "burning bush" but it is really a Zzith from far far away. This Zzith had the power to change it's shape and dimension, and the power to appear or vanish was in it.



May holy star dreams breathe into your mind as you read this post. There are so many precious people that need healing. Unique faces, even of you readers, I have never seen, I Love your Souls.

Don't go off at the bend in the road, take the curve, the best miles of your life are just ahead. Confines unbind! free the melody to the ears, to the brain, to the body.

I taste the circuits, I smell the sweet breath of kiss. My hands touch clove, my spirit rises because it knows it is free, and because it knows there is spirit to spirit healing that belong to mercy waiting.

The trans-flow of song stirs the Holy Spirit. The blooming of a christ touching...over-loops multitudes of hearts. Pools of quickening open.

There isn't time to search through the darkness to find hope. Let the Light unfold from everyplace it is indistinct. Come photons excited by the Spiriting of the Holy One.


One: Two: Three:...

Beyond the differentiations. Beyond the chain of circumstances. Beyond the minima of normals. Beyond the increasing and decreasing loops of life that are only tides that come in and go out but never lead you above the cycle of the same.

I call you to remember what you do not know you have forgotten... long long ago, about memories that have fallen into the concaves that go downward.

One: How that you once knew how to love by your spirit.

Two: All problems are solved, the solutions are just covered up.

Three: When the end-point of your life becomes equal to the beginning-point of your life, and the beginning-point of your life become equal to the end-point of your life you will REALIZE ETERNALNESS.



Beyond the prohibits of circumstances, beyond the brooding about inexpressible repressions, beyond exhaustion, prayer is a vital essence that must not wait for such things to pass

The duties of life, the amuses of life, have their necessary place, but when the power of prayer is left to languish, you allow a stoop into cheerlessness and misery, for it is the only way one's spirit can be expressed. (1 Corinthians 14:15 KJV).

Prayer has a way of being an instrument by which to carry out solutions and delight. It has a way of releasing the mind from torment.

There is a way HOW TO PRAY. It is the way Jesus taught the people how to pray. I call it parallel prayer. Jesus said when you pray for forgiveness it needs to be counter to your forgiveness of others.

So when you pray for health, pray also for the health of others. When you pray for help in your finances, pray also for the finances of others in need. Every prayer for yourself or your loved ones, pray additionally, for a likewise benefit for others.


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