Wednesday, May 27, 2020


It is summer time and George, Molly, and family are sailing the blue seas on their home made yacht, which though home made is quite fit. Yes the waters are blue, the skies serene, the air wonderful to breathe.

It is 7:30 AM, a stunning morning, the aroma of percolating coffee airborne to the senses. What a perfect environment!

One thing George did not bring on this trip was the TV. He was sick and tired of the negatives that poured out day and night from the News Stations.

George is a statistical mathematician and he took the time and work to check out some of the scares about earthquakes and violent storms increasing to never before intensities.

The facts he discovered, according to experts, was that we are not experiencing increased Earth seismic activity. Powerful earthquakes like experienced in Haiti, take place once a month somewhere on Earth but mostly in unpopulated areas.

So then, earthquakes are occurring as to the extent that can be known, according to cyclic patterns based on the extent of records and geographical discoveries.

Yes, global warming will probably increase the intensity of hurricanes and tornadoes, which however, is a cycle effect of the ice ages which have come and gone on the Earth for many many generations.

As to other issues George researched such as odds of the financial collapse of the USA, ultimate terrorist destruction, wipe out by new diseases or even old ones, asteroids, war events, revolution from within, and etc. the odds say there is nothing dynamic on the alarming scale for years ahead, and things are happening that have been happening for barrels of time over and over again.

Some dispensers of woe warn of December 2012. This time will also pass and the world will still be intact. George just doesn't buy the story; And says: so for those who insist it is time for the colossal end of all life on Earth, what can anyone do about it? And who wants to be the last man standing?

As for me and my house, we have emergency supplies, food, water, medical, and plus. I'm right with God. I'm covered, and no Peace Pirates are going to steal even one day of my belonging peace and family togetherness.

I will live while I can live, do my part for helping others, Love God, Love my neighbour, and go out into the field and pick some bright colored poppy flowers while my family flourishes with life free from the Peace pirates.

God bless you readers, have as good a day as you possible can, for you deserve that. Always remember in the end, everything has a lot to do with the state of the mind.

Do good, be free from the fear of the Peace Pirates, whoever they may be, who would steal your peace of mind and confidence.

Yes, it is always possible a hand will reach out of the darkness to steal your peace, but you can't stop living, can't stop breathing, stop believing, nor stop taking some time off for peace and fun with the family.

Take a hold! Care about other people with desperate concerns, do what is your part to help the displaced and the suffering. But don't crawl into a black hole filled with the barbs of depression. Life goes on, and America even with its problems, is still a great America.

The family is the family and they deserve a break from the Peace Pirates who are in constant theft of peace, calm, faith, and fun.

As to George, Molly, and family yachting on the blue the sense of rendering something to be, you are there, I am there, our families are there, and there we need to take this break from the Peace Pirates.

Yeah I know. there are commando groups getting ready to take over the government. What a mess that would be to be ordered around by that bunch. Its not going to happen!

And I've heard of the masses of people who are leaving the USA. Checked it out! Several hundred people leave this country every year, just normal and based on the large population of the USA it is not even a percentage.

Goodbye Peace Pirates. Go hunt somewhere else! My peace is not up for grabs.

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