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Evil Angels can come in many different forms. The possession of the idea of FATALISM can be a messenger of evil affect upon the persons so possessed.

To believe that whatever happens in life cannot be changed, but is of a predetermined event, is destructive to the invention of happiness for such a person.

Somewhere there is a Chapel Ministry that will father and mother you beyond such a smelting of the joy of life.

For sure the mortar slope around your thinking cap needs to be redone. You are so tight within yourself it is difficult for the proper amount of oxygen to get in and engender your breath of life.

Many people have FLAT SPOTS in their thinking which affect the range of their thoughts. This condition can be your own evil angel, cast it out now! You need a baptism of new ideas, new experiences, new contacts, and a new acceleration of spiritual insight.

Beware lest your demon is a JABBERER MENTALITY, a character spirit that focuses on nonsense and thinks flaws are funny. The sad thing is when such a person realizes their life's time table is running out and they have added no real value to their life or anyone else s life.



Somewhere, there is one among a thousand who is an interpreter of the story of life.
One among a thousand who can interpret dreams and visions who can define the meaning of the song in the night. (Compare, Job 33:23, and Job 35:10 KJV).

So it is written: For God speaks once, then speaks again, yet the mortals still do not perceive. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep comes upon humans and they slumber in sleep in the night...

Then God having planted in humans a way to hear through their deep subconsciousness, seals in their minds their instructions for life until that seal may be open by that "one in a thousand persons" or by a special dispensation of spiritual down pouring to open that seal. ( Job 33:14 MIV).

There are many persons who yearn for the crooked places to be made straight. Sweet transitions wait to be remembered, great things that belong to the ages. Written in every dispensation of the end are the things of beginnings, written in every dispensation of the beginning are things about the end. (Compare, Isaiah 46:9-10).

Command the Host to Love God, for how can they say no to you about not loving God. Command the Host to worship God, for how can they say no to you about worshiping God.



Our Father, who abides amidst the heavenly mansions, (Compare, St. John 14:2) My Love for You will never diminish. Where you are, live also "the other sheep" the Melchizedek lambs of the offspring of Enoch, (Compare, St. John 10:16 KJV).

I am graduated to higher realms of knowledge each new glory I come to know. Nevertheless, I tremble into a deeper and deeper humbleness for I am such a mortal. Then I say with the ancient prophets: Lord, "who are we mortals that You are so interested in us?" (Compare, Job 7:17 MIV).

O' Lord, You ride (the holy chariot Zzith) in the universe space of the ancient heavens of Asia Minor, (About the Little Dipper), above the Planet of the Father's House.
I hear Your mighty voice dispatching the soundtron message, (the measuring line, see Psalms 19), that goes out to the ends of the Universe. (Compare, Psalms 68:33 MIV).

Ah! "Merkaba", Rakkab, your meaning is pinned in the Bible, also, in the Kabbalah, in the Talmudic writs, in the dead sea writs from Qumran, and voiced in many works. There are but few persons who really understand the meanings of this word.



In the far far of the far that is invisibly near...the ear has not heard nor the eye seen the incredible all that exist in the is.

A streak of happening happens but it cannot be seen. Yet that streak which cannot be seen can see all who cannot see.

There are pages written that tell this story but few are the readers, and of the readers few are they who understand the sayings of the writings.

The Planadome is Arctursion, and it has the capability to be invisible. It is a flying world, it has a zizabe which is a computer so much beyond what an earth computer is, that it is not a computer, it is a mind.

Ever since Kawah and TT TTT found the Ophanim cache on Arctura they were able to scientifically advance the Enochs (offspring of Enoch who escaped to Arctura before Noah's Flood, on Cherubim Zzith space craft, see manifest blogs). With this advanced knowledge they are able to visit the Earth, which knowledge is hundreds of years ahead of the space knowledge of Earth scientists.



Upon the face of the Earth are many other faces... There are many faces beautiful but hidden. There are many faces of dismay, there are many faces of confusion.

O God hide not Your face from us but cause Your face to shine on us. After I prayed i fell upon my face and cried.

Then the Lord said to me turn your face toward the siege! Do not be afraid of the face of the Lion.

Go thitherward with bold face, holding your face close to the breeze of wings. Set your face toward the mountains so that I might show you the faces of flowers.

Teach those who have a paleness of face how to have their faces shine as the sun. The Lord has said: you cannot see my face and live...If I could see AM face to face would that not be a greater moment than death?



Death is not the end of the deep root of life which root of life is one's spirit. Actually the spirit of a person is the real life of that person. The physical body is a body house abode for the spirit of a person.

It is written: "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens," (2 Corinthians 5:1 KJV).

It is further written: "There is a natural body, there is a spiritual body", (1 Corinthians 15:44 KJV).

So then the natural body soul is one thing and the spiritual body Soul is another thing. This difference is accentuated in the scripture: "the spirit of man goes upward, and the spirit of the beast goes downward to the earth", (Ecclesiastes 3:21 KJV).

However, as to the physical body whether animal or human they both classify as beasts who return to the dust, (Ecclesiastes 3:18 KJV). The body of the beast becoming dead retains no memory. However, the spirit does for a time retain memory and body lattice energy called "residue", (Malachi 2:15 KJV).

As the spirit moves on either to a re-ingeneration or to a spiritual advance it takes on other memories via the Holy Spirit, (Compare, John 14:26).



In the Book of Revelation Chapter 9...Is told in symbolism,the story of the human androids called Mantis/Locust, who form an army of 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million entitities).

The process of the manufacturing-creativity by the Forces Dark, as regards this massive army is revealed in the symbol of the "furnace". This insight was revealed to the Seer Prophet, The Manifester, How Lucifer's Satan has created the Mantis by using an aspect of Fibonacci's Golden String Math Sequences along with other genius input.

There are very interesting Fibonacci connections to such numbers as the Book of Revelation statement in verse: 9:16, of the 200,000,000 (Two hundred million) number:

For instance, figures applied to processes called: global pipe, (partially taken from "maths surveys"), are as follows:

for F.x=o; x (200,000,000; x++) ["F." is used here representing being a Fibonacci number].



In the strain to be successful many people indulge in acts of mental overplay, yet again and again they are in failure to notice the signs of the messages written in the sands of time and the color of events in the sky. As well, there is marked a failure to acknowledge the historical landmarks.

To not understand the influences in nature that cause the movement of things happening on Earth and in the heavens (at least to some extent), is to take a journey without a map or compass. The drama of life is as a musical melody. If the musical song of life is well played with discerning and feeling, there will be harmony. If the musical is not well played and there is but little or no discerning or feeling, then there will be discord.

So then, major factors affecting the streams of life are influences and feelings. One must understand as Jesus said: "you can gain the whole world yet lose your whole Soul".

One might say: beware, lest the roots of who you are and who you were, stand in jeopardy and you know it not. There are many persons who seem not able to get disentangled from their styles of life. They live in a point of dire straits because they continued the repetition of their vain style while continuously using up their time of life for opportunities that could allow them changes for a better good.


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