Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Tim loved to fly kites (at least that is how he always put it). Sadly, Tim was given to impulsive changes and unpredictable behaviour. One day while flying his kite, there came tempestuous winds which blew and blew for weeks until all possibilities for kite flying during that time were gone. So said Tim: "I will move away to another country where never such winds blow."

So Tim moved to another country, a country of soft winds and gentle climate but of deep political turmoil. One day while flying a kite, police came and arrested him for being a spy. Because Tim lived by the sea, they figured his kite flying was some kind of signal for insurgence.

You see, Tim never did understand "what belonged to his peace" , but he did gain ten years in prison to think about that.

So it is in life: There are many kinds of people who though they have a good life and a good country, but they just don't appreciate it and, consequently, have constant complaints. People get tired of their job, then quit, and end up without a job and without a means of support.

People get tired of their mate and family life, leave and find another mate. They often discover their first love was far beyond the second choice in every way. Taking things for granted, determined to follow their impulses (which they feel is some kind of divine leading), they follow their gut feelings and become robbed of the good things that belonged to their peace. They had so much, but they didn't realize what belonged to their peace until they lost it all.

It's really true what Jesus said about "people who don't know what belongs to their peace". To change from this terrible error of short sightedness, a person's needs to rethink about the reality of what life here on this planet is about.

Take the time to mentally and spiritually refreshen yourself. Plow up your style of thinking; set yourself free from your demanding genetics that are determined to take you down the same narrow path of resisting loyal love and expressing the fault-finding grind that you are so commonly repetitive in.

There are so many lives anointed with the oil of flowers, lives that have held the stone warm to touch. Persons who have held the sweet face of Destiny Love and yet ignorant of what belonged to their peace have cast it all away.

In the course of time these persons often become sunken in depression, wandering clouds lost, estranged of mind and cursed by their own mouth.

I pray for such ones for God's mercy. And if by chance some reader be of such a nature but has not plunged... may their reading and believing of this post be a LightHouse that deters them from crashing on the shore of knurled windings of tide-driven sands.

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