October 17, 2019

Bequeath to yourself the right to imagine. Many persons might be surprised how close to "faith" imagination can be. Faith...that framed the very worlds we live in.

To imagine is a kind of dreamng and hope. Its like having ideas that are enjoyable to think upon.

Someone will say or ask: can't imagination be evil? Of course it can, and if evil is where a person's mind leans, then evil things may dwell in that person's imagination.

In the beginning the world was made in the imagination of the Elohiym (Compare, Strong's Hebrew Dictionary Concordance #430). To say man was made in the image of the Elohiym can be equal to saying man was made in the imagination of the Elohym. Imagination can sculpture blue prints not even of this world.

It can be seen that the animals and plants were also made in the imagination of the Elohiym. Therefore, in part example, the Bible says in Genesis 2:4-5... generation of life occurred by producing the plants and trees as having existence before they were even planted in the ground.

As the mind of the brain is developed, a person learns to even control their dreams. Without imagination life is a dead branch and a dying root. The Power of Imagination when driven by Love, is a special kind of thinking so rich it has the power of creating which thoughts it desires into being.

I have often said that most everything is a state of mind. The Bible says to prophesy according to the grace of your gift and according to the proportion of your faith (Compare, Romans 12:6 KJV). If you want to uncover it, you do have the gift of knowledge that "that all things are possible".

However, remember even if your faith or lets say your imagination would move mountains, it is worthless without Love (Compare, 1Corinthians 13:2 KJV). In this same book and chapter it speaks of the limits of only knowing in part and the problem of seeing through a darkened glass. The message is clear that a maturing changes all of this.

What is this maturing other than the expanding of the mind to imagine and think in a way above the immature state. Just because you are an adult does not mean your thinking is mature.

In the Power of imagination you can by your spirit have infinite travel. Paul the Apostle, the Bible says: while in prison traveled in his spirit to various places (Compare, 1 Corinthians 5:3 and Colossians 2:5 KJV). Virtual reality in the Quantum world becomes actual and real when an action slips through the vacuum of universal magnetic fluctuation.

It is time to allow "that mind which was in Christ Jesus to be in you" (Compare, Philippians 2:5 KJV).
Jesus in His Love saw every soul in the finished product after salvation and not as they were presently. The Power of Imagination to do this is sensational, no doubt it is engined by Love. Jesus with His mind was able to say: All things are possible!

Get out of that rut of rehearsing your hurts and allowing yourself to be re-hurt
over and over again. Get out of that limited space of mind where only the sounds of groans are heard. Keep pressing the firing button until it happens. The Bible says: As a person thinks so a person is.

Free yourself right now! Devour these verses: Philippians 4:7-8...whatsoever is good, whatsoever is lovely, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is of good report, if there is virtue and praise, think on these things.

The Power of Imagination is freeborn as a right inside your deep innermost being. Every human born on this planet was born into the Light...John 1:9 KJV.

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