Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A dream foretelling that came to pass...

I knew a man some years ago, this man had a dream and he wrote it out and gave it to me...dated February 5, 1989.
"From what was possibly the north, across wide flat lands, came a figure of a man out of an area of bright lights which radiated upwards like a picture depicting Northern Lights.

The man neither walked nor ran but seemed to be gliding over the land in a straight line...moving neither fast nor slow but at a steady pace.

In his arm he held a fairly large book securely against his chest. This book was large
in dimension and medium thick and when holding it, it reached 1/2 of its height above his shoulder.

I am confused as to who this man was, I believed at first he might be Jesus, but he did not have a heavenly glow. Yet, there was no darkness emanating from him, but he radiated with strength, power, understanding and Love.

I knew he was headed to a village town near to where i lived. My family and other persons lined his path. all those he passed instantly bowed down and reverenced him as he passed and then joyously followed him to the meeting place.

As he went by we looked at him with awe and great respect. Then as we followed him to the meeting place we sung, danced and shouted.

At the meeting place great things occurred: teachings, preachings, healings, salvation, and revival time. This all occurred in the little village town.

I do not know how long the meetings continued, but they went on for a period of duration. When the meeting, ended...I knew he had left, because the anointing was also dispersed.

Attempts were made to continue the patterns of miracles, and etc., but without him there was no duplication.

We knew he had not deserted, but had lift to allow us to study, learn, meditate and grow in each other and him.

Those who had no strength in themselves, thew themselves into a wandering and questions and then drifted away".

I trust the Lord will speak to you through this dream as you read and meditate on it.

A man who dreams a message to not be forgotten...

Comment of the Manifester Yada...

A teacher of truth may only come once in a thousand years...if you have such a one ever sent to you as your destiny, don't let go no matter what seems to be the distraction. Often what seems to be, is not what is, and what is, is formed of far reaching complexities of a destiny dim eyes cannot see.

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