October 17, 2019

Upon the face of the Earth are many other faces... There are many faces beautiful but hidden. There are many faces of dismay, there are many faces of confusion.

O God hide not Your face from us but cause Your face to shine on us. After I prayed i fell upon my face and cried.

Then the Lord said to me turn your face toward the siege! Do not be afraid of the face of the Lion.

Go thitherward with bold face, holding your face close to the breeze of wings. Set your face toward the mountains so that I might show you the faces of flowers.

Teach those who have a paleness of face how to have their faces shine as the sun. The Lord has said: you cannot see my face and live...If I could see AM face to face would that not be a greater moment than death?

Then the Lord said to me "I am Love and I am Light" My face is the face of Love light...My Love is so pure it is fire to those who have faces of doubt.

This I the Lord say: The most beautiful face in the world is the face of Love. There are levels of degrees of face shining and a face that shines is a face of Love.

When you can Love your neighbor as you Love yourself, and your Love shines from your face...and when you can really care about the well being of others and compassion is not a stranger to you, then you will be will on your way up the mountain.

The face of Love will magnetize to you the tired, the lonely, the depressed, the sick, and those who respect and Love Love for they know that Love is the real thing and that Love is Peace.

When you wear the message of Love on your face the whole world will want to read it's message.

Love has it's places of destiny and loves to sing the songs of Love. Love is the only thing that can give birth to Love and Love is not exclusive because Love Loves everyone.


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