Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Evil Angels can come in many different forms. The possession of the idea of FATALISM can be a messenger of evil affect upon the persons so possessed.

To believe that whatever happens in life cannot be changed, but is of a predetermined event, is destructive to the invention of happiness for such a person.

Somewhere there is a Chapel Ministry that will father and mother you beyond such a smelting of the joy of life.

For sure the mortar slope around your thinking cap needs to be redone. You are so tight within yourself it is difficult for the proper amount of oxygen to get in and engender your breath of life.

Many people have FLAT SPOTS in their thinking which affect the range of their thoughts. This condition can be your own evil angel, cast it out now! You need a baptism of new ideas, new experiences, new contacts, and a new acceleration of spiritual insight.

Beware lest your demon is a JABBERER MENTALITY, a character spirit that focuses on nonsense and thinks flaws are funny. The sad thing is when such a person realizes their life's time table is running out and they have added no real value to their life or anyone else s life.

Put your hand on your mouth and stop being a jerk talker, a person who speaks before they think. You need a major displacement of life style operation that will change or modify your lattice.

Get a knee rug and plant yourself there before God until you get a break through!

The DEMON OF ISOLATION teaches the perfection of solitude. You graduate when your have no friends, you have lost the heart love of your mate, and you wouldn't think of going anywhere there was a crowd. No, not even to a theater or a church.

In your mind, you win when you lose, and when you are in the hospital and very sick, and only the doctor visits you. The evil angel will win a trophy for what you have allowed him to do to your mind and life...

Hey, stop standing there on the shore of that small lake. Don't you know there aren't even any fish in those small waters? Get in a vehicle of rethinking and go to the shore of an ocean. Talk to God out there, if anyone would ever overlook your weird program God would be your best hope.

Then there is the HYPERCRITICAL DEMON who finds fault with everybody and everything. This is truly an evil angel. Your fault finding is vast like the mountains of the Himalayas.

You must stop breeding incertitude about your future with the perpetual hum tone that squeals from the wheels of the handcart of judgment your wield around.

You probably don't realize that you wear a phalanger nose that sticks in everyone else s business. your praise of others is inaudible, but your criticism, is every time like a shot heard around the world.

Get a hand grip on yourself, and start investigating the Love of God. You need to consider your spirit of criticism is a messenger of evil and one day if you don't change it will return back on yourself.

And we must not miss dealing with the evil angel of HYPOCHONDRIAC. Some people seem to be sick all the time or getting sick.

There is a horn of plenty filled with the patience and caring of God's tender love. Come just as you are to the Lord and allow your healing to begin.

This is your personal power-moment to overcome the real cause of your hypochondriac disease, which is your insecurity.

Quit spending so much time in your hind-brain. Allow the hornets of sickness to hive somewhere else other than your mind.

And guess what? This message is not to you persons who have real sickness problems.

Right now on Earth this seems to be a high season for the workings of Evil Angels.


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