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And they said: Let us build a city and a tower. And let the tower top reach to heaven. Therefore, we will make a name for ourselves. So it was in the land of Shinar they built a city and a very high tower.

Then the Ones from above said: These people are unrestrained and nothing will turn them from the imaginations they have thought to do. (Compare, Genesis 11:2-6 MIV).

Ninety to ninety eight percent of stories and tales about UFO's, aliens and other fantasies are due to imagination. I do not say there are not forces which stir up these imaginations and photo-translations but they are imaginations and photo-translations nevertheless.

Because the memory of the human brain is compounded in it's methods of operation, quite often, imaginations turn into false memories. People are insistently ready to swear that their memory (false memory) is real and that all things as they described really did happen.

Add to this current world problem, a kind of self-believing human madness that discerns only it's personal inspired fantasies and believes those fantasies regardless whether fact or fiction, and the obstruction to truth becomes very apparent.

It is not that something very substantial cannot arise out of the suppose of imagination such as the "Tower of Babel". Nevertheless, the concept of expectation was not produced, but instead a very opposite and negative world affect that confounded the languages was instigated.

It seems human eyes become filled with longings to see each person's desired imaginations. And of course, it takes not even a wit of tangle to make it seem to have happened.

In Observation, things often imagined take on present time world themes. For instance, the once very popular, and to many persons, real subjects of Fairies, Elf's and Fauns, seems to mostly have passed to historical times.



In this world of dual reality....the world of our physical body and the world of personal spirit, the gift of being able to cast doubts and shadows aside, to be gone, is a state of having a free heart.

Love can have a SWEET KNOWING, a deep reference of soul about the peace and confidence of one's love. In many ways love can be very fragile. In fact, sometimes before love can be born as a full personification between two persons, things are said and done that cause a still birth of love to happen.

There are many interference and out of phase vibrations and waves emanating from persons in stress and confusion. Such persons often have complexities that block experiencing the beauty and true SWEET KNOWING of love. This of course is because of the quite constant out of phase vibrations and waves emanating from their body, mind, and spirit.

Each person from birth holds a mother lode of love with depths profound of potential. There is both body love and spirit love. There are vast numbers of persons who never learn to love form their spirit in connection with their body.

This is not a referral to just sexual intimacy, rather and beyond, it is a kind of love to die for. It is belonging love, that owns that SWEET KNOWING superiority.



Love can break the chains of limits. The bounds of space and matter relent their references of cause and effect when met by a superior presence.

The world brims with nuisance information. For too long masses of humans have depended on the mediocrity. The idea of angels to some persons is old fashion and not scientific.

Even though millions of persons have experienced angels, still, the reality of angels is unknown to multitudes of people. This is especially sad and shameful when you consider that angels are sometimes charged with the guardianship role of being trees of life.

The power to actuate the transpirational generation of life seed to humans even from a vast distance out of a no-thing is a language of angels.

There are hidden realities that exceed superbly wondrous bounds beyond the accepted norm. By spirit to spirit methods it is possible to even transplant the form of seed to other natural realms where it can take molecules from air, soil, or water, to make a new seed plant or entity.



In the now of the then "long count" effects of a remote region of Meso-calendar time...there be darkened with human sacrifices and star calendar foretelling, a mumble from a puddle of abounding sacrificed blood that supposedly is to baptize the whole world called Earth, in prophecies of the apocalypse of cataclysmic destruction. This discolored row of predictions came not so much from the intent of the blood spillovers who were effective star gazing pagans, but has come from the mentalities of modern time persons who live in the negative mind of death row and those persons hoping to profit. This whole scene of black widow spider poison is driven by the underground force of darkness and has lifted its hoary head specifically, for the purpose to blacken hope, and to terrify the minds of mortals.

Then comes the Manifester Yada to anti - the 2012 prophecies made by the frothy foamed mouths of devious clients of the forces dark.
O Serpent, you have become an amphibian which means you have slipped out of the curse that God put upon you. In your army you have enrolled greasy diseased frogs. (Compare, revelations 16:13 KJV).



O durable love of whom it is said: nothing can break the pottery of your vessel. My sadden spirit climbed into my moment of far a way eyes. I was counting the grains of sand on a beach as I looked out of my eyes as if to another world.

It was as if somehow, someway, I might in the imagination of my mind, find a secret number of count that would be a code to solve the stillness of love that possess the forest grove just over the way,where lived the one whose love had fallen silent.

He is my son who I loved more than my own soul. I would have died for him in a moment's decision if such a call had ever come.

As a little child I would put him in the wind up swing and play the guitar and sing to him: Honey boy, Honey boy, your my sweet and precious Honey boy.
Honey boy, honey boy, your my sweet and precious Honey boy.

I remember you little head so close to mine, I remember those wonderful. wonderful times,
Honey boy, honey boy, your my sweet and precious honey boy.



Alpha love, is the dawning of love, and Omega love, is the long memory of love and manifest realization.
What is not seen, and not discovered is not remembered. What is remembered is the only way that love can be fulfilled, for what is not remembered cannot come into true reality.

From the beginning of that moment when the meeting of awareness unfolded and attraction drew your mind that was the beginning of
Alpha love potential.

Chocolate Valentine

In buzz word alley, in the when and where of time, it has been said that chocolate was not a nice food. In fact that chocolate was evil.

For the some of time, pulsing upon pulsing could not bury the smell, much less the wonderful taste of chocolate.

Besides that, it felt good to eat it, and hold it, and taste it. The tongue loved to lick it and to move its chocolate flavor around in the mouth.

Evil, no such thing, but a devil's rumor. Some health benefits yes, and mental favor...Yes, yes, yes.

Then when young, and goodly to laugh and have fun. O' a tree I was, rich with branches and swinging in the wind. Bring on the chocolate loaded with nuts.

This is a parable, a song, a reason to dance, a puzzle, a rhyme. What if I had listened to the wayward voice? No chocolate, no fun, no song.



On the stage of life, people play out metaphors of sentimental dramas, as they move in and out of expressive and inexpressive successions, to the tunefulness of their insights of life.

Some presentations are tall and upright, some presentations are miserly and placid. Other presentations are as a pasteboard of spiritless persuasions revealing the small scale embodying of their personality and character.

But going beyond those people who hide themselves with excuses, there are real people who daily conquer the inherent impulses in their nature. Yes, there are persons with brilliant mental network potentials. It is such persons to whom this post is written...

It is to those persons we plead to search for a mind-field such as would be chosen by God to exhibit peace and love to humankind.

This is a call to reach out to the whole world in a special ministry called the Destinata, which is a dedication to teach the multitudes of people, on this Earth, The Manifest Truth, who are the "poor of mind". The poor of mind, I am referring to are not persons with mental problems, or persons who hopelessly desire to remain ignorant. Rather, I speak of those persons who are hungry for truth, but have not ever had an opportunity to learn it.


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