October 17, 2019

SOMETIMES not by intent, nor by one's will, there comes a cascade of events and circumstances that changes one's life forever. The heart that has loved someone to the extent of feeling that someone as being a part of their own flesh and blood is suddenly in loss of that person by death or by separation.

It is very difficult for such soul-mate type persons to go from love to another love. It would be like needing to have a physical heart transplant.

Understand this is not an exclamation against a second marriage after the passing of ones first marriage. It is about that rare and uttermost connection that some occasional persons find and experience in this life with a soul-mate.

In the word of colors, it would be like changing a "daylight blue" for a "pompadour green". Go then to the oracle color of golden orange mysteries that write words only understood by deep soul journeys.

"For that which is, is that which has been, and God requires that which which is past". That statement would seem to key a solution but does it?
For how far back into the past is the "has been"?

Is that past the past of the Father's House, or is it the "has been" of the Ophannim angels and about those individuals who were joined to mind wheels in different group levels, each of these levels bearing a hue of color that spoke the language of that wheel.

And all those angels of that wheel are joined and of a special co-uned election. So of the same net of heart what happens to one happens to the others. They felt joy together, they felt emotions together, they experienced spirituality together.

I have long understood that on occasion soul-mates are soul-mates because they belonged to the same Ophannim mind wheel, long long ago in the heavenlies.

There is no force but impedition that seeks to take away the birth-crystal lattice of such entwined love, for both that force which is good and that force not good, find such entwining to be of an awesome gold.

True love cannot be suffocated because it breathes within as well as without. There is a sensation of touch with one who is so loved that a thousand other touchings cannot match.

To be caressed of a peace of mind just to hear the voice of such love is beautiful and special beyond words. It reaches beyond physical to the foot path where God the I-AM walks.

Most people have never heard or imagined that it is possible to nuzzle in the spirit of one's spirit who is loved because it is a God thing. The cold creeps have no tingle in that togetherness of being.

This touchableness of spirit to spirit is thought impossible but it is not. It encapsulates an opia of vision and a taking in of fragrance pure of heart and mind.

It is a trans-heart transplant of a different kind than a physical heart transplant. It is a heart transplant that allows you to be here and yet touch the one who has crossed to the other-side.

I have exposed you beyond the shutter speed of the camera, I have opened a beautiful light. If you desire it take it, if you do not desire it leave it. The choice is to those who will recognize this word as a higher truth.


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