Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Chocolate Valentine

In buzz word alley, in the when and where of time, it has been said that chocolate was not a nice food. In fact that chocolate was evil.

For the some of time, pulsing upon pulsing could not bury the smell, much less the wonderful taste of chocolate.

Besides that, it felt good to eat it, and hold it, and taste it. The tongue loved to lick it and to move its chocolate flavor around in the mouth.

Evil, no such thing, but a devil's rumor. Some health benefits yes, and mental favor...Yes, yes, yes.

Then when young, and goodly to laugh and have fun. O' a tree I was, rich with branches and swinging in the wind. Bring on the chocolate loaded with nuts.

This is a parable, a song, a reason to dance, a puzzle, a rhyme. What if I had listened to the wayward voice? No chocolate, no fun, no song.

So the days rolled around and soon it was almost Valentines Day. Zip, I went to the candy store, have any chocolate for sale?

The clerk said: O, that is all that I do have, all of my candy is chocolate.
O me, O my O, could you put that into a valentine box wrapped and twined with a bright red ribbon?

A girl friend en, queried the clerk? Nay, said I, but a gift for my wife, my precious love to whom I have been married over 50 years.

I congratulate you! said the clerk: she is your real Chocolate Valentine!

He wrapped the chocolate candy box and said: I put a free small box of chocolate candy also in the wrapping. God bless you and your wife sir and happy Valentines.

O' the small box is for you have a delightful time.

Ah what a super experience. Yes, it was about someone I loved so very much. I am up a lot at night working on the computer. I take small breaks to go into our bed room to check her and make sure she is covered with enough blankets and to listen for her breathing.

It is a great console to me when I hear the precious breathing of my wife, my valentine...or should I say my Chocolate Valentine!

O yes, Happy Valentine, dear reader...

Jerry O. Lee

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