Tuesday, October 19, 2021


In the now of the then "long count" effects of a remote region of Meso-calendar time...there be darkened with human sacrifices and star calendar foretelling, a mumble from a puddle of abounding sacrificed blood that supposedly is to baptize the whole world called Earth, in prophecies of the apocalypse of cataclysmic destruction. This discolored row of predictions came not so much from the intent of the blood spillovers who were effective star gazing pagans, but has come from the mentalities of modern time persons who live in the negative mind of death row and those persons hoping to profit. This whole scene of black widow spider poison is driven by the underground force of darkness and has lifted its hoary head specifically, for the purpose to blacken hope, and to terrify the minds of mortals.

Then comes the Manifester Yada to anti - the 2012 prophecies made by the frothy foamed mouths of devious clients of the forces dark.
O Serpent, you have become an amphibian which means you have slipped out of the curse that God put upon you. In your army you have enrolled greasy diseased frogs. (Compare, revelations 16:13 KJV).

Now comes the Manifester Yada to toss your frogs into a black hole. And to bind a thousand devils for a thousands generations... Cry black rain, for the dark you breed will bleed of worms to your own hurt. Neither will this anti prophecy against your wish go away...until the day your melt down is complete.

I saw a full feather rising up out of a very old grave, it belonged to a vulture whose food was death. I called for love and life to come and fly over this vulture and to remove any blessings in the air or on the ground where this vulture might have left its wing imprint.

A voice said to me, shout victory so loud that it deafens the ears of the haters of God. Readers, this post is about a war with Powers and Principalities of the Forces Dark.

And now, the latest from some investigative constructs, who are saying when the meso-calendar and the modern calendar is correlated, there are 60 days out for the final calendar read of the so called doomsday time.
So, the gravity of facts bend the curvature of the lie? So what, the whole fraud is a liquid gas. Go to now, grab some fiddle sticks, toss them into a fire and say: goodby and good rids!

Kiss the Sunshine of a new day, be free of the slang of doomsayers. Get on with your life and say to yourself: I will not come back this doomsday way again.

The Manifest revelation awaits you. Put your time and energies there, for these blessings belong to your peace.


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