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And they said: Let us build a city and a tower. And let the tower top reach to heaven. Therefore, we will make a name for ourselves. So it was in the land of Shinar they built a city and a very high tower.

Then the Ones from above said: These people are unrestrained and nothing will turn them from the imaginations they have thought to do. (Compare, Genesis 11:2-6 MIV).

Ninety to ninety eight percent of stories and tales about UFO's, aliens and other fantasies are due to imagination. I do not say there are not forces which stir up these imaginations and photo-translations but they are imaginations and photo-translations nevertheless.

Because the memory of the human brain is compounded in it's methods of operation, quite often, imaginations turn into false memories. People are insistently ready to swear that their memory (false memory) is real and that all things as they described really did happen.

Add to this current world problem, a kind of self-believing human madness that discerns only it's personal inspired fantasies and believes those fantasies regardless whether fact or fiction, and the obstruction to truth becomes very apparent.

It is not that something very substantial cannot arise out of the suppose of imagination such as the "Tower of Babel". Nevertheless, the concept of expectation was not produced, but instead a very opposite and negative world affect that confounded the languages was instigated.

It seems human eyes become filled with longings to see each person's desired imaginations. And of course, it takes not even a wit of tangle to make it seem to have happened.

In Observation, things often imagined take on present time world themes. For instance, the once very popular, and to many persons, real subjects of Fairies, Elf's and Fauns, seems to mostly have passed to historical times.

There was a time many people gave testimony of actually seeing such creatures as fairies and elf's. Now those creature subjects are mostly silent and other claimed experiences have moved on to subjects more tuned into the present times and more relative to current happenings.

Supposedly, the new and current happenings are said to be proven by pictures and instant made videos of the happenings. However, it is getting to be more and more difficult to use videos or pictures as legal proof recording of the real thing. Even the best professionals miss with their diagnostics because the fraud cover up game is so succinct.

In the early 2000's a hoax of a dragon in a 30" jar of formaldehyde fooled a lot of people before it was discovered as a fraud.
By the same token some of the recent found so called weird animal alien creatures, seem very similar to the so called discovered of the dragon in the 30" jar hoax. One must take care to not be in a hurry to get on board a shuttle that looks like proven gold when the shuttle may be made of fool's gold and not able to fly one hop.

A large percentage of modern age teachings and claims which use pictures and videos to support ridiculous claims of false sightings and supposed realizations of creatures very evil and from other worlds, contradicts the Bible wholly, because elements of time and descriptions do not fit the scriptures and if true would make the Bible a false book.

We are not saying there are no extraterrestrials from other worlds that exist in this Universe. We are not saying there are not crafts form the Angel world that visit the skies of our planet Earth. But we do say that according to the Bible, God's angels have control of this Milky Way, and of course the Defeat of Lucifer's-Satan in the heavens prove it is God's angels who have control of the skies.

Of Course, according to the time signature of the Bible there will be a time that the Forces Dark will be very active on Earth and the skies above. But these conditions are states of allowance and there is a time for all of these things to happen and when they should not be in force.

Jesus said: And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And Iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (Compare, Matthew 24: 11-12). This prophecy if far reaching and includes false prophets who will be pilots flying craft of incredible capabilities. The psychological affect to Christians will be confusion and doubt to their faith.

This is the diabolical plan of Lucifer's-Satan plot of which Jesus warned: Many shall come in my name as though they are fulfilling prophecy of my words but are not. (Compare, Matthew 24:4-50). The general people are expecting and guarding for this deceit to occur in the pulpits of the churches. That would be only a very small part of Satan's plan. Rather people will be affected twofold:

1. To believe these evil space craft are from Christ.

2. To become fearful of all alien like space craft and deny any desire to be caught up to meet Jesus Christ in the air for a getaway to the Father's House.
Human towers, of imagination are spread over the Earth. You do not need one of these towers in your back yard.

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