October 17, 2019

There once was a small town called big rock, in a far away land.
It was filled with wonderful people that got along well with everyone.

The town was named big rock because of a huge big rock right dead center in the middle of town where everyone had to go around it to get anywhere. A giant obstacle that nobody liked.

One day a strange foreigner came to town and being thirsty he went to the local shop for a drink.

While enjoying his drink and looking out the window the shop owner said, how do you like the big rock?

He replied, what big rock? The shop owner said, the one in the middle of town, you see it right there.

The stranger said, I see no big rock, what are you talking about?

The shop owner pointed right at it and said that big rock.

The stranger said, I still don't see it.

The shop owner said, come with me and he did.

They went strait out to the big rock and the shop owner put his hand on it and said, that big rock.

The stranger said, Oh I did not see it because I was looking at the heavenly being that is within it.

The shop said, what! a heavenly being within the rock?

The stranger replied, yes and pointed at the rock and said that rock is Hugh and within is a heavenly being and not only that, I can free it.

Let me get this strait, that rock is Hugh, inside is a heavenly being and you can free it?

Yes, said the stranger.

Well this was too much fun, what harm could come of it the shop owner thought and said ok do it.

So the stranger said Ok I will, and went over to the shop and fetched his bag he brought with him. He then pulled out his tools and started chipping away at the rock.

The shop owner said how long is this going to take and the stranger replied, it depends upon how hard the stone holds on to the heavenly being but he could use help removing the chips.

As the days passed more and more of the towns people came to watch and see what he was doing. They laughed and giggled at how odd the stranger was and how odd his accent was. However, they saw that he was as friendly as any of them so they all helped him by cleaning up the chips and bring him food and drink every day.

After a long while the statue of a magnificent heavenly being took form and they all marveled at how beautiful it was. Neighboring towns folk would come to see it and pretty soon they had visitors from far of lands coming just to see the heavenly being.

Upon completion the shop owner and the stranger (which was a stranger no more) stood at the base of the statue and the shop owner said, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. But let me ask you, why did you make it have a face just like my own?

The stranger said, the statue has magical powers because it has no face at all, just polished stone which reflects the viewers image and that is why everyone loves looking at the statue.

The next day the stranger was gone, but not before he added one last thing to the statue.
It was a powerful inscription which, when read out loud would allow anyone to see the heavenly being from anywhere in the world.

I have tried it and it works.

1. Look into any reflective surface
2. Say out loud "There is a heavenly being inside Hugh".

How ever you read this story remember that sometimes we see only the obstacles in our selves and we need real friends to help us chip away our rough edges to help us see the heavenly being within.

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