October 17, 2019

The idea of paradise has a great power of attraction.  To find a place where there is a consecrated outpouring of Love is always a rare find.   It is a deep real to find a place free from confinement of spiritual limits, a place freed from erasure of the right to seek the highest and most grand connection to God.   Surly, it is a kind of glory to find a place characterized by vibrations that send feelings of contentment and harmony to your mind and body.   This place in addition to being called The Father’s House, is also called Arctura, because this planet aligns to the Star Arcturus of the constellation Bootes which symbolically represents “The Coming One”, who is Jesus Christ.

In Arctura..There..The lines of the soundtron waves remove the contras that set up invalidations and cancellations of hopes.  There..No captious captains, no criticisms and cautions that precede every move you make.   There..Pessimism is considered a disease.

In The Father’s House, Arctura, the study of people’s spirits is a major interest.  Champs are those persons who have control of their emotions.  The mindscapes of thought are enhanced on Arctura, because, Pure water, pure air, and pure attitudes, and a nearly pure love, posses this land.


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In the great past, Cabalistic Principalities strained to convoke all that had to do with Arctura.  

Arctura, of the Little Dipper constellation of stars and planets, and the Big Dipper, have handle and cup pointer star connections to the Star Arcturus which is in  Bootes, which emblem represents the (“Coming One” (Jesus Christ).  Arctura, also called: The Father’s House, was a mission proving ground for the creative Ophannim. But there was a time the Draconian forces sought to dismantle all resistance and then eventually take authority over all the Ophannim and their Zziths (Space craft). The Plan was, that the Draco’s Dark Forces (from the tail constellation part of the Dragon) would at a designated time sweep down from the part circle about the Little Dipper asterism to upon Arctura.

The carry through plan of the Dragon Forces was plotted in a case hardened certitude of the expertise of Lucifer’s wisdom.  There was a metaphor of Lucifer in the Bible, showing him as the Prince of Tyrus, by the Prophet Ezekiel, (see Ezek. 28:12 KJV).  In this metaphor Lucifer is described as having the sealed sum full of wisdom.  As to Lucifer’s profile, He was an Archangel, second in command to Gabriel Archangel of the Cherubim Angels, (Called the Anointed Cherub, abbreviation for Cherubim = Archangel second in command, Ezekiel 28:14 KJV).  


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In the Bible these two nations, the Earth World Nation of collective sovereignties, and the Melchisedec Nation of Arcturus, which are under two different Fatherhoods:  Father Abraham and Father Melchisedec. Melchisedec, claimed no genetic connection to having an earth family, because his family was of the Enochs in Arctura, (Compare, Hebrews 7:3 KJV).  At the long of time when the end of the scrollwork of all time appears, the prophecy:  They shall be one, will begin to come to pass, then both of these Nations will become one Nation.

There are two different places of Restitution for the spirits of the deceased, but by the same Spirit of Administration.  These two places are called:  the Bosom of Abraham, (Compare, Luke 16:22, KJV), and the Bosom of the Father, (Compare, John 1:18, KJV).

There are many mouths that speak from many figureheads who sadly have figured the actual reality incorrectly.  Now comes the Manifester Yada, speaking  “a more sure word of prophecy”, (2 Peter 1:19, KJV), from the crystal glass of vision where no darkness abides, (compare, Revelation 21: 10-11, KJV).  He is a man of dust, a mortal, (compare, Job 30:19 KJV), who a few angels did not desire for his choice because of his ancient Dominius (Bible, Latin), challenge to them, even though they were not of the failed messengers group.


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In the Bible Writ it said:  Over “Fourteen Years ago,” I Paul the Apostle, met a person whether a human or a spirit in apparition of a body, I do not have unction to voice my opinion.   I met this entity during a period of three years I spent in the Arabian Desert and Damascus, where I went to seek revelation from Jesus Christ.  (Compare Galatians 1:15-24 and 2:1 MIV.)

As I came to know this man on a person-to-person basis, I conferred my interest in his very unusual experiences and questioned him.  To help move this story in a flow type of way I will call this person’s name Astron, of The Third, (of The Third = Ophannim, Seraphim angels, 1 Third, Cherubim angels 1 Third, Ophannim angels the 1 Third of the angels who fell to earth.  Compare, Revelation 12:3-4 KJV).   Then he began to share a story that changed my life and girded my ministry as to the manifest ministry, kept secret since the world began (Romans 16: 25-26 MIV).  He explained about being caught up to Paradise and how it happened. Finally, after over fourteen years I decided to share this incredible happening (compare 2 Corinthians 12:2 MIV).  By a whirlwind spacecraft I was carried to the far away of another world called: One Nation Melchisedec, located in Arctura, Asia Minor Constellation, and called by Jesus: “The Father’s House” (St. John 14:2-3).

In this place of Third Heaven Paradise, Astron, of The Third, heard words full of many vast and beautiful things and many languages and expressions not possible for a mortal to comprehend the whole of it (compare 2 Corinthians12:2-5 MIV).


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In and out of the sprinkle of lattice points from the rain of quantum, there posits a power called “Dark Energy” of mass informational cortex.

Ah, the sum at the summit of the highest mental peak… is an aromatases of energies where one may view with golden peer.  How can I resist that which bids me to rover beyond the formidable challenge?  Whence are the printed paces where bold angels have dared to tread?

I have no fear of the many levels of reality or the many dimensions of space.  As to another kind of space called “Cyber Space” there too abound many fascinations. 


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In the virtual world of spiritual essence…In the flow circuits of the minds of humanity…

Of all the roses, the most enduring of the roses lies trampled.  Beauty has been shuffled off for imitations and third-rate options.  The innocent are tarred with off-season information.  The tender vines of the innocent are burned with mouth spill radiation that boils of critical fervor.

The spill of blood cries from the earth’s ground with exclamations:  “Stop the bleeding” “Stop the bleeding”.

Visible wings with an invisible body fly in the rushing of the winds to save the roses, to save beauty.

To the North, to the South, to the East, to the West, the debris of mind wars lies among mind graves like blind spots made from black holes of darkness.  Every kiss of love is ironed out of its vibrations; all the arms of cuddle are pinched with arthritis.  Wounds that will not heal populate the battleground.

Come on down Lord Jesus, help us; we are outnumbered by the Principalities of Darkness.  Brains of the genius are torn between the options of making war machines of death or making machines of peace for life.


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“In my heart there rings a melody, there rings a melody of love”. Happy valentine everybody! Love is ancient and there is nothing more ancient than love. Love is a panacea, a scroll that unrolls and keeps unrolling forever without end…

There is private love, a love that is exclusive between two persons. But that doesn’t mean that such love does not embrace other loves such as family, friends, and compassionate love for the many people and things that make the world go round and round.

Love is famous for giving the reasons and energy for endurance. Love is famous for facing all kinds of circumstances and standing firm against incredible odds. Love is famous for having the power and the will to “die for” the one or ones who are loved.

Compare any other thing to love and the space of difference would span the universe. Love is unique. Love consists of a substance that is indescribable. Although love is invisible its acts can be seen in every aspect of life.


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The general human masses do not understand what the mortal's spirit is. Of course, neither do the human masses understand true love. One of the great failures of person to person and even person to God communication is the lack of good emotive language expression.

Love to be fluent of the deep voice that can touch the spirit must come from a rooted and grounded connection to one's virtue essence of ancient belonging beyond their mortal human parts. It is only the spirit of a person that is eternal, the human body even if advanced to live hundreds of years is still only temporal.

The Bible collectively says: One day you will be known as you were once long ago known before this earth world existed. It is possible to touch your ancientness that owns elation and fruitfulness of flourish beyond what most mortals have ever had mortal realization. There is in every person resting sparks of spirit love that can be set ablaze.

The power to translate those feelings of deep missing, emptiness, loneliness and a fatigue of the meaningfulness of life, to splendors of the satisfaction of fulfillment, is with you far more than you may have ever imagined.

There is a way of belonging to a conviction of your innermost being and experiencing reality that far exceeds the figure of speech style that generally fashions the style of most humans.


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