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In the great past, Cabalistic Principalities strained to convoke all that had to do with Arctura.  

Arctura, of the Little Dipper constellation of stars and planets, and the Big Dipper, have handle and cup pointer star connections to the Star Arcturus which is in  Bootes, which emblem represents the (“Coming One” (Jesus Christ).  Arctura, also called: The Father’s House, was a mission proving ground for the creative Ophannim. But there was a time the Draconian forces sought to dismantle all resistance and then eventually take authority over all the Ophannim and their Zziths (Space craft). The Plan was, that the Draco’s Dark Forces (from the tail constellation part of the Dragon) would at a designated time sweep down from the part circle about the Little Dipper asterism to upon Arctura.

The carry through plan of the Dragon Forces was plotted in a case hardened certitude of the expertise of Lucifer’s wisdom.  There was a metaphor of Lucifer in the Bible, showing him as the Prince of Tyrus, by the Prophet Ezekiel, (see Ezek. 28:12 KJV).  In this metaphor Lucifer is described as having the sealed sum full of wisdom.  As to Lucifer’s profile, He was an Archangel, second in command to Gabriel Archangel of the Cherubim Angels, (Called the Anointed Cherub, abbreviation for Cherubim = Archangel second in command, Ezekiel 28:14 KJV).  

Lucifer was chosen as temporary assigned Chief, for the position of Covering Angel over the Ophannim, (a position He decided to keep as a surplus hold).  He was chosen for that position as “Morning Star” Operator of the Ophanims, (while Yahvael, Archangel of the Ophannim, (Ophan, singular = wheel = angel, see Ezekiel chapter l and chapter 10, KJV), and a select group of creator angels, were spiriting creation, Psalms 104:30 KJV).  Strange, but, even at the most minimum viewpoint, something happened to Lucifer, sometime after this said assignment.  

Although Lucifer was a perfected Cherubim angel, He became mentally star-bound to become higher of position than all the other angels, (Compare, Isaiah 14:13-14 KJV).  Some deep word persons looking back in time will say:  this change to Lucifer was the result of moving from one perfection mode, such and the Cherubim to a different perfection mode, such as the Ophannim.  In a strange deference of the ancient perseverance of angelic comradeship, Lucifer began to reason that there was a conspiracy against Him, therefore, the thoughts of war to defend his rights, raged in His mind, (Compare, Revelation 12:3-7 KJV).

In the course of time…Lucifer, became obsessed to create an effectuation of spiritual accouterments to be used for the ordering of a deliberate resonance whereby to outmaneuver any antitheses to his Universal plan.   He proposed to create a formidable angelic mind chain that no other angelic opponents could oppose, Compare, Ezekiel 7:23 KJV).  He was convinced this excellent concept would have no equal or match of comparison for what ought to be done rather than what some order called for being done.  

His war methods would be a contradistinction to the war method-norms of the other angels. What fools He thought, they would be, if they dared oppose him.  His plan would be to move with such an onrush of a deep onyx penumbra blocking affect of a darkness that could be felt causing all other Archangel signals of communications to cease, (Compare Exodus 10:21 also, Compare, onyx stones, see Exodus 28:9-10, KJV).  Usually light or darkness has no affect on creator angels, but this darkness would be dittoed with a massive volume of Lucifer’s mind in dot data.   He was confident once the head leaderships were temporary silenced, the affect initiated by this brilliant tactic, would create a stifling of any angel sentries from reacting to intercept His onrush of advance.  

Once this isolation of communication was achieved, Lucifer, would have a legion of his Cherub co-uned angels, begin using Lucifer’s own word creation of an onomatopoetic word formation that imitated the voice prints and sounds of the rival Archangels, proclaiming Lucifer’s ascendance to the highest chieftainship, Compare, Ezekiel 1:24:  And when they went I heard the “noise” (This “noise”is just "noise" to those who do not know.  But to those who know this "noise" is not “noise”, but an onomatopoetic collective  and compressed word), of their wings, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the “noise” of an host.  When they stood they let down their wings.

Lucifer conceived how He would storm the intercentrum of all righteousness with such creative God given skills, that He alone would be next in honor to the Invisible I-Am God.  After all, He mused:  It was only interference that had held him back so long from His deserved recognition.  Was it not written in the heavenly scrolls of the angels:  “knock with an honest, determined, and declarative heart, and no door will be able to refuse to open to you”.

Lucifer reasoned, that once the war was won, He would set up a planet terrene so pure and beautiful it would serve as a physical heaven.   Lucifer also intended to rewrite the Angelic Code called: The Rights (not rites) Of Passage.   His idea is to expand the availability of co-uning (Legions of Archangels possessing the same space and mind) and of crossing over to other angel groups.  

What Lucifer did not realize in His thoughts about an honorarium of an Angel War, was that there were individual angels whose job it was to be seer of all happenings.  For instance, Lucifer did not consider the immediate potential expostulations that would come from Dominius if he spotted anything he thought to be out of line.  If Lucifer was to pull off this surprise attack, He would need to counter Domini's thoughts and actions.  

Dominius, although a lead angel, requested to not be a part of the mission-angels spiriting creation, (Compare, Psalms 104:30 KJV).  He preferred instead to remain as a Ophannim Seer of Actions.  Dominius, was keen enough to understand his own limits.  However, he thought, that not being an Archangel, did not limit him from unique ideas, inventions, and perceptions.   History was prolific with individual angels who were just generally ranked entities, and yet, who came up with unique and awesome discoveries and inventions, (In Latin, the Bible name "Dominius means “master”.  Note: Ancient scholars of history, and the bible, Ladantius and lucretius, interpret “Dominius” to mean “master”.  There are interesting finds to be had on the subject.  

Dominus was aware that if his inquiries and suppositions created too much heat of controversy, he could escape to the “ Wrap dimension hold” although, that was not likely anything he would ever choose.  The Wrap dimension was a provision where any mission angel under challenge, could enter and be left alone.  A mission angel was any angel that had left the First Domain and was involved in a mission for new souls.  Any charges would not be allowed to be pending against an angel in the Wrap dimension hold.  

There was an unbreakable code mentally infused into all mission angels including the Archangels.  This code took the highest place of relevance for the preclusion of any angel who would so seek the Wrap dimension’s concord, (Compare, Psalms 57:1 and John 20:6-7, and Hebrews 8:4-5, earthly things are patterns of heavenly things, cities of refuge in the time of Moses were a pattern shadow and type of the “Wrap Dimension”.  KJV).

The seven stars of the Little Dipper cup and handle, pour the "Noise" of Thunder.  Few there are, who can dispatch the secret message this "Noise" speaks.  Lucifer was never at any time given the key to the nucleus of the secret "Noise" of the 7 thunders.  In the yom of the White Horse Ministry, these 7 thunders will be full of the secret "Noise" Crowns of many kinds.

The volumes of this Book being shared are Star rise-wide of content.  There are many many stories yet to be told… Yes, there is much to come…   


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