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The idea of paradise has a great power of attraction.  To find a place where there is a consecrated outpouring of Love is always a rare find.   It is a deep real to find a place free from confinement of spiritual limits, a place freed from erasure of the right to seek the highest and most grand connection to God.   Surly, it is a kind of glory to find a place characterized by vibrations that send feelings of contentment and harmony to your mind and body.   This place in addition to being called The Father’s House, is also called Arctura, because this planet aligns to the Star Arcturus of the constellation Bootes which symbolically represents “The Coming One”, who is Jesus Christ.

In Arctura..There..The lines of the soundtron waves remove the contras that set up invalidations and cancellations of hopes.  There..No captious captains, no criticisms and cautions that precede every move you make.   There..Pessimism is considered a disease.

In The Father’s House, Arctura, the study of people’s spirits is a major interest.  Champs are those persons who have control of their emotions.  The mindscapes of thought are enhanced on Arctura, because, Pure water, pure air, and pure attitudes, and a nearly pure love, posses this land.

They, who occupy the Father’s House Planet called Arctura, are real humans with charm and personalities, yet nevertheless, possessing human traits that can be negative as will as positive.    They are foremost believers in God and explorers of space frontiers.  They are Melchisedecs who genetically and most often spiritually, connect and link with being the offspring of Enoch, the seventh from Adam.  

These Arcturian Melchisedecs are advanced in space technology.   This advance was greatly moved forward when Kawah (Khawah) an Arcturian, discovered the secret hiding place deep in a mountain where the fallen Ophannim (who had been sentenced to incarceration on Earth as mortals) cleverly hid their space craft until such time as they might return to their Ophannim status.

So, I will speak of Kawah, of whom, many, many years ago I came to know vast insights of what I thought would be unsearchable things, the which things, when I came to understand, opened a whole lost world to me and revealed my real intermediate destiny which was distinct from my Ophannim destiny, yet inseparable from it, and distinct from my present life destiny, yet also inseparable from it.

I have known for some long time that I am on what Arcturians consider an “Axle” mission.  An “Axle” is a deep word foundation teacher.  It is my destiny while on earth to bring together a manifest realization to the people of this earth about the two families of God.   The Father’s House, Arctura, family of heaven, explained by Jesus Christ as other sheep, (Compare, John 10:16 KJV)…And the Abrahamic sheepfold comprised of Jews and Gentiles on earth.

In the Book that descended, which book Gabriel put in my mind, Somehow, I Jerry O. Lee, being also: John-ah Ka-wah, am to be a manifold expression of several entities as a proto-T while here on earth.   The secret of the Mount of Transfiguration was the ministry of being able to take on other human forms as Jesus exampled:         (Compare, Mark 16:12 KJV).    Understand, there is more to the Kawah name and its word meanings…the term Kawah, is also the name of a personification of a person, and ministry of persons.

Here is the Kawah ministry:  “They that Kawah (The Hebrew name meaning “wait”), upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with  wings as eagles; (Zziths).  They shall run, and not be weary;  They shall walk and not faint”.  (Compare, Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary #6990 and #6961) Also  (Compare, Isaiah 40:31 KJV).   Kawah, additionaly means:  “Line”, (also #6961 and #6957 from the root of “Kawah” #6960) which connects the ministry to the soundtron and the garment fringe revelation,(Compare, terms such as “rim”for fringe, and musical strings for Bells of the fringe and note the “line” of the soundtron in  Psalms 19:1-6 KJV).  “Kawah” also means:  “Cord and Thread” (also, connects the ministry of the priest’s Ephod and peoples’ garments who were to make fringes (made with cords and threads). Which fringes represent the flying Zziths and their ministry. (Moses  did major teaching about the zitzith or fringe ministry).


Other Kawah references from Strong’s are as follows:   #2331, to live, to declare, to show and in conjunctive association with #2421, to live, to make alive, to preserve, to quicken, to restore, to make whole.

How can one ascertain these things from the Bible?  A person must as Paul, the Apostle did, sometimes use abstract reasoning, (Compare, Hebrews 1:5 KJV).  Example uses the fact that because something has not ever been said in the Bible to any other entity but Christ, that this is established evidence and proof of a point of actuality).  The Manifester Yada uses this kind of an example in Revelation 12:3-4 KJV, where it reveals the casting down of one third of the three groups of angels (The cast down group being the Ophannim angels) by the tail of the Dragon.   These cast down angels were they of the Fathers House Host, whose celestial location, has a firmament called heaven which compares to the firmament on earth which is also called heaven, (Compare, the firmament of the planet earth called a heaven in Genesis 1:8 KJV).

The Dragon described in Revelation 12 is a literal major constellation between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.

In this literal but also symbolic scenario, the Dragon’s Constellation Tail actually loops around the side of the little Dipper (Asia Minor), providing the location from where the Bible’s story of the 1/3 of the stars cast down to earth reveal where the stars  (stars, Symbolical being the Ophannim Angels), are from.   The Little Dipper contains the Star Polaris, which is the Northern Star of planet earth , is also aligned to earth.  Consequently, this Bible description reveals that the 1/3 of the cast down to earth stars (angels) was prior to their casting down, living in Asia Minor, also called the Little Dipper.  Just as a point to clarify regarding why sometimes when the “earth” is described in the Bible as “world” meaning cosmos, that the earth is more than just a part of the Solar System, the earth and the Solar System are also a part of the cosmos or as may be said:  a part of the world universe, (Compare:  Revelations 11:15 which shows the revelation coming from “heaven” even though the preceding verse 13 of chapter 11 mentions the affect of an “earthquake” which no doubt refers to a happening on the regions of the planet earth).    

Jesus Christ tells his disciples In John 14:1-4 KJV, that he is going away to the Chambers of) Father’s House to prepare a place for them to come and that he will return for them.  Jesus, further exclaims to his disciples, that they already know the place He, Jesus, is going, and how to get there.  But Thomas, one of the disciples, says:  Lord, we know neither where you are going nor how to get there! (Verse 5).  Of course, Jesus is aware that the disciples due to their fallen spirits taking on mortal bodies in what the Bible calls:  “The land of forgetfulness” (Compare, Psalms 88:12 KJV), do not consciously remember their past lives.  But Jesus being aware of the promise knows that when they receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, all things will be eventually restored to their memories, (Compare, John 14:26 KJV).  

So now it is clear, that since the disciples have been to The Father’s House before, and inasmuch that they also subconsciously know the place in the sense of it being a home, and how to get there,  in the sense, they have obviously traveled back and forth in space which included traveling to their home at the Father’s House.  Consequently, Jesus is saying the knowledge of the Father’s House is within them and if they could remember they would know how to reach the Father’s House even from the planet earth.  So then, it becomes obvious that they have been to the Father’s House before as Ophannim before their fall to earth.  Jesus in another scripture calls them “Sons of Thunder”, a reference to the Arcturians of the Father’s House.    

In Arctura, most of the nobles, because of their ministry, live in Arcturian Star Houses (called mansions).   Each house represents by their patterns and designs a Revelation.  The Arctura planet beams with the knowledge of the Lord.

It is not a pleasure to halt this exalted story about The Father’s House, but time is a temporary road block.  There are many reasons for the location of the Little Dipper area.   Many of the reasons apply to the future planet expansion of Earth’s people into space.

The  Arcturians of the Father’s House fly craft  other than the Zziths and the Zuuts.  One other such craft is called a Flying Scroll.   The Flying Scroll is a flying research lab and is symbolically connected to the fringe message of the ephod of the priesthood, (Compare Zechariah 5:1-2,6-11 KJV).   The coming very large chapter of the Holy Manifest which is mostly written, but needs to be made ready for publication in the future, is called:  THE FATHER’S HOUSE.  It is a major documentary on the story of Arctura, the planet, and the offspring of Enoch, who escaped on Zzith, and planadome transport craft before the flood of Noah as taught by Jesus as to how there will be another rapture in the air at the end of time as there was in the time of Noah, (Compare, Matthew 24: 37-41 and verse 31 KJV).  This said chapter-book will describe history, the present advanced state of life, the environment, and landscape of the planet.  


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